Thursday, August 18, 2005

So just a little back ground on us. Realistically, except for our sex life, one word describes us, average. I am 37, soon to be 38. My husband is 42. We have 3 children, all boys. We both work outside the home. I commute quite a distance for my job, about an hour each way, which I mention, because sometimes that can play a factor in our sex life, as I start pretty early to avoid as much traffic as I can.

We have a normal marriage, most times it's great, but we do have our arguments and challenges, as everyone does: kids, housework, money, in-laws, etc. We have responsibilities and draws on our time just like everyone: work, PTA, social engagements, appointments, cars breaking down, etc, but somehow we do all of that and still make our sex life a priority.


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