Thursday, September 01, 2005

MWS saves the day...or not

A couple of people e-mailed me and asked how G and I made time for all this sex, and how we kept the desire there.

In my mind, I started mulling this over. A future blog started rumbling around my brain. My initial response would have been, "My top five things that I think are important to making our relationship work are not even sexual." I sat down to begin writing. I laugh at the vision in my head. I imagine myself a sex super hero. Can't you just see it, a husband begging for sex, the wife whining, "But honey, I'm too tired." In flies MWS, "Try these ideas"...flash forward a week later and the couple are going at it over the back of the couch, they look up and flash a thumbs up, "Thanks MWS, you saved our sex life!" Yes, I could help people! I begin writing, my fingers flying over the keyboard with enthusiastic zeal; after all I was making the world a better place...

You've got mail

"My husband showed me your blog last night, first let me tell you just what I told him, its fiction! Nobody with a family has that much time for sex. Even if you could convince me you did (but I doubt you can), my biggest question would be why? Why would anyone want to have sex that much?"

Screech! MWS goes from a triumphed flight in the sky to crashing into a trash bin.

I forgot the first rule you can't help people if they don't think they have a problem. Before you flame me, I do realize some people are perfectly happy having sex once a week or once a month or not at all. Some people...but not me, and I think, if the will admit it to themselves, not most people.

Obviously, sexual dysfunction and low sex drive are not only big news, but big business, not only in the US but throughout much of the world. And while I certainly empathize with those who have a physical problem or have psychological trauma affecting their sex drive. But to be honest, G and I both feel a big part of it is lack of effort.

I saw this interesting story on Yahoo. Basically it says semen contains hormones including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and prostaglandins that, if you don't use a condom, can be absorbed in to a woman's bloodstream. This article says this improves mood. G and I have long theorized it helps my sex drive. I know the more I get, the more I want! The article does talk about how it can be addictive.


My response to the doubting wife:

I debated with myself whether to answer your e-mail or not, since you have obviously made up your mind already, it seemed like a waste of time. But, I finally decided you took the time to write, so I would at least write back.
I can understand you feelings of doubt and perhaps even insecurity at my life. Nothing I can say will convince you, but I will simply state that this blog is a true and accurate portrait of our life.
I will also say, like every married couple we go through our ups and downs, and we are, obviously, on a huge up swing right now.
I read your e-mail to G and he laughed, "Why? That's her biggest question. Because it's great!"
I have decided to continue to write my "five top things" that make our relationship work and will post it by the end of the long weekend.
You might try and read it, it isn't even about sex. But about what we do as a couple and a family that allows use to have the time, energy and inclination to have a great sex life.


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

"Help me, MWS. You're my only hope."

While I haven't shown your blog to my wife (yet), I did email her the link you gave about the benefits of semen. Thanks -- and cross your fingers for me, please!

2:58 PM  

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