Friday, September 09, 2005

Are you ready for some football

Yeah! Football is here! I love sports. When I was young my passion was baseball. When G and I were first dating he was amazed, he said I was the first person, let alone woman, that knew more about baseball then he. But then the 94 strike came along, Fay Vincent had already, in my opinion, started the downfall of baseball, then Bud Selig came along and completely buried it (ok I ‘ll get off my soap box and back on topic…).

G and I keep a notebook, with our picks (against the spreads) every year. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I do, but the competition and watching the games together is so much fun. Thank goodness for Tivo! Since we got Tivo, it’s even better. Our Sundays are no longer tied to the TV, we Tivo the games and then Sunday afternoon and evening we catch up. Sans commercials, time outs, etc we can watch a game in just over an hour (and pause if we need to do something with the kids).

Anyway, I stop at the mall trying to find, in about 20 minutes, that elusive last piece of my surprise for G, for tonight. To the fabric store for a another detail for the surprise. Success! Off to pick up little man, We get through homework and dinner (usually cook on Thursday, but in honor of the game, throw a frozen pizza in.
My surprise for G has some personalization needed, so I do some sewing while the kids eat and G works out.

I am excited, not only about the game, but the surprise I have for G. We watch a bit of the game (tivo’ed, of course)….FINALLY, all of the kids are up to bed. We pause the game and I take a shower and change into my surprise, G opens a beer and pours me a glass of wine…

Out I come, dressed as a Pats cheerleader (I think I have mentioned G is from the Boston area). The cutest, tight, spandex cheerleader outfit! Full make up and fluffy hair. And white vinyl boots. (My last minute adds…I had been trying to find the boots used (how often do you need white vinyl boots, but as you know broke down and bought them…and the outfit was blue and white, so I added some red sequin ‘ribbons’, thus my last minute sewing, in was all worth it…)

G’s eyes popped out when I came out of the bathroom, we sat down to watch the rest of the game.. We both had some drinks, watched the game (with many pauses for sucking and kissing and touching).

Finally we headed up to bed, the top of my costume came of, but my the boots and short skirt stayed on as G bent me over the bed and begin knead my ass, he fingers me, first my cunt, then my ass. G told me later, with the ‘liquid’ lubrication, he couldn’t believe how deep up my ass and cunt he had his fingers. On to the bed I climbed. G mounted me from behind, and as he began to fuck me hard, he grabbed the boot heels and pulled them up. He held me ‘wheel barrel” like and plowed me deep. I came and came again. He turned me over and I sucked and rubbed him. He came…all over me, he came so much, for a change I was glad it was not down my throat. There was so much cum, you would have thought he had not cum in a month. I feel asleep, with my skirts and boots on, after 2 AM.


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

So so very hot, MWS, but for me the hottest part is your pre-planning! Too often it seems like my wife's bedroom plan consists of 'shower and show-up'. Meanwhile, I'm running around while she's in the shower, lighting candles, straightening, doing various chores (our sex is always better when there's not the distraction of feeling like we're living in squalor, and/or in a kid's toy cabinet). G is a lucky man!

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