Tuesday, May 30, 2006

25 non sexual things about me

A peek behind the wanton horn dog, you all know. Some of these may seem, 'braggy', they're not meant to be, they're meant to be matter of factly...some important, some just fun. Things that might surprise you. Some things that seem to contradict each other.

In no particular order:

1. I love to swim.

2. I am involved at my kids schools. Although many of the PTA type women drive me crazy, I know it is important, so I am very involved. I have been PTA president and treasurer, and served on many district level committees.

3. I was a Boy Scout. No, I am not kidding, in junior high and high school I was in the Explorer Scouts, which was co-ed (although I was the only girl). The Explorer program has now evolved to Venturing .

4. I love sports. Playing, watching, reading. I can hold my own in almost any men's sports conversation....except basketball. My favorite part of casinos is the book.

5. I collect dolls. I know, where does that fit in?!?! But I love Barbie.

6. My children are well behaved. Does this sound silly, maybe...but I am very proud of my kids. Everywhere we go people always comment on our children. They have good manners, they do not run around restaurants, stores etc. They are respectful of others.

7. In high school I was in Marching band/ color guard. I performed in the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl and at a 49ers game. I drive G crazy everytime we watch a bowl game, because I say, "I was there."

8. I rarely wear make up. Except to bed..lol.

9. I am voracious reader.

10. I have a high IQ. The only 'real test' I have ever taken was in high school, I scored 169, I don't really buy into IQ levels all that much, but it's something that gave me a lot of confidence through the years...and that, I do believe in.

11. I am a horrible speller. 9 and 10 don't seem to matter, I always write with a pocket dictionary near by and often use a free online dictionary .

12. One of my nicknames in high school was mom. I was pretty much a stick in mud, the 'good girl' when came to partying, responsibilty, work ethic, etc. In one arguement with my best friend in high school I shouted, "Why don't you act your age!" She shot back, "Why don't you, we are only 17!"

13. My nickname at work is still mom. But for a different reason, ever the boy scout, I am well prepared and if you find you need it, I probably have it in my purse.

14.I like tech toys. I am more than proficent in computer sciences, before web site programs were available I taught myself html and built the school's web site. I have since forgotten almost all it...they make it too easy these days...lol, but if you need your computer fixed, I am probably your girl.

15. I hate to drive.

16. At my 20th high school reunion people were amazed at G. I think I was always veiwed as that responsible, prissy, student council, band geek, brainy girl who knew a lot about baseball (almost no one knew about my sex life...lol). California is also very politically correct, so while they liked him (I think), they were amazed at his brash, non politically correct East Coast straight forward, outgoing nature....and he was married to me !?!?

17. I am a good problem solver.

18. I am a research geek. This has helped me and my family too many times to count, especially in medical matters. Recently when my nephew had a life threatening and life altering brain injury I asked the doctor so many pertinent questions and used correct terminology he asked me (not sarcastically) "what is your specialty?" He thought I was a doctor...this drove my bother in law crazy, but too bad! It's a good thing none of my kids have ever had a serious illness (knock on wood), because I would probably be accused of munchausen's.

19. I can be pushy and stubborn. Especially if it is an issue I feel strongly about. And you had better not lie or strech the truth when debating me, beacause I will call you on it, and you can be sure I have done the research and I will be prepared.

20.If I am really fired up, I will write a letter to the editor. My letters have been published in the local newspaper, Time, People and Oprah.

21. I am a purse addict. I know, another surprising girly thing.

22. I have over 7,000 songs on my IPOD. With a wide variety of music, from country to metal, classical to showtunes, pop to jazz.

23. I don't like dogs, but they always seem to like me.

24. I try and do 1 anonymous Random Act of Kindness a day. Sometimes for family, friends or co-workers, but many times for strangers too.

25. I regularly donate to causes I believe in.


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

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9:19 AM  
Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

This is a wonderful post, and fascinating too -- however, it taxes my mental faculties to reconcile the hot, sexy MWS from previous posts (you know, the one G grabs by the hair and calls slut) with the charming, self-effacing and obviously very responsible adult you are. Perhaps you should add another definition to your post from a while ago -- because you are the quintessential MILF.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Crimson said...

We have alot in common!

5:13 PM  
Blogger Unworthy Of My Wife said...

Thank you for the Free Online Dictionary lead. It is very useful in my Counseling Profession. I also enjoy the news and word games that I found there.
Thanks again---and spread the word about this site to others in your future writings, O K ?
I just have to say this although I am sure that you have already done whatever would be in your power to do. If any of your boys, no I have any idea of there ages, have good to elevated I Q's then please get them into appropriately gifted classes. My own I Q was estimated to be between 112 to 120 when I was 12 years old. My parents didn't believe in "All that Psycho Mumbo Jumbo" and actually discouraged me from trying accelerated classes when I was interested. As a result, I feel my adult potential will never be what it could have been and feel very unfulfilled as an adult. I also feel that I will never be able to offer my beloved wife all that I might have been able to if only I had been encouraged as a child. It takes so little to help a child excel. I feel it is a crime not to do so. Any way, enough of my ramblings. Thank you again for the lead and Love to both You and Your Husband G.


7:40 AM  
Blogger Unworthy Of My Wife said...

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7:58 AM  
Blogger Unworthy Of My Wife said...

By the way. I agree with what crimson said. WE DO have a lot in common. Keep up the random acts of kindness and smile often, it makes people wonder just what you are thinking about.
billy1 :-)

8:01 AM  

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