Friday, August 19, 2005

My 20th high school reunion is tomorrow, so I had today off :) I got to sleep in a bit and run a few errands. I packed for my husband and myself and headed off to the hotel. Even though the hotel is only about 10 minutes away we are staying for the weekend. It is a really nice hotel and we try to get away every couple of months anyway. Our oldest son is a senior in high school, so he babysits.

I got checked in to our very nice suite, and "set up the room". Put out flowers and candles everywhere, unpacked and stocked the fridge with beer and wine. My husband arrived and we had a great evening just playing music, having a few drinks and talking. I just got all "dolled up" and into a sexy outfit when a friend from out of town called...could she come over for awhile....ahh, the best made plans, see what I mean about a sense of humor and being flexible.


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