Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yesterday was my re-union :)
Woke up in the morning so horny, since we didn't do it the night before, I got on top on G and fucked him while he played with my big tits. Since we were both so horny, we didn't last long until I had my ass in the air (our favorite position, as I am sure will become quite clear), he pumped me from behind hard and furious until great relief we both came.
We got dressed and went to one of our favorite restaurants (actually where G proposed) and had an early lunch, then we came back to the room and I changed for the pool. I have a really cute white and blue tankini that shows off my tan really well.
As soon as I had the suit on, off it came. I wanted to get down to the pool, but G was really horny, so without a lot of preliminaries, G shoved his rock hard cock into my pussy from behind and shot his load all over my ass.
The reunion was great, lots of dancing and fun. A bunch of people came back to our suite for drinking and laughing until after 4 AM, When they left G and I talked a bit, but ended up falling a sleep sitting up!


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