Monday, August 22, 2005

Fighting Sex

Yesterday I woke up pretty early (because I get up so early during the week I have a hard time sleeping in, even on the weekends. I went and got some coffee, when I got back G was up, we had a huge argument. G is not usually like this, but he was so jealous after the reunion, even though he was fine during most of it, you could tell it was bubbling up underneath. It shouldn't have but it was turning me on so much! Knowing he loves me and wants me so much that he can still get jealous was awesome.
I began taking off my clothes, I was rubbing my pussy and my tits, saying lets go to bed..At first G resisted but soon we were attacking each other. We made out hard, I sucked his cock with abandon and he ate me, and we had such passionate sex, every which way. It was wild and great, really got our juices going!
We went home and picked up the boys, went and had some lunch, then took a nap (we both knew some wild sex was in store for later.) G was suppose to take our middle son for a haircut, but I told him I would do it the next day after work...As we both needed our rest for the night to come! (Teamwork, more on that later)
Our favorite role playing is domination/submissive (D/S), even a bit of bondage and pain. Most times when we go into "overdrive" this really turns us on, we could both tell after our passionate morning and burning lust in both of our eyes it was going to get HOT! All evening the sexually tension built, with G talking dirty to me, assailing my body with rough groping, ramming his cock into my mouth and smacking my ass when ever we were alone. Once the kids were in bed the real fun began. I love the renaissance fair, which is coming to our area soon, so I trying on my outfit for G, putting on a white corset, that pushes my big tits high and jutting out of my dress. After all night teasing G was ready to fuck me and play with my ass, and with some adrenaline still going from our fight in the morning more than happy to have some indulge is some spanking. My pussy was soaking wet and his cock was so hard we barley made it upstairs. G forced me on the floor and began spanking my ass, turning it bright red. He told me I was his whore and he was glad he had my body to use and abuse and I had better be ready for a wild time, because he was going to use a lot in the next week. It has been awhile since we had anal sex, so my ass is very tight, but he informed me he would be "working" it everyday until he could ram his big cock in that tightest, nastiest hole and fill me up with his hot cum. He fingered my cunt while fucking my ass with the dildo, I was so hot and his humiliating words and abuse of my body got my pussy juices flowing like crazy. He fucking me hard from behind, leaving the dildo in...fucking both of my holes at once until I came so had I was shaking. He pushed me flatter on the ground, but with one knee slightly up so he could get at my back door from the side, he pulled out the dildo and entered my ass with nice slow and steady pushes. With the slow pressure he was getting it deeper and deeper, but he couldn't keep going slow, so he drug me over the the edge of the bed and had me kneel on the floor, with my back against the side of the bed...where he could fuck my mouth hard. He put his hands around my head and buried his fingers in my hair, pulling my head into his cock, deeper and deeper. Finally he came all over my face, as I licked up his cum.


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