Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The more things change...

Just some general informational updates, since it has been so long since I have been actively blogging.

We had another baby! A little girl, who is now 3....obviously, a big reason for even less time time to blog. The boys are now 23, 17 and 11. The 23 year old is out on his own (yeah!), but close by and still babysits for us to get away :) Having a little one around makes scheduling a bit harder, but we still make it work and our sex life is still very active, if a bit more vanilla lately.

I am doing part time work (95% telecommute), which is great for me...but the reason we decided to make that change is because G got a big promotion at work and is working a lot more hours, so I am doing a lot more of the day to day home stuff. It is great for the finances...not so sure about the rest of life. Definitely, a lot more stress for him.

We just celebrated our 19th anniversary! We got away for 2 days of blissful alone time, I will probably blog about this to get my feet wet and back into blogging mode.

I admit, I re-read my own posts yesterday and it made me pretty wet and ready for some non vanilla sex, which G was happy to hear and fulfill my cravings!

I have to run and hop in the shower and get little girl off to preschool :) G is sleeping in today, a bit, after last night's awesome romp and I promise him a great, hard and fast blow job while we have the house to ourselves....


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