Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yeah for 3 day weekends!

There is something so freeing knowing that you have 3 full days off in a row. G and middle son had hockey practice, so little man and I ate dinner and played a board game. G picked up a bottle of wine for me on the way home, that was sweet.

I had a couple of glasses, while surfing and cleaning up the blog a bit.

Once the boys were in bed I took a hot bath. G had laid out an unusual outfit, black vinyl thigh high boots and super long black gloves and nothing else. Up on the railing was all kinds of toys, and along the foot board were 3 different vibrators. hmmmm.....

He came upstairs and tied my arms to the bedposts, he ran his hands all over my body. He pulled my nipples, and rubbed them between his fingers making them long and hard. He pulled out again and attached nipple clamps with a chain. I cried out from the pinch, he pulled on the chain, softly at first to test the grip, then harder and one more tug.

He rolled me onto my side, away from him and stuck his finger in my soaking pussy, and almost immediately stuck another finger up my ass. He continued to probe both my holes with one hand while using the other to rhythmically pull on the chain attached to my nipple clamps. Just as I was about to come, he quickly pulled both fingers out and rolled me toward him. He wrapped both hands around my head and forced my mouth around his hard cock. He fucked my mouth hard and deep. With my arms still tied to the bed post there was little I could do to stop him. He pushed me flat on my back and entered my cunt with a force that made me gasp, a few rapid thrust and he took his cock from my pussy and began to fuck my mouth again. "That's it whore lick up your juices, take my cock deep."

G really is a genius with tying me up, he seems to know the perfect length to make the sashes. Short enough to keep me bound and helpless, but just long enough for some mobility.

He rolled me on to my knees, my arms still tied to the posts, so the were now crossed in front of me. He grabbed mr.pinky (the best butt plug ever) and worked it into my ass. He pulled my head back with a handful of hair and put another dildo intro my mouth. He wasted no time, and rammed his cock deep into my pussy. He fucked hard and fast. He order me to fuck my mouth with the dildo, while he used one hand to pull on the nipple clamp chain. Harder, deeper, faster...all three of my holes being stuffed. I arched my back and shouted out as I came. He pulled out the butt plug and pulled his cock out. Before he had a chance to enter my ass he exploded a load of cum over my ass.

"Ah, I got too excited, I wanted to fuck your ass....but I guess that will have to wait"

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Blogger Dirty Filthy Princess said...

So, wait... was that family friendly? (evil grin)

Just teasing.

Well, it's a compliment that he was so turned on he just had to cum. And sounds like you guys had lots of fun!

9:10 PM  
Blogger DL's toy said...

Well that was hot. i had to keep reading... "I cried out from the pinch"- that got me. Obviously.

Sounds like a fucking awesome time...!

i'm glad your dirty blogging it again. Sweet is nice but dirty details is nicer (well from my corner of the cage anyway)

7:16 PM  

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