Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another day of dominance / submissive

Yeah, I did get a nice mini hour nap this afternoon, just enough to help me keep up with my master :)
After being so cinched up last night G had me dress in white panties and a cut off tank (I love that he loves white cotton underwear!) To add to my humiliation of his eating me out (remember, I don't really like it), he made me straddle his face and lower my cunt on to his eagerly awaiting tongue. He licked my clit and buried his tongue deeper and deeper into my hole. When he had finally decided I had enough, and I was good and wet he began to fuck me, knowing I was still sore, he started off from behind me. But as any master can do, he didn't honor his promise to leave my ass alone and while he his cock was buried deep in my pussy, he jammed two fingers in my ass, and spread them apart he continue to fuck and stretch my ass the whole time he fucked me.


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