Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vanilla can be nice

G and I have been on an extended Vanilla streak. Part due to the fact that having a little one around takes a lot of energy and partly due to the fact G has been extremely busy at work and it does take time and imagination to keep up being dominate in the bedroom....

...but vanilla can be nice, too...as long as there is plenty of it :)

Our anniversary weekend

I had planned for us to get away for our actual anniversary, Saturday. I thought G and middleman had hockey Saturday during the day, so I arranged for early check in at one of favorite hotels, so I could go set up the suite...I was going to surprise him, but he ferreted out the plan and then told me, no hockey Saturday...ah, what's a girl to do? Surprise him with an extra day, of course ;)

Friday AM, as soon as he was off to work, I called my 23 year old son and asked if he could babysit Friday as well as Saturday...he was on board. Called the hotel, no problem...in fact, I could check in anytime I wanted. Yahoo!

I scurried around packing and adding stuff to the things I already had stowed in the car. Baby girl settled with he awesome big brother...and...ugh! the car won't start. Transfer everything to 17 year old son's car and...I am off. Beautiful suite with a fireplace! I set up and settle in and call G. "Guess where I am?" He laughed, "You little minx, I will be there as soon as I can!"

I take a long bath, slip into something sexy and slip into bed. A nice nap, nicely interrupted from G gently stroking my legs. We christen the room with an hour of touching, licking and kissing every inch of each others bodies. When we both feel like we are going to explode. G puts his raging cock into dripping wet pussy. Long deep strokes only last about 30 seconds, I wrap my legs around his back and put my hands on his shoulders and pull him into me with all my might. I buck my hips and impale myself on his cock...we last only about 3 minutes, before we both explode.

We laugh, it was a good thing we had sex last night or we wouldn't have even lasted 1 minute.

We take a quick shower and head to the hot tub, lots of rubbing and kissing and fondling in the hot tub as light rain falls on us. I love the hot tub in the rain..and luckily for us, it keeps everyone else away. We get back to the room and I fix us some 'substantial nibbles'...something we eat a lot on our getaways; fruits & veggies, meats & cheeses, bread & crackers. We eat and drink, play some tunes and laugh late into the night.

Finally the booze and late hour almost do us in, but...

I pull G to me on the sofa and take his cock in my mouth and proceed to lick and suckle him to hardness, then lead him to the bedroom with a firm grasp on his cock. I climb up on the bed on get on all fours with my ass high in the air and say, "fuck me hard!" G in on me on a flash and pounding away at my cunt with a fever. I reach below and stimulate that sweet spot under his balls and he lets out a grown. "Faster!" I command, "Harder! Harder!" He increases his speed and thrusts deeper into my cunt, I hear his balls slapping against my ass. He takes one finger and gently applies just enough pressure on my tight little bung hole and I start to explode. My pussy contracts and G is right there with me. We scream out together and collapse exhausted and happy.

We sleep in on Saturday and are happy to see the sun coming out. We shower together...and all that soap and warm water...

G soaps up my breasts and allows his hands to wander down to pussy, "let's make sure your clean and fresh" He backs up against the wall and spreads my legs apart and starts to finger fuck me. He drops to his knees and positions himself under me and licks my pussy, his tongue flicking over my clit and in and out of my gash. The shower is warm falling on us in soft drops. I grind against his mouth. He reaches up and sticks his fingers deep in my cunt while sucking up my clit. Soon my cum is all over is face.

We dress and head out for a big lunch, we need fuel! Fully bellies, we head back to hotel and lounge around the pool for awhile, until we're both almost asleep in the sun. We slip up to the room for a much needed nap.

We wake up in time to watch some college football (we are both sports nuts) and a few cocktails...even with a nap, we are fading much quicker than Friday night...

As my eyelids began to droop, G comes up behind me and starts rubbing my big tits and says, "you know, I noticed the back of this chair in kind of low..." I laugh and stand up to inspect the chair..."hmm, let me see" I pull out the chair and turn it so the back of the chair in facing G. I lean over the back of the chair and support myself on the cushy arm rests and spread my legs as wide as I can and stay standing...while I do this G already has his cock in hand and has stoked himself hard. He pulls a cushion off the other arm chair and tosses it on to the chair. He walks behind me and almost savagely topples me farther over the back of the chair and enters my cunt deep and hard, I gasp as my pussy streches to accept his engorged dick. After a few hard trusts, he settles into long smooth strokes until he stops and pulls back. His cock his barely in my pussy and then he pauses...and rams me full force again. He follows this lovely cycle until I am moaning and begging him to fuck me hard and let me cum. He ignores me and follows the cycle a few more times until finally he continues the hard deep thrusts and picks up the speed and we both explode. His legs and my arms are jello, but we are spent and happy...we stumble off to bed.

On Sunday we sleep in and have breakfast at the hotel. We think about having a quickie, but we are both missing the kids and are ready to pack up and head out.

It was an awesome, awesome weekend and just that bit of hard and rough sex gets my mind dreaming of some spice....


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