Thursday, August 25, 2005

still lots of hot sex slave action

So yesterday was a good day, busy at work, kids ok at school, all that stuff. Since we have been so active and up quite late, I was pretty tired when I got home, opened the fridge and no milk. The plan for me was to take a little nap so we could have some fun tonight. I called G and right away he said, go take your nap...I will stop at the store :) What a guy! I made the kids some dinner and went upstairs. CRASH! I was out like a light. When I woke up I started playing around on the Internet, so my hubby brought me a glass of wine. Once all of the kids were safely in bed...
We are still on the D/s kick, G came in and began squeezing my boobs, pulling on my nipples so hard, engorging them with blood and making the huge. He pulled my head back by pulling my hair, he kissed me deep and hard. He had brought me an outfit to put on, just a white pair of panties and a tight cut off tank top and a black silk robe, told me to go take my bath and put on the reddest, brightest lipstick.
After my bath I played on the Internet a bit more and G kept coming in for short little sessions, playing with my boobs, or me sucking his cock good and hard.
We went up to the bedroom and he had me rub my pussy through my panties so they would get good and soaked, them he pulled them up high and deep inside my gash, roughly shoving his fingers and my panties even deeper into my soaking wet pussy. Then he ordered me to slowly remove my panties and put them in my mouth. He then got my favorite anal dildo, it is about an inch and a half in diameter, and really long about 12", I love it because it doesn't slip out easily and I can easily fuck my own ass when G wants me too...which is of course what he wanted...he lubed up the dildo and my tight bung hole and began fucking my ass, while he was torturing my tits. I was having a bit of a problem getting it in, so he quickly got frustrated and took over, shoving that plastic cock deeper and deeper in my ass, he flipped me over so my ass was high in the air, and my boobs and face we smashed into the bed. He jammed his rock hard cock deep in my pussy and fucked me good and hard and deep, all the while still fucking my ass with the dildo. After he brought me to 2 massive orgasms he pulled out the dildo, and started to put his big cock in it's place. After getting it in a bit, he got so excited he went too fast, and I flew away (sorry dear, just a tad too painfully) but G understood and took it in stride, he flipped me back on my back and propped up my head and straddled my face. He pinned my arms down with his knees and fucked my mouth so deep and hard I was gagging some, but like any good slave doing my best to take it all in, finally he exploded his cum into my mouth and all over my face.
This Morning at 4:30 as I was just about to get up for work, we went at it again. Pretty hard and fast for the morning. With little warm up, we did it with me on my back and my legs up over Gs shoulders, then doggie style for awhile. G didn't think he would be able to come (wonder why, we have only done it 11 times in the last 5 days!) but I had him lay on his back, and using my hands and mouth got him to cum:)


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