Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spice is twice as nice

After our nice, but vanilla anniversary weekend, I started reading some D/s books and blogs and getting really horny for some steamy, hard, rough sex. We took it pretty slow on Monday night as it has been a while since we indulged in any kink, but I thought a nice warm up. I was surprised when G came home Tuesday and said, 'let's take a break today'...after gearing myself up all day I was disappointed and frankly a little worried he wasn't into it anymore. He assured me, he would use and abuse me Wednesday. Wednesday came and he left early for a round of golf before work, I barely spoke to him during the day and he seemed so mellow when he came home. Still while the kids were eating dinner, I took a nice hot bath and shaved my pussy clean...he still seemed very quiet, I thought, 'Oh, no. It's my own fault, I have been turning down G for D/s sex for so long, he just isn't up for it, anymore'....but he soon put my fears to rest...once the kids were in bed and fast asleep....

I was half watching TV, half playing online, curled up in my little corner of the loveseat when he strode in and startled me by grabbing my tits and using them as handles to pull me forward. He savagely manhandled my breasts, especially delighting in torturing my nipples, pulling them and stretching them as far as he could. My cunt immediately filled with juices. He grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and released his bulging cock with the other. Once his cock was free, he put his other hand in my hair and forced my head forward and impaled his cock deep down my throat. Out of practice, I gagged..."Come on whore, you can do better than that," he grunted as cupped my chin and slapped my face. "See why training is so important, I am going to get you back in shape, I have let you go far too long, without reminding you that I own your body." I was determined to do a better job and as he put his hands back in my hair, I opened my throat and took him down deep. I licked and sucked with all my might, but still he pulled my hair into him harder and harder. "Sit still bitch while I fuck your mouth." Harder and faster he slammed his member in my mouth until he almost came..."Oh, no slut, you're not getting off that easy" He reached in his pocket and pulled out a new collar and the chain leash. "I got you a present today. A new collar. I got a new collar, because I want to reassert myself as your master. Tonight you are going to submit to my every demand and whim. No whining and no pleading will get you out of giving me everything I want."

He pulled the collar on tight and attached the leash. He yanked my off the loveseat and on to my feet. He pulled hard and practically drug me upstairs. He pulled me to the bed and pushed me on my back and quickly pinned my arms over my head. Clank, went the cuffs around my wrists. He began squeezing my nipples again pulling them tight and taught and dangled the nipple clamps on a chain in front of my face. Twisting each nipple he clamped those hard cold clamps on tight. He pulled on the chain, softly at first, then harder and harder. As I moaned and groaned, he said, "Whose tits are these?" "Your's master" "That's right, remember that". He continued to pull the chain with one hand and reached down between my legs with the other.

"Oh, that's my good whore, you're soaking wet. You are such a slut, you are so ready. You're so ready...are you ready for this..." and with that his slammed 2 fingers deep in my cunt, in and out..."Oh, that's it...don't cum, don't cum" Just as fast as he put his fingers in my pussy, he withdrew them. He reached over and grabbed a crop and put it up to my mouth, "Lick it, lick it slut"..I barely had time to comply when he ordered me, "Turn over, now" I struggled to turn with the cuffs..."Now! Come on bitch, get that ass in the air."

I barely had a chance to get all four when, whack! down came the crop across my ass with a sting. He reached around and put the nipple clamp chain in my mouth. Crack, crack, crack...he continued to assail my ass. "That's it, MY ass is nice and pick is MY ass, isn't it?" Oh, yes Master," I groaned.

He parted my cunt lips and and ran his finger just along the edges , I felt him position his cock at my slit and he grabbed my hips and pulled me back as he pushed forward. Deep in my cunt, he pounded away. Just as I was about to come he stopped, and said, "Not yet, my little hole...I am not done playing with my fuck toy." He pulled out and shoved my head to the mattress, pushing my ass even higher in the air.

He grabbed the lube and slowly spread the goo along my asshole. That tight, most forbidden hole has not seen much action lately, so it tightened up in response. "Relax bitch" I blew out my breath and tried to relax. He slid in a but plug, slow and steady...but insistent. "Take the plug, take it up your ass." When it was in tight he put his cock back in my pussy and fucked me again. "Cum bitch, cum bitch, cum now...while you have a chance" I could hear the laughter in his voice, but I let myself cum.

As soon as I finished, G pulled out and focused his attention on the but plug. I lifted my head and turned to look at him. I pleaded, "I am not ready, it's been too long.." He pushed my head back down and barked, "You're ready when I say you're ready...and that is now and if you're not, too damn bad..that's my ass, you're just my fuck toy. I will use you any way I see fit..." He pushed one hand on my back and used one hand to guide his cock into my tight hole. I was gasping for air and willing myself to relax. "That's it hole, you better relax, because I am taking MY ass one way or another" With that he was in, I could feel his balls against my cunt. I thought, I was going to split in two. My ass was so full. Slowly, he pulled out and pushed back in, loosening me up. "That's my whore...I am going easy on you tonight, but remember I own your body and I will use it!" Bam! He plowed me deep. 2 quick strokes and I could feel his hot cum fill my bowels.

Thank you master, that was awesome. It was that perfect mixture of plain and pleasure...and being taken and used for his pleasure, regardless of what I wanted...and in the end, that is what I want most.

I have to say, I was feeling very lazy this morning and almost didn't sit down to write, instead was just meandering through blogs, looking for some new ones, when I ran across this one. Hot! Hot! Hot! Thanks so much, William, for the great read and inspiring me to blog about last night, so I will always remember it in detail.

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Blogger William said...

Very hot night. Your story got me quite hard...grins!!!
I'm glad I inspired you to write.


11:43 AM  
Blogger Conina said...

Oh, wow. Just wow.

2:38 PM  

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