Friday, August 26, 2005

Satisfied but exhausted

Thank God it is Friday! I am looking forward to some sleep time this weekend!
G brought me 3 presents yesterday. A dog choke chain and leash, a ball gag, and a new bigger but plug! As soon as the kids were in bed, I was at the computer looking at some good sexy sites. He slipped behind me and began roughly massaging my breasts, cupping them and pinching and pulling them so hard I was gasping for air. He said, "sit still, I have a present for you." He reached around and put the collar around my neck, he had hammered one of the rings into an oval so it could go through the other ring, then he attached a lock. I loved it! The lock and end hung down into the valley of my breast, yum! Pulling the chain he forced me to my knees and freed his bulging cock from his shorts, "suck it good, you bitch!" And I did, I took it all the way to too the base, hard and fast. I could feel the head slide into my throat. I sucked and sucked and slurped and massaged his balls until he pulled the chain, pulling me away. "Go take your bath slut." I took a bath and shaved my legs, as I do every night...But the last few nights I have been shaving my pussy a little more and a little more...Feeling the cold razor against my cunt lips, I think by Saturday night it should be completely bald! I know G is going to like that :)
I put on my full make up and fluffed up my hair. I could tell from the smoldering look on Gs face that I looked pretty hot. He yanked the chain and attached the leash, he pushed me the floor, "crawl, you sexy whore," and he led me into the living room. He pulled me to my feet and spun me around, "spread your legs and touch the floor." I did as I was told, and was rewarded with a hard spanking. When my ass was good and red he spread my ass cheeks and began to finger fuck my asshole. Then he pushed me to the ground and told me to crawl up the stairs. When we got up stairs he tied me to the bed and pulled my collar tight bringing my mouth to his. We kissed long and hard, and he ordered me to suck his tongue. Just as abruptly as he pulled my mouth to his, he pulled back on the chain. "I won't have to hear your screams and moans as I fuck your ass tonight, you whore", he said as he pulled out the new ball gag, "we will be using this soon!". He smirked at me, "oh yeah, I have one more present for you my slave." He brought out the new large but plug. My eyes bulged out at the size of it, I thought that is never going to fit inside my ass. Reading my mind, he quickly answer my unspoken thoughts, "oh, yes, this is going in your ass." He almost was chuckling as he said, "I have been very unsatisfied with your performance in satisfying my anal needs. I don't know what your problem has been, I have fucked you up the ass before, now all of a sudden 'it hurts'. I intend to solve that problem! Just to get your mind right, I am going to keep widening you tonight and tomorrow. Then on Saturday, when you have had plenty of time to rest and relax, you're going to drink a lot of wine, to help you loosen up, and I WILL fuck your ass hard and to the base . I am going to fill your bowels full of my hot cum!" He smiled as he flipped me over, and held the but plug to my face, "just so you're warned," he added with a laugh. "Now suck the plug, so it's nice and wet for your ass." he lubed my asshole and fucked my ass with the smaller dildo, while I sucked on the plug. He pulled back on my collar, making my back arch as he drove his prick in my dripping wet cut. With hard deep thrusts he matched the speed of the dildo to the speed of his cock. "That's it, You like that, don't you bitch, all 3 of your holes filled!" He yanked the dildo from my butt. I came so hard, and then another one, and another one. 3 earthshaking orgasms on top of one another. He slowed down his pumping and took the plug from my mouth and replaced it with the ball gag. Then he started stretching my ass to to fit that huge plug in. He stopped fucking me to concentrate on my ass. Slowly, deeper and deeper he worked it, I felt like I was going be split in two, but my cries of pain were muffled by the ball gag distending my mouth. When he was satisfied with my progress, he turned me on to my back and removed the ball gag. He straddled my face and I sucked his cock hard and deep, he pulled out and slapped my face with his cock, sensing he was going to cum, I lunged forward engulfing his cock in one quick movement, just as his climax exploded down my throat, and like a good sex slave I swallowed every drop!"
This morning, I thought our 2 a day streak might be coming to the end, as G did not wake me for our early morning romp...but as I started to stir to get up for work, he was on me in a second! An exact replay from yesterday, missionary, doggy and I finished him off with my hands and mouth :) Such a lovely way to start the day.


Blogger Tarte said...

Yikes!! I feel like I've just looked into a mirror.

How did I ever miss you before? what a hot blog! :-)

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