Monday, August 29, 2005

The good and the bad Sunday

Yesterday was amazing and horrible at the same time.

First, I have to tell you, although I love our D/s play, as I have mentioned G and I are not always into D/s. We get into these streaks and when everything is going so right, we just keep it going as long as we can...gotta respect the streak, right ;) But outside of the 'bedroom' I am not submissive at all. I am opinionated, stubborn and not afraid to make my needs known. Because we both work we equally share all the household/kids stuff.

Now with that said, yesterday, after our early AM romp, lying in Gs arms. I felt such pride at being able to make him cum, when it looked impossible, and feeling so satisfied (8 days in a row of great fucking can do that for you). I was overcome with a sense of gratitude and I decided I wanted to make his day perfect, not just with sex.

As he went back to sleep, I got up and blogged...then the rest of the day I devoted to him. I went to the store, made him a killer breakfast, cleaned the house and did the wash. I bundled the kids out of the house, so he could have some alone time. What did the boys and I do? All the yucky errands of Gs he has been putting off :) Smogged his car, got the oil changed, picked up pool supplies, etc. Filled his car with gas, washed it and cleaned the inside. I gave him a pedicure (guys don't knock it if you have not tried it). I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen again. Got the kids bathed, lunches made and them off to bed.

Now for the amazing part (for me). For the first time ever, I could feel the pure surrender of being a submissive. My mind didn't wander. I didn't find myself wondering what G was going to do next. Wishing he would do this, or wouldn't do that. Letting my wants and needs totally fall away and accepting his use of my body for strictly his pleasure. I was truly amazing!

He tied me to the bed and ate my cunt. He teased my clit for so long, it was swollen and tender. It went on for so long, the pain and pleasure mixed just like a hard spanking. Normally I would be begging for him to fuck my pussy, knowing only a good fuck and climax was going to release the pain deep in my cunt. But I said nothing. I know if had asked he would have gladly done it, but I wanted no influence over his decisions and pleasure. He sat on the bed and had me lay sideways with my head in his lap. I sucked his cock while he thrashed my ass with the leather strap. He stretched my legs apart, so he could have access my bald pussy and got plenty of licks on my already throbbing cunt.

He flipped me over while he lubed his cock. Another first, with out preparing my ass with the dildo he began fucking my tightest hole. Like last night, he held nothing back. Filling my asshole deep, hand and fast, using my hips to impale his cock as deep as possible. He continued to bugger me for the longest time, but I could tell something wasn't right...his moans were as mine were that dangerous pain/pleasure point.

The bad part: He was frustrated. He couldn't get comfortable, the angle was wrong, the bed too soft, etc. We moved to the floor, where he immediately began fucking my ass again, long and hard. Still no relief. As you can imagine he is getting softer, adding even more to the frustration level. He pulled out and rammed the dildo in my ass while he stroked himself hard again. Third times a charm? He pulled the dildo out and plowed my ass even hard, faster and deeper (which just a few minutes ago I would have sworn was impossible). Now at this point it is clear 8 days of fucking and probably a few too many beers are a huge part of the problem, but so is his stubbornness to only fuck me in the ass. Now let me tell you, I do enjoy being used and abused in the ass. For me though, it is the psychological surrendering, humiliation and degradation that I love. The physical is not the greatest, especially stopping and starting 3 times and being truly reamed for over half an hour. Did he finally cum? Well if this was porn he would have finally cum in a huge eruption, bringing me along with him and we would have collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, satisfied heap...But this is not porn, this is our life and all we did was collapse, no satisfaction for either.

We went downstairs and watched The Little League World Series (Tivoed) thinking we might be able to try again, but we were exhausted and both feel asleep on the couches. We woke up at 3 and stumbled to bed. This morning when I woke up for work he did not even stir.

I thought well it was a great streak, it had to end sooner or later. I was happy when he called later in the morning when he got to work and we talked about it. He said "be ready for tonight, I am so hungry (our code word for horny). My balls are aching, you can't come that much for 8 days and stop. I need it tonight!"

So keep your fingers crossed for us :)


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fingers are crossed. Happy fucking


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