Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday night part 2

Our second 'session' last night was pretty vanilla, and don't think I mean that in a derogatory way. As I have said before, well we've been on the D/s kick lately, that is only 1 part of our repertoire. Can't keep the wild pace forever (at least we can't). G did put my collar on and lead me up stairs by the leash, but from there things mellowed out. We started with some mutual rubbing, sucking and caressing. I laid on my back and G entered me and pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He reached down and massaged my clit as he was sliding in and out. He was altering his pace, building the pleasure for us. Finally he increased his speed and let me cum. Then I turned over and he entered my cunt from behind. He lubed the dildo and slowly slid it in my ass. He was using the dildo more like anal beads for the steady pressure, than fucking me with it. As he increased the speed, and depth of his thrust, he could tell I was about to cum again, and pulled the dildo out. I am telling you, any woman who has not tried that, whether with beads, a but plug or a dildo, you don't know what you are missing. But I'll tell you...truly explosive orgasms! G got off the bed and I slid off the bed and sat on the floor. He loves this position for fucking my mouth I used my hands, and mouth to bring his climax down my throat.


Blogger Tavia Grey said...

i hope we get to the point where i have to worry about too much sex!

7:03 PM  
Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

I SO need to try a different brand of ice cream, because YOUR vanilla and MY vanilla are clearly from different vendors! You're like Hagen Daaz to my... imitation vanilla-flavored ice milk!

12:14 PM  

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