Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chinks in the Armor

Yesterday morning after I was up at 3 AM, I never could go back to sleep. Just before I had to get ready for work I tried to wake G. To test the waters I rubbed his back and ass, he let out a couple of nice moans...a good sign...I started to reach around to rub his cock, he turned onto his back, allowing me better access...a better sign...I stroked his cock, it was already rock hard (love those morning hard-ons)...a great sign! Then he stopped me, "I just remembered I have a 9 AM meeting, sorry, gotta get some sleep." Drats, foiled! I reluctantly got ready and went to work. I thought I would be horny all day, but when I got to work, the phone would not stop ringing, I didn't even stop for lunch, let alone to dream about sex.

These are the days that life can really ruin your sex drive. I was swamped at work, traffic (both ways, was hell), I was late getting in and getting home took me an hour and 20 minutes. I had to stop by the store for milk, etc. and the lines are really long. The kids (older ones) call on the cell, "where was I? Could their friends come over and swim when I got home." It was a cooking night (I only cook on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday more on this later). I got a little lift when I read a great post from The Man Nobody Knew, but then when I went to pick up littlest guy, he got hurt at school, had to go to the office for an incident report (he is fine). Home, finally. The kids get in the pool, immediate screaming ensues (just rough housing, as a bunch of boys are want to do). Trying to not let it get me, there is only so much summer left, but a headache is building. Get dinner in the oven. Off I go to the computer room to relax and surf (and move farther away from the pool). I unwind and relax, but being awake since 3 and the day start wearing on me. After the kids are in bed, when I go to take my bath I find myself nodding off in the bath...time to get out. I go into the bedroom to get whatever outfit G has picked out for me (I have tons of lingerie and he always lays out what he wants me to wear). He has warned me, before my bath, that what he picked has somehow been ripped, but not worry, it fits in with his plans. It is a frilly, white cotton short nightie and cotton panties. I know where he is heading with this and am tempted to go downstairs and tell him, I am just too tired. Instead I go downstairs and tell him I am pooped, and I need to go to bed soon. He says, no problem, he will be ready for bed in10 minutes!

"Go upstairs and pretend to be asleep," he tells me. I do, thinking no problem, in 10 minutes, I probably will be asleep, lol. He comes up, and pins my arms down, blindfolds me, and begins setting up the scenario, "There you are, you little bitch. You little tease. Always walking by us with your short skirts, flirting with the guys, getting us hot and bothered then leaving us holding our dicks in our hands. Not this time, I am going to teach you a lesson!" He roughly pinches my nipples, "this is what you want, isn't it you cunt?" I, of course know this play and respond appropriately, "No, no.." He clamps his hand over my mouth, "Shut up, you whore, if you're quiet I won't hurt you!" He tears off the ruffle and the bottom of the gown and uses it as a gag. He tears the gown, in strategic places and molests my body. He shoves his fingers against my wet slit. He finger fucks me right through my panties, shoving the cotton into my cunt. "That's it!You pretend you don't want it, but these panties are soaked with your juice," he says and he pulls them from my legs. He wads up the panties, and take the lace from mouth. He shoves the panties in my mouth, "taste your pussy."

Knowing I am tired, he keeps it pretty brief, but also allows himself the relief of fulfilling the build up he has had in his head. He eats me outs, and fucks me missionary, while pinning down my arms. He flips me over and fingers my ass while he fucks me from behind. He pulls out and pulls me off the bed, to his favorite me on the floor, him standing over me position. "Watch as I come all over your face," he says as he squirts his load all over me. *

I didn't get off, but I am glad to go to sleep. G is a night owl, so as is normal for him, he goes back downstairs. At 1 AM, I awake, with a start. G is not in bed, did he fall asleep on the couch? I head downstairs to check. Nope, he is watching Sports center. I sit on the loveseat and watch with him (Yeah, amazing come back by the Red Sox). He laughs about how tonight was my 'chink in the armor' and his was Sunday. We laugh about how good the sex has been, but sometimes when it gets so hot like last Friday and Saturday it is hard to sustain. When fantasy and reality merge and become one, where do you go? You have to come down, if only to start building again.

He comes over to me on the loveseat and starts rubbing my cunt, "I love you shaved, and seeing you there naked with that bald pussy makes it impossible to keep my hands off you." As he fingers me, my juices start flowing and he has me bend over the arm of the loveseat where he fucks me from behind. This is not that comfortable, so we move to the floor. He fucks me hard and I cum with such force, it makes a noise (I am not kidding you). Needless to say, I am quite slippery. G pulls out and I turn around and suck him for a few minutes. He turns me back around, "I am not done with your cunt yet." He continues to plow away at me and soon I am cuming again. He cums with a primal scream and rolls off me. As he lays collapsed on the floor I watch, dreamily, he thigh muscles twitching from the intense orgasm. Ah, I think the chinks have been repaired.


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

Probably my favorite thing about your blog is the juxtaposition of your normal life paragraphs with the very hot sex paragraphs (and the writing, which is very good as well). The normalcy of your daily life makes the heat of your bedroom escapades so much more robust and erotic because it makes everything 'real'. And I'm not just saying that because you dropped me a link! (thanks, btw). Now if I could only find a clever way to get my wife to read your blog...!

2:10 PM  
Blogger BathTime Gal said...

Yummy post. I love role playing, so does Bandit, our fave is the one where he is a football coach and I'm a cheerleader he caught in the guys locker room. I found since role playing our sex life has gone more you posts!

9:47 PM  

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