Friday, September 02, 2005

You said you wanted it in the morning

Yesterday was still busy at work and about to get busier, so I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend! Not too hectic with the family. My oldest son’s Ipod conked out (again), so I met him at the electronics store. The replacement policy is in my name. That was the best $ 40.00 I have ever spent. You go in with the broken one and walk out with a new one. He was happy as a clam, they upgraded the Ipod, to a color screen Iphoto. He went to pick up the little guy from daycare for me. I went home and started the laundry, made dinner and helped the middle guy with his math homework (boy, it’s been a long time since I had to do algebra). I got two loads of laundry done before G got home and he took over. He did 2 more loads…yeah! Now we shouldn’t have to do any over the long weekend. The oldest came in with a puppy dog look on his face, “I know I am suppose to baby sit tomorrow night, but I have to work Saturday night and Sunday night, so I really want to go out with ***(his girlfriend)” G and I exchanged defeated looks. We had been planning on going out, and ‘meeting’ (pretending to be strangers) at a bar. I love that role play and we haven’t done it for a long time. Oh, well! What can you do? G told him, yeah that was fine.

Bath / showers for younger 2, get them off to bed. Surfed a bit, but not too long, as the oldest wanted the computer to load his Ipod. I went to watch a little TV, something I rarely do (other than sports). I felt myself nodding off, I went to tell G if I fall asleep, still wake me :)

I woke with G pulling my boobs out of my shirt. If you saw my shirt yesterday, you could probably tell it was pretty easy access. He rubbed my boobs and played with my nipples for a few minutes, “Go take your bath and I made you a shirt.” He had taken one of our middle son’s old white t-shirts, recently added to the ‘donate’ box in the garage and cut 2 holes out for my boobs. I took my bath and squeezed into the shirt (you can imagine how small it was, as in was too small for our 11 year old) and pulled my tits through the holes. It looked really good. My skin is pretty olive and my nipples pretty brown, so the contrast with the white shirt was nice.

I went downstairs. G admired his handiwork, “I knew that was going to work perfect.” We sat on the couch, and kissed, and he enjoyed pulling on my tits sticking out from the shirt. He had me lay back on the couch and he began suck my right breast, then my left, then settled at the right one for a long time. Sucking on it harder and harder, making my large nipple swell even more. He began to bite the nipple. Gently at first, but the harder and harder, using his teeth the pull my nipple away from chest. He slid his hand to my cunt, which was already wet. “Let’s go to bed,” he whispered in my ear.

Upstairs, he had me lay on back as he lavished more attention on my boobs. “Get on all fours, so I can see your tits hang through the shirt.” I moved to my hands and knees, he adjusted my big boobs through the little holes. He slowly slid his cock in my pussy, he was rock hard and soon I was cuming (I have to say, I usually do not have a problem cuming…but don’t normally have as many orgasms as I have been the last few weeks. I think having so much sex, thinking about it and writing about it has me on edge so much, it doesn’t take me much to start cuming and cuming). He continued to increase his speed, I came twice more. Needless to say it was getting pretty wet. G pulled out and laid on the bed. I licked and sucked him clean. I tightened my hand around his cock and pumped tighter and tighter, leaning over him with my tits still sticking out from the shirt. “Where do you want to come? Down my throat or on my face?” Why do I bother to ask…”Down your throat,” he groaned. I continued to stroke his rigid prick, as the room was filled with his groans, “I am going to come!” I took him in mouth, and continued to suck, as his cum filled my mouth and slid down my throat. I rolled away from him and pulled of the tight shirt and fell fast asleep.

This morning as I was just beginning to wake up, G started rubbing my ass. I had two voices in my head, the first said, “for two mornings in a row I wanted it, and now I could just use the extra sleep.” The second voice said, “Ah, but you know as soon as he starts fucking you, you’ll be glad.” So true, so true…sleep? Sex? Sleep? Sex? SEX! I rolled on my back. I think G sensed my hesitation, because before you could say ‘Jimmy cracked corn’ his cock was buried deep in my pussy. As he filled me with that morning hard cock, I lost myself in waves of pleasure…here we go again. After I came, he flipped me over and into the ass high position…man, he was so hard and it felt so good…I came again. He continued to fill me for a few more minute, but soon pulled out and stood up, “ah, I don’t think I can come.” I reached out for him, and coaxed him back to bed, “let me try”. Almost like a flashback from last night, I began to pull on his cock, tightening my grip and the friction until I knew he was about to come. I put my moist mouth around his cock. He grabbed his pillow and pulled it to his mouth. As I continue to suck his cock he let out a primal scream into the pillow and I drank down his cum. Off to work for me, and back to sleep for him.


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

Seriously hot post, MWS! I hope you and G still get a chance to go out and stranger role-play soon, but it's clear you two don't exactly need new sparks to start your fires.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

amazing visuals. It would have been great to see a pic of you in your shirt, but, I can imagine how it looked.


2:55 PM  
Blogger bedroomdancer said...

Hey MWS, hubby and I have been on vacation and I just noticed that you commented on my blog. Thanks! I haven't had any visitors yet, except you and my hubby.

As for your post, I'm now all ready to seduce the hubby. unfortunately he's watching football and I'll have to wait for his full attention.

6:14 PM  

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