Monday, January 30, 2006


Whew! Relief and how! As you probably know I had been feeling a little bit in a rut, but that all changed Saturday!

I had been hinting to G I needed a break away from everyday life. We have a gift certificate for a spa with great private hot tub/ sauna rooms that are awesome...but that idea went over like a lead back to the drawing board.

On Thursday I found a special for a hotel close by...a suite with a fireplace, perfect :) I think I have said it before, one of the few perks of a teenager on the verge of adulthood is a built in sitter. The boys have hockey Sat. morning, so Sat night worked better than Fri...

G went off with boys, I went off to the hotel, I had an early check in so I got our room keys, checked out the room and went off for provisions; some fresh flowers, some yummy sushi and gourmet Chinese food (in honor of Chinese new year), a few cocktails and lots and lots of candles.

After lots of stops, packing for G and I, picking up the middle son from hockey and off to a birthday party, more stops, room set up, pick up son from before mentioned birthday party...I call from G, he is heading off to the hotel, for a soak in the hot tub! I tell him I just a few steps behind.

Dinner (takeout for the boys), last minute instructions , a few forgotten items and I am off..

YES! While I enjoy building up and the set up..I am glad to be done and ready to be alone just G and I. All my tensions melt away in the hot tub with G. Wrapped in my fluffy robe, back up to the room where G has the fire blazing and the heat on. I change into a black corset and stockings and a beautiful flowing Chinese sheer gown. I heat some of the food and set out the sushi, while we munch, drink and listen to tunes (you gotta love the ipod...5,000 songs...ok I have 4,832, your fingertips), laugh, talk and talk and talk as only we can.

Finally it is about 11:00, and I am fading, remember I work early so I am usually in bed by 9....I tell G, lets go to bed...

It is hard and furious, just what I need...missionary, from behind...G snuck in his favorite anal toy, 'little pinky'...he already had that in, but since I seem so 'in the mood', he decided to 'press his luck'. Slow and steady his slid his cock further and further into my ass. Finally all the way in he increased his speed. I reached under me and rubbed my clit....on and on he fucked my ass...definitely the longest I have ever been able to go, at least 5 minutes...he was screaming in pleasure, I frigged myself faster and faster...when I knew he was going to cum, I increased my speed and depth...finally as I felt G's cum exploding into my ass, I came, myself...spent, I rolled over and promptly fell asleep.

Ahh, a nice long sleep, late breakfast and finally back home to reality, but much more relaxed and satisfied.


Blogger Desireous said...

Sexy....Dont leave us hanging though! Give us some more!


10:52 AM  
Blogger ThruBluEyes said...

Very nice! I'm glad the two of you had some time alone. I'd love to talk music with you sometime. I have 6200+ songs. It's become sort of a hobby of mine since mp3 came into fad. Keep up the great writing!

9:23 PM  

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