Sunday, January 22, 2006

Do We Always Want More?

As I mentioned in my last post I have been having a bit of writers block. In trying to find a spark for my post today, I was perusing Gs calendar (as some of you know, he keeps a desk calendar as an abbreviated journal.)

Although not a record month for us, the calender shows we have had sex 16 out of 22 days (with an early wake up call this morning). That puts us on pace for 5 times a week, with a nice variety. Some vanilla sex, some steamy sessions ending with anal sex and some ending in G coming all over my face.

So why do I feel so lack luster? I know we have a great sex life, and logically I have no reason to complain....but I am. It's a strange feeling. When I stop and look at the sheer numbers the quantity is good and if I replay any individual night, it is not a case of quantity, but not quality.
They were all great ;)

Last Sunday G surprised me with a new lacy white nightie, and we watched football, talked and laughed and ended the night we great sex. Monday I finished an outfit I had been working on for awhile, with a very 'starlet' feel in honor of the Golden Globes. I curled up my hair, over did the make up and debuted the outfit to rave reviews. We were up pretty late with a long, long session. I feel asleep pretty early on Tuesday, and the plan was for G to wake me...but he said he could tell I needed my rest, so he didn't. Wednesday was hot, hot, hot ending with G talking dirty to me while he came in my ass. He yelled so loud when he came I was afraid he was going to wake the kids. Thursday I had a business dinner, so G made it an early night and was already asleep when I came home. Friday the candles were lit, I took my bath and was in bed waiting for G....but feel asleep, I was surprised when I woke up at 4, with G gently snoring next to me...oh, well. Last night was pretty vanilla, but a great blow job for G and some much needed relief for both of us after 2 nights of no sex. Then a quickie this AM.....

So why do I feel, for lack of a better word...blah? Do we always want more? Is it human nature to strive for more? G and I have had some amazing streaks where we went days on end with sex everyday, and many times with 2 or 3 times a day. Does knowing that is possible and how great that it is set the bar too high? While, I do realize that realistically, that kind of pace is impossible to sustain, I can't help thinking a good long streak would be just the ticket out of blahsville.


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