Monday, May 22, 2006

Another CIA day?

Still catching up


What is CIA? It is acronym G made up for his calendar, can you guess?

Another work at home day, yeah!! I am swamped and even though I am home, I barely have a moment to breathe...but no commute. I get to sleep in, and G gets to sleep in a bit, since I can drop the kids off.

Middle man walks little man home, since I am there waiting...saving even the trip to daycare. I do the Donna Reed milk and cookies after school thing. Get them started on their homework and wrap up work. I quickly pick up the house a bit and start dinner. Do you ever get tired of cooking the same old, same old...I sure do, so tonight I...roast a duck. My kids are adventurous, and will eat pretty much anything and everything.

As the boys play and dinner is cooking I sit down on the sofa to rest a moment...about 45 minutes later I am awakened by the phone...nice little cap nap, instead of the commute home...gotta love that!

On the phone is G, the landscaper is coming by to show us the plans for the front yard. I finish dinner and sit the kids down to eat just as G and the landscaper show up. We had a huge pine tree fall during a rough storm, destroying our whole front yard...bummer. The new yard is going to look nice, but is way more expensive than we would like...oh! well! what can you do.

By the time the we finish with the landscaper the boys have finished eating, and cleaned up the table and dishes, such good boys:)

I read little man a story, make sure backpacks and homework is ready to go for the morning and off to bed for the boys. Although my oldest is 17, he usually goes off to bed with the younger 2 at 9. He, obviously doesn't sleep, but closets himself away to 'do homework' (ie: talk to his girlfriend on the phone and play video games). It is fine, as he gets fairly good grades and is already accepted and ready to head off to college in August (yikes!), and it gives G and I some alone time.

G brings me a glass of wine, and as I raise my eyebrows, he chuckles, "just relax, I need your advice and thought we could just relax and talk awhile". We head out to the garage, his favorite thinking area. There is a family problem going on with his brother and as we brainstorm about that, other subjects keep coming up. We find ourselves bird walking through numerous ideas, problems and topics, all the while my glass of wine never seems to be empty.

Before we know it is after midnight. I am feeling pretty good, and although I should go off to bed, I offer no resistance as G pulls me to him for a deep, probing kiss. He spins around and says, "Are you going to be a good girl tonight?" I know immediately he wants to take control....yum! "Yes, master," I answer. "Good," he murmurs in my ear and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the dog chain we use occasionally. He fastens the chain around my neck and locks it on. "Go take your bath and make sure to touch up that cunt, I want it silky smooth."

After my bath, I put on the outfit he has laid out. Another modified body amour shirt, white this time and white silk panties. I put on G's favorite bright red lipstick and wait for him to come upstairs.

As he opens the door, I hear him take a gulp of breath. It has been sunny the last few days and already my olive skin is starting to get it's summer glow, made even more noticeable by the white on white attire he has chosen. He practically leaps on the bed. His hands are everywhere. He caresses my body; my legs, my arms, my ass. He kisses me passionately. He pulls his hand through my hair. He roughly squeezes my breast, only to decide he should devote his energy to my cunt. He fingers my cunt, not so much lovingly, but urgently. Back to my breasts, where he pinches and teases them so hard, I find myself gasping out for air more than once. On and on this continues, until just a quickly and violently he began, he stopped. He laid back on the bed and cupping the back of neck, he forced my mouth down around his swollen member. he continued to hold my head as he face fucked me. Again, on and on he relentlessly pounded my mouth and back of my throat. I thought he was going to come. He pulled me off the bed, and tumbled me over the edge of the bed. Without warning or preamble, he thrust his cock deep into my cunt and the butt plug deep in my ass. I bury my face in a pillow to muffle a scream of pain and pleasure, I am cuming... He pumps me harder and harder. I can't believe how long he is lasting... I can't believe how long I am lasting. "Rub your clit," he barks, I no sooner touch myself when I can feel the wave building... I start to cum...G yanks out the plug, and dives deep in my ass with his cock. He explodes on contact and I can fell his hot cum fill my ass.

As we both collapse on the bed, he continues to rub my cunt, Exhausted I try and pull away. "I wanted to fuck your ass longer tonight slave...but you got me too excited, you'll have to make it up to me tomorrow!" As visions of cocks in my ass dance in my head, I drift off to sleep.

Yes, CIA come in ass, and in case you were counting that's 3 nights in a row.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving how pathetic my life is...sooooo jealous. ;-)

11:08 AM  
Blogger Nina said...

Hi, I found you on T and O, and I really love the concept behind your blog. This post was excellent, hot and very motivating...


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