Monday, May 22, 2006

The Eagle has Landed

From last Tuesday:

Tuesday is one of my work from home days, and as you can imagine...I love it! My commute is so long it is like adding 2 + hours to my day :) Plus being able to run errands on my lunch hour, etc is so amazing.

G loves it when I shave my pussy completely bald, which I think is sexy too, but in the real world it is hard to keep up, so I don't do it all the time...but since I had some extra time I decided to surprise him.

On my lunch hour I took a bath and shaved my pussy. Feeling the cool sharp steel along my pussy lips, carefully shaving every last hair away. I put on a skirt (but no panties) and a tank and 'back' to work I 'went'.

It is so amazing to feel the touch of the fabric rubbing against my cunt. Feeling the occasional breeze against my bare skin and extra friction is awesome. Just that little subtle reminder of sex while going about my day really gets me turned on makes me anticipate the night.

I continued working and enjoying my baldness until the boys got home from school. Snacks and homework and I finish up my work day. I do normal household stuff; laundry, picking up the house, etc while trying to put away thoughts of sex.....but my shaved cunt under my skirt keeps reminding me. The pressure against my slit as I lean across the washing machine to put in a load of wash in, the gentle shaking of the dryer as I fold a load of laundry....umm, must act normal...children present....I have to take Middle son to hockey, G meets us at the rink, I want to tell him about his surprise...but hold off knowing it will be so much better to show him.

Finally, G gets home....I have dinner all ready, eat, clean about our days....

Finally, as the boys start to play a video game and the older one heads off to his room, G heads out to the garage (he likes to putter....little does he know he will be puttering with me in a moment.....I give him a few minutes, put a little baby oil on freshly shaved cunt, then head out to the garage.

We small talk as he lifts weights...yada, yada, yada. At last, he ask why I have a skirt on, when today was my work from home day (usually it's just sweats or shorts)....finally, an opening..."well....' I coyly whisper and I start to raise my skirt...slowly...up from the the knees...up over the knees when the hem reaches to bottom of my pussy a pause, just for a moment and look G in the eyes. He grins and raises his eyebrows. I pull up my skirt, "Oh, yes! The eagle has landed!" he laughs. He beckons me towards him...but I want to tease him a bit, I run my hand over completely exposed mound, slowly sliding a finger in my slit, I moan and G says, "Come here"...but I ignore him and continue finger fucking myself. "Stay there, " I tell him as I wag my dripping wet finger at him. I close eyes and hop up on the pool table, I lean back and spread open my legs to give him a good view, I continue to frig myself, until I almost, but not quite cum..finally I stop. Weights abandoned G is standing there rubbing is cock. As I walk up next to him, he greedily grabs for my pussy. "Ahhhh, it is so smooth," he sighs as he begins to rub my slit. I take a hold of his cock and rub it...abruptly I drop to my knees and engulf his cock deep into my mouth, I suck hard, fast and wildly as G grabs for my head....just as abruptly I duck from his grasp, pop up and pull up his shorts, and down my skirt.....

"sorry, gotta check on the boys..." I chuckle as I walk away. "Isn't it bed time for the boys?" he bemoans as he playfully grabs for me...I unlock the garage door (yeah, we're probably the only house where you can lock the door from inside the garage...and I bet you can guess why), I give him one last smoldering look, "you'll have to wait...."

And I am sorry dear will you. Can't believe it is so late!!!! Must get some sleep...will finish Tuesday's story as soon as I can ;)


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

Well, I took a moment and caught up on the posts since your return to blogging and ... welcome back! I am SO glad you're posting again, and it's obvious you haven't lost your touch for writing both erotically and with charming candor.

Thanks for making my day brighter -- and my pants.. um... tighter.


10:26 AM  

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