Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lurking and trying to find balance.

I have been away from blogging for awhile. No posting, no reading. It's hard when there are so many commitments in the 'real' world to keep up with my 'blog' world. I do enjoy it but it can be so hard to keep up and sometimes can feel like a chore. I often have rambling thoughts that I would like to log on and post about. Not just about sex, but life, love, fleeting musings....even...gasp work.

I think I disappeared for awhile because it felt , forgive me, routine to write about sex, sex, sex. I marvel at those that have such a stamina and commitment to keep their blogs up on such a regular basis. I am even more amazed by those who can keep up with multiple blogs.

I have been lurking around for a few days, and I am saddened to see some of my favorites have been empty for awhile also. But, as always with blogs just when you are mourning the loss of a favorite you seem to find 4 more to take their place. Well, not really take their place...because I feel each blog is as unique and it's owner...but as interesting to read. I have added 2 new links, Pretty Peanut and Not so Normal, who is Pretty Peanut's husband. I had read them on occasion before, but they were having some problems. Now, it seems they have found their way back to one another and have an interesting new 'hot wife' arrangement. I know that's not for G and I, but it makes for a great read. I especially like getting the two perspectives, check them out if you haven't yet.

I don't know the fate of my own blog yet. I feel like I got a bit off track, the blog was meant to be centered our sex life, but not to such exclusiveness. Sometimes, I feel I have more to share than sex, but not sure if this is the proper forum. Yet, I know I can not sustain 2 it is obvious, I find it hard to sustain 1. I don't want to stop writing about sex, I just want to find more of a balance. Ah, balance such a simple concept, but much harder to actually achieve. Wish me luck.


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