Monday, May 22, 2006

Repeat performance

Still catching up


Family wise, my least favorite day of the week :(
Work! Work! Work! Rush to daycare to pick up little man, home for a quick snack, get him changed into hockey gear, back on the road to meet G at the rink...back home, make dinner, help middle man with homework. G gets home with little man, we do his homework and then he takes a bath. So basically I am in the car and go, go, go from 2:45 (when I leave work) until about 8:30. Oh, well such is life with kids.

The kids head off to bed...I sit back with a glass of wine and relax. G has a beer and we catch up on work, the kids, life. It isn't long before I head off for the bath...gotta touch up the smooth mound for G.

The plan for the night, after such a hectic day, the plan is have a 'fairly' mellow night. We start off with some long, slow, deep kisses. I love the feel of G's hand running through my hair as he pulls my body closer and closer to his. I reach for his cock and am surprised he is already hard. My juices are already flowing, and he rolls on top me, and slides his cock into my pussy. With long, deep stokes he fills me , deeper and deeper. What starts out slow and loving suddenly turns into urgent need and want for both of us. Faster, deeper and harder, I turn over and enters me from behind. He rubs my clit and my juices saturate his fingers. He hesitantly begins to finger my ass..I think he expects me to stop him. But as he uses my own juices to lube my feels so amazing, I know I want this. He inserts a finger deep in my ass, he rocks it back and forth, widening that tight little hole. He adds a second finger, deeper and deeper he fucks my ass with his fingers while he pounds my cunt with his cock. When he is satisfies that my ass is wide enough he grabs the butt plug and slowly and steadily fills my ass. Even though we just had anal sex, I feel so full, I am not sure if I will be able to take G's hard swollen cock. But he continues to ram the butt plug in and out of my ass, deeper and deeper into my ass, until it is finally buried to the hilt. He starts pumping his cock faster and faster into my pussy. He matches the thrust of the butt plug to his cock, just when I think I can't take it anymore, I explode. He barely allows me to catch my breath and he quickly slides out the bug plug, and inserts the tip of his cock into my ass. Assured he is in, he thrust forward. With one swift movement his hard cock is buried to the balls into my rectum. The sudden mix of pleasure and pain is amazing. He only thrusts a few more times before he calls out he is coming, I come right along with him.


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