Monday, May 22, 2006

The Eagle Takes Flight

Tuesday, PartII

After the boys were finally in bed. I took a bath and went into the bedroom to see what G had laid out for me. Part of our rituals is for G to pick out an outfit for me on leave it on the bed. I really this little game. It usually, but not always, sets the tone for the evening. I have such a wide range of lingerie....from vinyl to lacy, tame to extreme, costumes, homemade and modified outfits, down to even just white cotton panties and cutoff tank tops (which my regular readers is actually G's favorite...most of the time ;). My favorite? Either of my 2 corsets (white and black)....

Anyway, G has laid out a modified (G has cut holes out for boobs to stick out) black body armor shirt (very tight spandex), pink panties and black stiletto boots. I get changed and put on red lipstick and shut out the bathroom light (our sign I am all ready to go).

G comes in and turns on all the lights. He says, he wants to be able to see my bald cunt. As he begins rubbing my mound, he says, "Ah, I have missed this bald pussy. It has been to long since you shaved completely for me." He fingers my cunt for the longest time, bringing me to almost climax over and over....stopping each time as I am just about to come. "Don't you come yet, you'll have to hard as it is for me to tear myself away, I need those sweet red lips around my cock. " He pulls me toward him and I eagerly thrust his rock hard cock into my mouth and suck him hard and deep. His breath a becoming more labored...I suck and suck....and then pull my mouth away, leaving only the tip of my tongue on the tip of his cock. I swirl my tongue around just the head. Then I pop the head in my mouth. Suddenly, I engulf his cock as far down my throat as I can at the same time I give is balls a squeeze. Deep, deep, deep and back to just the tip. I hesitate only a moment or 2...and back to deep, deep, deep.

With a primordial groan, he rolls me on my back and immediately, urgently, almost savagely buries his cock deep in my pussy. I immediately cum, but he doesn't stop, he keeps fucking me hard and deep. In a half a second pause, I move just enough to the side...and he only he can...I want him to fuck me from behind. I roll over and he wastes no time slipping his cock, well lubed from my juices in to cunt. He slows the pace as begins to finger my ass. Meeting no resistance from me he puts his (and truth be told, my) favorite but plug. * He slowly slides it in...deeper and deeper...once he has it all the way in, he brings the speed back up. His hard cock in my cock and the but plug up my ass, he fucks both of my holes harder and harder, deeper and deeper until I cum again. He slips out the but plug and places his head at my tight little hole. With all the anal sex we have been having lately, he slips in fairly quick, but with just enough resistance and pain for me to feel the total loss of control that makes me love taking his hard cock in my ass. He grabs my hips and impales me onto him. I buck my hips to meet his thrusts and he explodes into my ass.

* I have to comment on this but plug, G got for me right around Christmas time. We have had (or tried to have) anal sex with varying degrees of success over the years....even though I had a 'favorite dildo' it didn't always work. G would open me with it, and I would feel ready, but when he would try to enter me, it would be just too painful....If we were on a 'streak" and he would start working my ass every night, it would usually take at least 3-5 days, before any 'serious' attempt could me made, and even then it was more get it and cum...NOW!!! lol...

All that changed with 2 magically elements. The first was the right lube, elbow grease. That improved the 'success' rate...then the true magic G found the perfect but plug. Pink and a little soft, but not too soft, big enough to open me up for him...but not too big. At first he named the but plug Mr. Pinky, but now he calls it MVP. He has a nightly ritual, setting up the bedroom; putting out my outfit, getting any toys ready that he thinks he might want (during the day the are in a locked tool box...just in case), and he lubes up MVP (just in case). As you have may have read it has been a hit and when ever the mood strikes (both of us...he always waits for the ok from me) we have been good to go....and the amazing thing is now I really like it!!! Before it was always the submission to it I liked rather than the actual act...but out!


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

MWS, you still rock. I wonder how my wife will feel when I come home with a butt plug for her? I wonder if she'll wonder where I got the inspiration? It's good to have you back.

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