Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ren Faire

I love the Renaissance Faire! The boys and I have been going for the last 3 years. All the boys love it and have friends that love it too (now, that we have brought them). G, every year has said, “this year I am going”, only to not go, change his mind or have something come up…this year was no different. For the last 2 months he said he was going, but the night before told me and the kids he did not think he was going. We were partly disappointed, but not surprised and partly relieved. After all we loved it, what if he thought it was stupid.

I woke up early, and made myself go back to sleep. When I awoke again at 7, I started to get up but G, pulled me back to bed. After missing last night, it did not take either of us long to cum. G came all over my tits, he knows I prefer that he doesn’t cum inside of me in the morning (sorry, maybe to much TMI…but women know, you just drip, drip, drip all day..that’s not fun). After, I am surprised when he says, “I am coming to the faire

We head off, 2 cars, lots of costumes, and 1 faire ‘virgin’ ….it is not too far, but not just around the corner and 35 minutes later we are surprise to find 1 of the main roads is closed. We get (slightly) lost, a short delay, back on track…and still arrive just a few minutes before opening.

Great day, lots of fun. Games, shows, crafts and good food! G loves it and even wants a costume. He also finds a new toy for us. We, finally head home, exhausted, but still excited from all the fun.

Everyone, G and I included, take a nap. We feed the boys dinner, play a bit , boys up to bed

G tries on his new outfit, I shower and put on an older outfit and new bodice, I got today, on…yum, we both look hot (I think). We have a few (okay many drinks) and play cards (I kicked G’s but, in case you were curious). Lots of frolic, fun and foreplay later, we head up to bed, G bends me over the bed and yanks up my skirt. He gets out his new toy a blue leather cat o’nine tails. The smell of leather hits my nose, just as the leather hits my ass. I wasn’t sure about this toy when G bought it this afternoon, but it feels great. He whips my ass, my thighs, my pussy. I can hardly believe it myself, when I cry out, “harder”. Harder, and faster he whips me. A few strokes having me reeling as they hit my pussy just perfectly.

He pushes me on to the bed, and in 1 quick thrusts enters me from behind, I come immediately, and then again,AND again, as he seems invigorated from whipping me and pounds me hard and deep. With a guttural cry he pumps his cum deep in my cunt.


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