Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Streak ends

Hard to believe the streak ends on a Friday night, but thus is life. After only 3 hours sleep, another hectic day, and Friday traffic hell, I barely made it home and fed the kids…I took a swim and did some exercise in an effort to wake up a bit..but alas I fell asleep on the sofa around 8, and knowing that we had an early day on Sat (Renaissance Faire) G let me sleep. He woke me up around midnight and said I am beat too, let’s go to sleep.

We went to bed and…slept. 20 day streak, not too bad.

I am sure some are wondering, when is she going to have her period….god love the 3 month pill..yes, it is fairly new, and G was worried at first, “what are you doing to your body?" But my rational was, ‘we don’t want anymore kids…what is the most it could mess up? My” Thus 6 months ago I started the 3 month pill. I love it! Now I have my period only 4 times a year, once every 3 months. More time for sex…lol


Blogger bedroomdancer said...

Wow. The three month pill sounds really, really nice. Hubby and I are prekids however, but I like your argument. Perhaps we can go for it later on.

8:55 AM  

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