Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another casual day

Another crazy, busy day at work, with no end in sight. So, please bear with me as my daily blog updates will be delayed at times.

Wednesday was another was another quiet but satisfying night. I have a little surprise for G for tonight so I wanted to get some rest.

Lots of household stuff to deal with; trying to get the damaged dining room furniture replaced, the dryer is not working. With the little one in kindergarten, his homework is homework for me too.

I left work late, again, so more traffic :(. Went to goodwill (missing 1 element for my surprise for G tomorrow), got little man, went home , got the boys dinner (yeah, leftover night), pick up the house, homework and baths and bedtime for the little ones, catch up the blog…whew, ready to relax.

I sit down on the sofa to read some magazines (one of my guilty pleasures) and promptly fall asleep.

G wakes me up about 11 and we head upstairs, another slow, sensuous session. Sorry for the lack of detail, but not much to tell. Our standard, casual; missionary, doggy, fun :)


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