Monday, May 29, 2006

Short, but Sweet Relief

Tag team day! The boys and I got up around seven. It was gorgeous out, so we went to the park and run around. We tossed a football, I still can throw I pretty mean spiral. G and I have been working on that with middle man. We had a great time, plus G got to sleep in ;) I made us a yummy brunch, and cleaned up the mess. G and the boys went to see X-Men 3, so I get my turn for rest.

When they get home they are in serious super hero mode and ask if they can watch spiderman in their 'fort'. Older son come home from convention and heads upstairs to do his homework. Hmm...the whole downstairs to ourselves??? Whatever will we do?

We sneak off to the office/computer room, just in case someone decides to wander down. I sit down on the edge of the daybed and pull G over to me. I pull down his shorts and wrap my hand around his cock and lightly stroke it. As it gets hard, a bit of pre-cum begins to ooze from the tip, I lick it up. G wraps his hands around my head and pulls my mouth on to his cock.
I suck it in. He pushes deeper into my mouth as I start rubbing his balls. I pull my mouth off and swirl my lips just around the tip. I take the tip, just the tip and suck it into my mouth. harder, and tighter I tease just the tip. G groans and trys to push his cock in my mouth to end the teasing. "Not yet," I giggle...I suck on the tip, but just for a few seconds, then I take him in deep, again...and one more time...I know he could come right then, but I have learned my lesson from yesterday and after 2 days of no relief from me, I can not risk it happening again.

I climb up on to my knees on the daybed and pull one of the bolster to my chest. I lean over the bolster and put my ass high in the air. "Fuck my pussy," I demand. He quickly complied. As he eased his prick deep inside me, I greedily buck into him. Finally, sweet relief, I cum so hard I have to bury my head into the bolster so I don't scream out. G cums right after me. Short but sweet and much needed.

We clean up and G starts the bar-b-queand grills some ribs. I make some mashed potatos and corn and we have a great memorial day meal.

Even though we had a relaxing day, we just watch a little tv and get to bed early.


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