Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some time alone / Dissapointed

***sorry, chronilogically out of order****
Today, Thursday, May 25

This afternoon I have some time alone, as G is taking the boys golfing. I am a bit excited, G and I took yesterday 'off', so I am very horny. I am a bit worried, G seems tired lately. As high as a libido I have had in the past, he still has always outpaced me, but in the last few days it seems I have wanted it more than him, not a comfortable feeling at all.

But I am pleasantly surprised when he grabs me this moring on the way out the door. He passionatly kisses me and says, " remember I am taking the boys golfing this afternoon. "

"I know, " I tell him...thinking he is warning me, no sex tonight....but no, he pulls my head back, with a fist full of hair, another deap kiss..."I mean have at least a glass of wine when we get home and have your mind right.....we won't be home untill around 8:30".

I am so excited, I almost cum right there. I work all day...G picks up the boys from school for their outing.

I am blogging away, getting in the mood. Not too early, but not too late I pour myself a glass of wine. I am enjoying my wine and my 'entertainment' when G gets home. It becomes clear he is in a piss poor mood, for whatever the reason...I try and engage him a couple of times without much success...then he comes in and talks to me enough to think, "ah, it's going to be ok" .

Ahhh, what a rollar coster ride... it becomes clear to me, he is just simply not interested in sex tonight....fine, I happens, I will finish my glass of wine and go to bed, I am about half way done when he come in and apoligizes, "sorry, I played like shit and I am just taking it out on you, I am sorry, I am over it now. Come out to the garage and let's have some fun. Yeah! Once again.

Almost as soon as I come out to the garage, he is picking fights again. I try for awhile, but soon I am out of energy, and I go inside...which is where I sit now.

What pisses me off the most, is not the loss of sex, but the up and down. I can't believe I got my hopes up....not once, not twice, but three times...fine, I am off to sleep! DISSAPOINTED!!


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