Friday, May 26, 2006

Back to the important stuff...SEX!

So, G called me this morning at work to apologize for last know he takes his golf way too seriously if he gets that upset. In his defense, he said it was the worst round he has shot in many, many years. His handicap is around 5, and he was over 11, on the front 9!!! Back nine was better, but he still ended up +16.

Our 17 year old is gone the whole weekend to a convention, so I am sure G wanted to make sure I wasn't still 'stewing' over last With that out of the way, back to catching up.

After our 'lite' night last night we are both ready for some fun! But it is Monday and we have been staying up awfully we agree to be 'good'; early, quiet vanilla sex. We put the little guys down, I take a quicky bath and are in bed by 9:45. We kiss and rub and lick and suck....G pulls me up on top of him. I really don't like cowgirl that much (I can't cum in that position, don't know why) , so G is really enjoying the change of pace ;) He is rubbing and squeezing my breast...he is about to cum, so I get on my hands and knees and he enters me from behind, it doesn't take long until I cum. Since has been 'holding back' as soon as he hears me cums too.
Short and sweet, but still fun ;)

OMG! I will try and do this night justice. I don't know if my writing skills are up to it, though. As I have mentioned G doesn't read my blog (or even know how to find than porn he is not very web savy). So occasionally, when I write what I think is a pretty good post I will copy it and e-mail it to him. I did that with Last Tuesdays post. He loved it ;) We have some hot talk on the phone and I tease him, "I think I am getting out of practice on my cock sucking skills, with all the CIA action lately. I think I am going to have to practive tonight, I am going to take it deep in my throat until you explode...." Nice thought for the rest of the afternoon...hmm...

The boys have hockey practice, so G treats them to dinner at the rink. I spend my alone time, very productivly, watching some When they get home the boys are ready for some quiet time and head upstairs to play some video games. G pulls me in to the office, and shuts the door. Immediatly I am down on my knees and have him engulfed in my mouth. I take him as far down my throat as I can...fighting the gag. I suck him hard and fast. "Slow down little girl," he tells me. I pull back and let his hard prick pop out of my mouth, I take in the tip and start swirling my tongue around his shaft. In and out, slurping up that lovely cock that gives me so much pleasure, I suck him for the longest time. As I suck him he lifts my shirt and starts playing with my tits. Squeezing them and pulling on my nipples..."harder," I moan inbetween slurps. He tweaks them even hard. As he continues to torture my tits, I can tell I almost about to with a tremble I back away...G shudders too, and says, "yes, a good time for a break I think."

He heads out to putter in the garage, I check on the boys. Then I have so much sexual tension I can't sit still. I visit G in the garage for some deep kissing and fondling...back inside, I putter around the kitchen, G comes in and grabs my ass...back and forth we do this until the boys are in bed. One last visit to the garage to tell G I am going to take my bath. He has my chain collar all ready me. I love the feel of his around my neck and he stands behind me and fastens the lock on the chain. He pulls my back into his chest and with one hand pulls the chain tight, with the other hand he fingers my cunt. "Spread your legs you slut." "This is what you want, isn't it," he says as he bucks his cock toward my ass, "You want my hard're just a whore...all you want is cock all the your your pussy...and deep in your ass." "Yes, Yes" I moan. "Not yet, go take your bath. Clean that dirty cunt," He orders. I takes every ounce of will power I have to break away and go take my bath.

After my bath I dress in a black lacy short nighty G has laid out. He has all the 'toys' laid out and hanging on the canopy rod. I love this (must take picture for you all)....MVP (lubed up) and dildos are sitting on the nightstand, dog leash, whip, blindfold, ball gag, nipple clamps, ties all hanging tantilizing me and filling my cunt up with juices in a split second. I lay on the bed and await my master.

"There's my pretty little slave, all ready for me." He puts on the blindfold and grabs my tits. "Get know on the floor bitch and suck me". I scamble off the bed and on to my knees. I suck and grab his cock, I lick his balls, faster, slower, deeper, harder...all as he directs me, talking dirty the whole time. "On the bed! Lie on your back!" he barks. He ties my hands up over my head, with just enough slack to I can turn over. "Spread your legs slut". He fingers my pussy, "That's it... you're so wet, just from sucking my cock, just like a good whore should be" He grabs my already hard nipples and attaches the nipple clamps. He grabs a didlo and pushes it deep in my pussy. With one hand he pulls on the nipple clamp chain and the other he roughly fucks me with the dildo. "Turn over, on all fours! Besure to keep that dido in." I do as I am told. He grabs a paddle and smacks my ass. He countinues to abuse my backside with the paddle , in between swats, he nudges the end into my ass. I buck against his thrust..."I know, I know you slut, you want your ass filled." He grabs MVP and pushes it in to my ass. He uses the paddle to pound in in deeper and deeper, until it is all the way in. He postions himself perfectly behind me, and in one swift motion he pulls the dildo out of my cunt and and plows me with his rock hard meat. he reaches and grabs the nipple chain and brings to to my mouth, "put that chain in your mouth...pull on those nipples while I fuck you. Oh, it feels so good. Both of my wholes filled and my nipples being tortured. The cold steel chain in my mouth. I don't want to stop....ever...but my master wants my ass. He slows down to catch his breath and regain his composure a bit. He pulls out and pulls out MVP and spreads my ass cheeks. "Look at that ass, that's my property to fill whenever I want, Isn't it my whore?" "yes master" "spread those cheeks for me". The chain falls from my mouth as I lower my head to the bed, I reach back and spread my cheeks. G puts his cock in my ass and starts fucking me. And fucking me. And fucking me. I can't stop saying oh! my! god! over and over! I cum and cum again and yet again, as G countinues to pound my ass for at least 5 minutes...."I want you in my mouth...please cum in my mouth" A few more thrust, a quick baby wipe as I turn to him and his cock is down my throat, he is in so deep, I gag a bit, he holds my head, "That's it bitch gag on my cock," he moans as he shoots his cum, in my mouth and across my lips. Ahh!

***a quick note about ATM, not usually something I like, but all that porn, I guess, I just wanted it so bad.....anyway, here is my public safty announcement: have fun with anal sex, but always play safe....those antibacterial wipes are and convienent, and you'll barely miss a beat.*****

Planned night off :) a bit tired after our rockin night last night, and Lost sesion finale (one of the only shows I watch).

See last post.

Yeah, I am caught up and ready for a hot! hot! hot weekend!


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