Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can the CIA streak continue

still trying to catch up.....


I love Fridays!! Even when tired, as I am after last night's 'session'...you know you can make it through today because here comes the weekend!!!

work, kids, life, exhaustion....

I can not believe we were up so late last night!! G calls me on the cell on my way home." I know you're tired...as soon as you get home, take a nap...I am right behind you and I will take care of the boys." The boys and I get home, I get them set up wih a snack and one of their favorite TV shows... I barely make my way upstairs when I hear G come in..."Time for the park boys," he bellows, as he comes in. Next thing I know it is 2 hours later!!! The boys have played, ate , brushed them up (their teeth that is) are and almost ready for bed. I read them a story and tuck them in. The eldest is going straight from work to a friends house for poker and to spend the night.

So the last 3 nights have been CIA night (come in ass) nights. I am not always so into anal, but the last 3 nights with such build up and pretty quick 'deliverys' have left both G and I looking for a little more. That is the plan, but life does not always go according to plan, so I am optomisically hopefull.

I have finished bathing and putting on the outfit G has laid out for me...black amour shirt again and black panties. Because it is friday, I spend some extra time on my makeup and hair. Dark eyes and red lips...full, wild hair...all the things G likes.

Our preliminaries are fairly basic. I suck him, he fingers me, he fucks me missionary, then doggy style....then he starts fucking my ass with MVP (not the name, just what G has nick named it, the best butt plug ever made)... now, my favorite, the dirty talk starts...

Do you like your ass reamed with this butt plug? Yes Master
I am pushing it in deeper and deeper! Yes Master
You made me cum too quick last night little girl. Sorry Master
Are you going to let me fuck your ass long and hard this time, slut? Anything you desire Sir
That's what I want to hear!

He grabs a chunk of my hair and pulls my head up, he roughly messages my neck and quickly attaches my dog chain around my neck. He pulls at the chain as he continues to fuck my cunt wih his prick and my ass with the plug. He clips on a dog leash (chain, of course) and delights in pulling on it at his fucks me.

He puts the leash up over my shoulder and runs it along the underside of me, so the chain runs between my pussy lips. He adjusts the chain so it hits my clit just perfectly and he holds the leather handle. He pulls his cock out of my cunt and nudges the head into my ass. Just the tip at first....then a little deeper, a little more...he feels 'secure' his cock is 'in'. He wraps the chain around the palm of his hand....then suddenly, in one swift motion, he jerks the chain, sending it deep into the folds of my cunt and plunges his cock deep into my ass. Ahhh... it's a perfect push, pull, Each time he pushes his cock into my ass, he pulls the chain. The cold steal against my hot box, and the deep violation of my ass is amazing. Harder, deeper, faster he plunges and pulls. His cock is buried to the balls in my ass, he is fucking it as hard and as fast as my cunt. In and out, chain tight against my pussy...on and on..he fucks my asshole. I am worn out and ready to collapse, my knees are sliding and I am sinking further into the bed. He release the chain and wraps his arm around my waist. He yanks me back up on me knees, "not yet, bitch! I am not done with you!" I am back up on my knees, ass high in the air...he fucks my ass harder than ever... I hear the intesity of his moans and feel the swell in myself and I let go. I begin pushing myself against him. Grinding my ass into his cock, I feel the cum squirt deep in my bowels, I reach forward and plunge my finger into my cunt, so...I...ahh...ahh..can...cum...

I swear I am fast asleep before my head can hit the pillow.


Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

Good news: your posts continue to impress. Bad news: Expect CIA to be EVERYONE'S favorite acronym soon.

Very hot, MWS. So glad you you're back.

1:24 PM  

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