Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Suck Down Memory Lane

G was really tired last night, he has been going through a tough time at work lately, and we all know nothing kills the mood faster than stress (or maybe an infant, lol).

Anyway since I don't have alot to blog about right now, I thouht I would take a trip down memory lane, or in this case a suck down memory lane. This is one of my first 'threesomes'.

Set up the 'clip": MWS is living with Mark. She is not very happy with their sex life, which has been very infrequent and Boring (with a capitol B). She happens to, in a strange twist of fate, work with Josh who is Mark's best friend. Mark and MWS dated during high school. She has had a few 'hot' nights with Josh, after she and Mark split up. Having grown up with these guys MWS is very comfortable with these guys. Also Mark is very aware MWS is about at the end of her rope, having lost her once...he is willing to try and spice up their sex life to keep her happy.

Mark and MWS live together but rather than a twosome they are a trio more often than not, since Mark's best friend tags along just about every night and every place they go.

This trio eat together, travel together, play together and in Josh's and MSW's case work together. It should be no surprise there are not many secrets. The sexual tension has been building for a few months now. This trio have slowly been expanding their comfort level. Discussing their sex lives, past and present...watching porn, etc.

One afternoon, Josn stops by my office on his way out..."are we on for some hot tub action, at your place tonight?" "Sure, sounds good." OK, I'll pick up the movies, " Josh says. MSW knows this means porn. "Ashlyn Gere," I say.

That night, after some porn and a few beers the trio slip into the bubbling hot tub nestled in the backyard. Josh, ever the instigator says, "I think Mark's cock needs attention. I swim over and grasp his cock and firmly pump his cock under the water. I take a breath and slip under the water. I suck his already hard cock into my mouth. I suck him as deep, and tight, and as long as I can until I have to come up for air. When I come up, Mark pushes me toward Josh, and says "I think Josh is feeling left out." I repeat the under water sucking for Josh. I pass between the two a few times, I decide to reposition the boys. I seat them on either side of me. Ah, now I can grab both of their cocks at the same time, which I waste no time doing. I pump them both with my hands, a cock in each one. I begin bobbing back and forth, sucking one cock while stroking the other. Soon the boys tire of me having to catch my breath from trying to suck under water, they sit on the edge of the hot tub. Now their cocks are perfect level. I can easily suck back and forth from one cock to another. While I blow them they allow their hands to roam over my near naked, smooth, slick body. Before I know it, Mark is cuming all over my mouth...Josh is not quite ready. His cock is bigger than Josh's, so some one-on-one attention works wonders. As I give my full attention to Josh's throbbing hard member Mark continues to rub my body, offering encouragment, "suck that big cock" "that's what you have wanted...are you working on your second cock for the night" "make him cum". I am gaaging, but deep, deep I take Josh in my mouth and down my throat...I feel four hands roaming all over is no time Josh leans even father back and shoots his load down my throat.

As awesome as I feel, I am needing some relief. I push the two of them back into the water and pop up on the side of the hot tub. I spread my legs, playfully putting one leg on each one of their shoulders and lay back. They get the idea. Our three bodies become a blur of their hands and tongues on my body...most importantly my clit and deep in my cunt. I cum with a scream.

Satisfied, I slid back into the hot tub, as I relax in the hot tub with the guys on either side of me, I know this is not the end...I know other nights are soon to come...I am excited, but a little aprehensive..if this is the path I take, I will never be bored, but will I be truely satisfied.

**this is a true story, name have been changed, but are consitent with names de ploum used in the past***


Blogger The Boyfriend said...

Very hot story, liked it :)

2:48 PM  
Blogger Geoffrey Homes said...

I agree with the boyfriend -- very hot story. Surely a penthouse somewhere is missing a letter...

3:54 PM  
Blogger DevilBlueDress said...

I read... And I wonder many things. Choices that I could make. But if they would be right. More than just the sex... Thanks for sharing.

12:24 PM  
Blogger His wife said...

Fabulous story.

3:39 PM  

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