Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All Me

Friday, another day, another mess at work, but I refuse to let it get me down. It is Friday after all and G has promised 'to make it up to me' for last night....not really much to make up but why argue.

After work, G and I work on the front yard a bit. We just had a lot of landscaping done and it looks really nice but it was wicked expensive, so the guilt factor is there to keep it up. The boys eat dinner and go to the park to play capture the flag. I don't know if I have mentioned the park is right across the street. It is so great, we (as a family and the boys on their own) spend a lot of time there.

Oldest son is rarely at home these days. With school out, he is working a lot and trying to spend time with his girlfriend and friends before heading off to college, I almost feel like he is gone already. He spends the night at 1 of his 2 best friends a lot. I try to get them to come here, I feel guilty he is always somewhere else. But at the other 2 houses the moms are SAHMs, they get to sleep in and have no pesky little brothers, so I understand.

G and I are enjoying our time alone. We are in the garage, laughing and talking. It's great being able to have some adult conversation, yet we can see the kids playing. It's nice out and a Friday so we let them play quite late. When we finally call them in, they are exhausted and fall asleep. It is a nice feeling watch the kids being able to run around in the night summer air, like we did when we were kids.

I take my bath and get dressed in my outfit, a black tight top and black panties. I put on my bright red lipstick . G comes upstairs and begins caressing my body. He teases my cunt with quick little strokes with his fingers. Long and deep then short and fast, I am writhing under his touch. I am getting wetter and wetter, hotter and hotter. I almost cum 3 times, but G stops short each time . I am begging G for his cock, I want it, I need it. Finally, he slides his hard cock into my dripping pussy, I explode immediately. H pauses just for a moment, but then starts fucking me slow and hard, building and building the pleasure back up. I am almost close again, I am begging G to fuck me harder , please give it me...he complies and I cum in waves and waves. G is not done, I turn over and G inters me from behind...he reaches to his side and grabs the dog chain and attaches it around my neck. As he pushes his cock into me, he pulls back the chain. "harder, fuck me harder," I cry out, G does fuck me harder just for a few strokes....then teasingly slows down.."no..." I scream out. "Please.." he speeds up again. Fucking me, pulling on my chain. Deeper, I buck into him...ahhh...I cum, he is right behind me.

Yeah, I think it is all me tonight :)


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Good glad to hear you got your's and a few times over too


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