Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CIA Monster


I know that I have more than mentioned it....but day's like these I have to repeat it, I love telecommuting. I spend the hour and 45 minutes normally used up getting ready for work and on my commute sleeping :) I roll out of bed and put on my soft nightie. I wake up the boys and get them going, wander downstairs and fire up the laptop and viola, I am at work. Usually I still shower and dress, but today I revel in being able to work in my nightie. I am busy and the day passes quickly. I am glad to get some work done, without the office politics. After work I spend my commute time taking a nap! About an hour before G gets home, I finally shower and get dressed.

The boys are off swimming at a friend's house so when G gets home, we have some time alone ;) I sit on the couch and I take G's cock out of his shorts. I lick the head, swirling my tongue around and around. I lick the shaft and the ridges on the underside. I cup his balls in my hand suck him in earnest, he is close to cumming, but we stop...G goes out to the garage to lift weights. I collect the boys, make them dinner and after swimming all afternoon they 'veg' out in the family room. I snuggle in he living room with a book. G takes a quick shower and is up and down the stairs, preparing the bedroom for later. Every once in awhile he pops in the living room to pop in my mouth.

After the boys are in bed, I take my bath and dress in my my white (modified) body armor shirt and silky white panties. G comes up and I start am ready for some heavy duty cock sucking, but G has other plans and soon I am up on all fours. He wastes no time, he burrows his cock deep in my pussy. Right away he begins to slide MVP into my ass. Sensing I am not going to have a lot of build up, I reach down and finger my clit. I rub that button as I buck my hips into him and I shutter with release. G replaces MVP with himself, and fills my ass with himself. He slides slowly in and out as I rub my cunt. He strokes slowly plunge further and further up my ass. He speeds his thrusts up a bit, but not too fast. He is enjoying fucking my ass and is taking his time. He grabs my hips and pulls me into him, impaling his dick into that tight hole even farther. After the hard ass fucking yesterday I am getting pretty sore, G senses I am, and coaxes me..."hang on baby, I am going to cum....hang on, hang on...going to cum, going to cum, going to come..." He thrusts harder and harder and explodes his hot cum deep inside my ass.

I think I have created a monster, a CIA monster that is. As we clean up G tells me, "Sorry mommy, I think that was an all Daddy night." "Yes, it was" I try and make my most pouty face. "Well, tomorrow is Friday, I will make sure to make it up to you." Ohhhh...I an hardly wait!


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Ohh hope you get a great night all dedicated to you x

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