Monday, June 12, 2006

How do I get 'behind'

Feeling lazy! I intended to blog this weekend, but when I tried early Saturday blogger was not working (as previously mentioned) and after trying for awhile, I got frustrated and gave up.

Anyway back to our regularly scheduled program...

Busy day at work, on the phone almost continually...other yucky stuff going on at work...poop!
A bit hectic on the way home, middleman to hockey...yada, yada, yada...

Feeling very unsexy after all the stress of the day. As I previously mentioned, I hate to drive...I think it's just because my commute is so long, and the mom taxi service Wednesdays are the worst for me, I have the long drive to work and back, plus driving another 30 minutes (each way) to the rink.

Do you ever find yourself, after a stressful day, snapping at the kids and then feeling even worse, because you instantly regret it...that's today.

Another phenomenon I experience sometimes is lack of sex breeds lack of feeling like sex, so after our 8 day drought and finally relief yesterday I find myself not in the mood at all...which worsens my mood :(

G gets home and senses my brooding bad mood. He asks about work, but I am still so frustrated I don't want to talk about it...he goes upstairs....I think he is going to ready the bedroom, as he usually does, for some reason even this normally endearing thing is annoying me. I hear the water running, "what is he doing?" my angry mind wonders, and I feel like such a bitch!

I hear him come downstairs and tell the boys he has to run to the store, mom's had a rough day so give her some peace, ok? The boys decide to go to the park.

He returns just a few minutes later, and he goes back upstairs. With the quite house and time to myself my mood is lifting. G comes back downstairs and takes me by the hand and leads me upstairs, I am reluctant, as I think he wants a quickie while the boys are out of the house....but no, he has a bath drawn and candles lit and some trashy mags for me to read (one of my favorite guilty pleasures). As I undress and ease in to the warm, bubbly water. He tells me not to worry about the boys, he'll get the ready for bed...stay in the bath as long as I need. What a guy!

I soak and read. I hear the boys getting ready for bed and little man reading a story with G. The stress of the day melts away. When I get out, G has the bedroom lit brightly with candles. He has my softest, non sexy, comfortable nightie laid out. As I slide the soft cotton over my head and feel it caress my body, I let the contentment of such a loving husband and family wash over me.

I go downstairs and get G...."thank you! thank you! thank you!" It is my turn to lead him upstairs. We get into bed and he starts to caress and rub my body. As he slips his finger in my cunt, I feel the spark of passion and start to wither under his touch. I reach for his cock and roll on my side and start sucking him. He is on his knees to my side and he leans his head back and closes his eyes relishing my warm mouth engulfing him. It feels so good to me and I start sucking harder and faster, I feel my cunt juices begin to flow. What started out slow and languishing suddenly becomes urgent. I roll onto my hands and knees. "Put you cock in me, please." I implore him. I don't need to ask twice, he moves behind me and thrusts his cock deep inside my dripping pussy. I begin to buck him wildly. Driving him in deeper and deeper. I am cumming...we slow down a bit and he begins to finger my ass. After no anal attention for awhile, I am super tight. G says, "I think your ass needs some attention to get it ready for the weekend." He continues to fuck my cunt, while gently probing my ass. "I think I should break out MVP," he muses, mainly to himself. He does and as he starts to put it in my ass he increases his speed of his thrust in my cunt, soon the speed of the but plug sliding in and out of my ass is as fast as G's cock in my cunt, I cum again and again in about 30 seconds. Satisfied with MVPs progress and me cumming 3 times, he decides to 'press his luck' and pulls out the but plug, and replaces it with his cock, slow and steady at first, but then faster and faster. Soon he is pounding my ass deep and hard, and exploding his cum deep in that tight hole.

Stress, what stress?


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Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

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