Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hate laundry

G and the boys go to hockey. I clean the house and do laundry, including all the sheets...augh I hate laundry. It seems like a never ending battle. I try to do some blogging, but blogger is being a pain. Most of the day is spent on boring domestic, household stuff...oh well. In the evening G trims an overgrown shrub for over 2 hours. We are both pretty tired.

We have a fairly vanilla session, but I cum great! G tries for a little CIA (Cum in Ass), but I need a break from that, and I love how great our non verbal communication is. As he is fucking me from behind and he starts to put a finger in my ass, I bring my right hand up and behind me, toward him...a 2 second move....that's all that is needed, he stops and redoubles his efforts.

I wake up around 7:30 and although we are suppose to take a day trip to a local recreational park, (3 swimming pools, basketball, baseball, playground...a stream...a very nice park) I just don't feel like going. I don't know if it is the dread of the impending office day tomorrow, or the relentless laundry and housework yesterday, or in an uncharacteristic surge of bitchiness I feel resentful if this trip is going to happen I have to get up 2 hours earlier than everyone else and do all the packing, sandwich making, etc. With some good old fashion Freud justification I take a peek outside decide it is grey and overcast, not the best day for an outing. I nudge G awake, "I don't really feel like going, and it's pretty yucky out...what do you think?" G rolls over to look out the window, "yeah it looks pretty crummy, ok."

I head downstairs and putter around while the rest of the household sleeps. The boys sleep until about 10...G doesn't get up until 11:30. I go to the grocery store and make us all lunch. I am still feeling lazy and frumpy. We start to watch some golf on TV and I catch up on some of my favorite blogs, My eyelids are drooping. My oldest son is restless and asks if he can take to 2 younger boys to a movie. "Sure," off they go...G thinks this is a sure sign it is time for sex, and normally I would too...the house to ourselves...but I just can't muster the enthusiasm and I fall asleep on the couch. I wake up a half hour later, G standing over me, dick in hand. I reach up and cup his balls as he continues to stroke his cock, with a minute he is cumming all over my face. "Sorry, you looked so cute asleep there, I couldn't resist," G says as he hands me a towel. Within 5 minutes I am asleep again.

The boys come home and we B-B-Q some burgers. After the boys are in bed, G and I do something we rarely TV together, lol...since both of us have taken naps while the boys were off this afternoon, we are not that tired. Finally about midnight. I say, "I have to go to bed...I have to drive in tomorrow, so it's and early day for me." G says, "yeah, me too". I think we are both thinking we are just going to crash, but once we get upstairs a 'quick' goodnight kiss turns into something else. Some hot and heavy kissing and stroking and we are both ready for release and we are mindful of the time...short, hard and quick we fuck, with an eye on the finish...we both cum.

I dread looking at the clock...yuck almost 12;45, I have to be up in less than 4 hours!


Blogger adam said...

The laundry, is definitely a chore which requires some sex, as an added incentive.

I don't know if you have your Washer & Dryer (individual)..but if you do, and the kids are @ the movies, take advantage of the "spin cycle"...if you know what I mean. OMG!!

Enjoy your posts, so much.

All the best,

10:18 PM  

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