Friday, June 16, 2006

My mind won't stop

I am tired and fighting a bad mood, again. Hating work and feeling bitchy and pissed at myself for letting the shit at work influence me so much. We had a late night and I know that is not helping, but feeling so bitter about work is the main issue.

G works late, by the time he gets home the kids have been fed, bathed and put to bed. I am nodding off on the couch. We watch some of the hockey game, tivoed...but I keep falling asleep. I wake up with a start at 2:30 AM. G has left me asleep on the couch, part of me hates when he does this...but more for the lack of sex...he knows I have problems getting back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night, so that's why he does it. I grab my cell for an alarm replacement, and fall back asleep.

Telecommute Tuesday
Busy day, Hockey day for middle man. Still feeling grumpy and frumpy. I really hate when I get this way. It doesn't happen too often...but for me it is really a vicious cycle. Women who are whiny bitches really get to me, so when I feel like that...I really try to hold it in, probably not great for me, but probably a lot better for everyone else (except those who read my I let it out.)....and I feel even worse because I feel bad about myself.

So here I am trying not let G or the kids see what a miserable mood I am in. We go through the standard night routine; dinner, baths, etc.

When the kids go to bed, I take my bath and dress up in the outfit G has set out for me, a lacy black see through nightie with elastic cris crosses all over it and my black, high heel boots. I put on my bright red lipstick and am waiting for G when he comes up. As soon as he enters. I get off the bed and sink to my knees next to the bed. G hurries over and outs his already hard cock in my mouth. As I lose myself in the concentration of giving him head, I feel the best I have felt in the last couple of days. I lick and slurp and deep throat. He tries to pull me up to the bed to fuck me, but I motion for him to stay still. I don't want to break the spell of my quiet focused mind. There is something therapeutic about giving a great blowjob. As I hear him moan and groan, trying to hold out as long as he can, I feel pleasure in his pleasure. Satisfaction and a bit of confidence (something lacking these last few days) in being able to do a 'job' well. He can't hold it anymore, he grabs my hair and he cums. I feel release in his release. He stumbles into bed and quickly falls fast asleep. Alas, for me my busy mind starts up and head downstairs to try and quiet it with some TV....


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