Sunday, November 20, 2011



Last night was very promising and started up really well....and then G ran into technical difficulties with a piece of equipment. He is not the most mechanical guy, and it is a sore spot for him...because I am very mechanical. Add together his low inherent mechanical skill and little patience and you know you're just asking for problems. This one of the reasons I get frustrated at his obsession with toys. They rarely work they way you think they will, even when used at optimal use...and ours just aren't, so that puts the failure rate even higher. So, anyway...G lost his cool and gave up. The moment he started having problems, I knew we were done. It was a catch 22 for me. If I tried to help, it was going to ruin it, but I knew G wasn't going to be able to fix it on his own and that was going to ruin it.

After he went out in the garage and stomped around and cooled off, he did bring it to me and I fixed it for him, in about 2 seconds. He was floored, "How did I not see that?!"...we talked and he put part of it on hockey. G coaches DS11's team and takes it very seriously (they were 16-1 last season and division champs), and yesterday they lost their first game. It wasn't that they lost that upset him so much, he is a good is that they looked really bad and he made a really bonehead coaching error, so that was eating away at him. He went back to the garage to putter and I am sure have a few beers...

Then I got a little pissy. I was starving. I hadn't eaten since noon, because he mentioned he wanted my ass...nothing looked good...and obviously, I was frustrated and disappointed. I stomped around the kitchen, slammed cabinet doors and bitched out loud. I am glad G wasn't around to see my tantrum. Finally, I just went to bed.

I usually, do get like that...usually I get very quiet and internalize everything...but I think as childish as my tantrum was, I think it helped. I slept pretty well and woke up in a good mood. Time to take a breather and let go for a day or so.

ETA: So I am sitting here watching some football and trying not to think about sex...yeah, you know how well that is Comments from the talking heads like, 'He is trying for deep penetration here' are NOT helping ;)

I am picture myself stomping around the kitchen last night as well. "I am fucking starving and there is nothing to eat!" Duh, are you really that dense, Married? One of our euphemisms for being horny is in "Are you hungry?" (do you want to have sex, tonight?)..."I am starving!" (Hell!Yes!)

Indeed, "I am fucking starving and there is nothing to eat!"


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