Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Slowing down, but not stopping

Sorry for the delay...usually I can get in a few minutes at work, but too busy the last few days!

Let's see...

Monday was a very relaxed afternoon for you, again. Knowing a would have a very full day Tuesday at work, I went to bed quite early. G was not feeling 100%, so it was a good rest night

Tuesday was a very rushed day at work. In early, no lunch and left late. Got home and forced myself to do some exercise (swimming), cook dinner, help with homework and almost collapse.

G sent the boys to the park (gotta love day light savings). We went upstairs and made love very slowly. Lots of kissing and whole body caressing. Very tender sex, a nice change from the rough, rabble house sex of late...well, almost, there was one part where we were doing it doggy style and G was still and I was rocking in to him, faster and faster. Very nice.

I was 'tucked in' by 8! Yes 8! I read a bit, boys came home and came in to say goodnight. Little one and I: lights out at 8:30.

I was up early again. I had lots of great, sexy dreams...just getting ready for tonight....


Blogger bedroomdancer said...

Got to love the slow gentle sex from time to time. Hubby and I are more likely to do the fucking, but from time to time I really enjoy lots of kissing and plenty of time.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Aragorn said...

Your words are so beautiful and sweet. If I was on a diet I would have to stop reading you ... No, seriously, what a fabulous example of how people can love each other ... Beautiful

8:22 PM  

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