Monday, June 19, 2006

What Daddy wants, daddy gets weekend

Well, how did you like my maid pic? I don't post pics a lot, I always mean to, but it always seems low on the list of things to do.

So, you all know what happened Saturday afternoon...let me update you on more of Daddy's weekend :)

Friday PM
On the way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up all of G's favorites. From chicken for frying and potatoes for mashing to ice cream and goodies.

I rushed home so the boys and I could pick up the house, and I could start the chicken and potatoes. When G got home we had everything ready for him. The boys were in the back playing in the tent (still set up from a sleep over earlier in the week), so we had a few minutes to ourselves. I pulled him into the office/spare bedroom, and got down on my knees. I took him into my mouth and licked up and down the shaft. I love when I start to give him a blowjob and he isn't completely hard. That feeling of his dick swelling in my mouth....yum. Because I am a little worried that the kids will notice Daddy's home, I hurry a bit and start deep throating him while lightly squeezing his doesn't take long and soon he is squirting his hot load down my throat, I swallow every drop. I hop up and pull up his shorts and tell to go relax. "Drat, I meant to ask you to tivo me the golf," he says. I smile, "I did :)" "Awesome! Thanks," he heads off for the living room. I call the kids in for dinner and I make G a tray and bring it in to him.

Later that night: oldest son is spending the night at a friends house, again......and the boys want to sleep in the tent, so G and I basically have the house to ourselves. We drink a few martinis and put some tunes on and have a great time. I take my bath and put on a black, lacy, stretch teddy. When G comes in, he has me stand at the side of the bed, and reach up and grab the top bar of the canopy. I can barely reach and it stretches me out. He spreads my arms apart and ties them bar. He orders me to spread my legs, I release the bar and grab on to the silk ties to allow me to follow his command. He pulls my big tits out of the teddy, because it so tight it pushes my breasts up and out. He pinches my nipples between his thumb and finger and pulls them out. The pain and pleasure ripple through my body, my cunt is instantly soaked. He releases my nipples and grabs my tits, or as much as will fit in his hands and continues abusing them. He puts his mouth on one and sucks it so hard I can feel it begin to swell. I am writhing and twisting in my tied and spread position. Just when I think I can't take it anymore, he switches to the other breast. He reaches down and roughly shoves a finger up my cunt. He slaps the insides of my thighs, "wider, cunt," he grunts. I do the best I can with my body stretched so. He continues to finger fuck me until I cum. He grabs a handful of my hair, and pulls my head back as he hisses in my ear, "I am glad you came already, because I want your ass, slut...or I should say I want my ass." "Yes, master," I groan. He pulls my head back farther, "It's my ass, isn't that right?" "Yes, master," I reply. He releases my hair and unties my hands. In one swift movement, he spins my body and pushes me over the edge of the bed. He grabs a wedge pillow.."put this under you," he barks. The pillow raises my ass in the air, to the perfect height. He slaps my ass, "This body is mine! I am going to use it, for my pleasure." "Yes, Sir," I quiver. He spanks me again and again until my ass is burning. My pussy juice is flowing, I can feel it trickle down my thigh. He pushes my head into the mattress and thrusts his finger into my cunt, just long enough to coat his finger with my juice. He spreads my ass checks and buries the wet finger deep in the tight sphincter, then adds another, and a third. He fills my rectum with fingers. He lubes he cock with the elbow grease and removes his fingers. My ass tightens as he withdraws. He positions the head at that forbidden hole. "No plug for you tonight, whore...I want you good and tight" He forces his cock deep in my anal cavity. I gasp, letting the pain and pleasure wash over me, I force myself not move off of his cock. "That's it, bitch..." "ahh," is all I can answer...."take that cock up your ass, beg me for it" I cry out, "Yes, master, please...please fuck my ass, fuck me, use me...uhhh". He thrust himself into the hilt and grabs my ass cheeks, still on fire from the spanking and pulls me onto him. He fucks me hard and fast. Without the plug I am so tight, I feel like he is going to tear me in two. My mind and body are can't decide if it is exquisite pain or pleasure, as I hear he is about to cum, I let myself feel the marvelous submissiveness of being so taken, it is almost rape. As I feel the hot cum filling my ass, I release my own torrent orgasm. Whew!

It was so good!

Saturday AM
In the morning G sleeps in, when I wake him at 9 for hockey he decides to skip for the day...and instead puts his cock sucking slut to use, and I give him a good morning blowjob, greedily swallowing his seed....

read the post below for Saturday afternoon.

edited 6/22
The rest of the weekend (sorry for the brevity...too long to remember all the details)
Saturday PM
We laugh and have fun, and go up stairs for some more fun. I am not a big cowgirl fan, so I must admit we don't do it a lot....not sure why I am not a fan. I think it is because as a submissive being on top gives me too much control...anyway, in honor I father's day I climb on top. The best part is pushing my big tits in his face while I bouncing up and down.

After letting G sleep in, I wake him up with a blowjob and make him a big breakfast. G watch the golfs (US Open...oh,no! Phil!) and just have a lazy relaxing day. I tuck him in with another good cock sucking at bedtime. All in all I great father's day weekend I think.


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