Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Or else

This morning as my husband, G, was getting ready for work, he handed my some unmentionables and said, "Take your bath and have these on by the time I get home...or else.." I giggled and asked, "Or else what?"...."Or else you DON'T get a spanking"...lol!

So yesterday was good and bad.

We DVR'ed the game and did all the domestic stuff and then G beckoned me to him. He was relaxed on the sofa watching the game. He tortured my tits. squeezing, pulling and biting until I was gasping for breath. He stood up and pushed me on me knees. "Take my cock out and suck it," he commanded. I lowered his shorts and he kicked them off. I took him in my mouth and made my lips tight around his already swollen dick. In and out, deep and hard sucked him, pulling out now and then to swirl my tongue over that sensitive head. "Ahh, that's it, just suck the head." As I did that, I could feel his body grow tighter and tighter. He grabbed my head and pulled himself deep into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel his balls slap against my chin as he pounded. His cock invading my mouth and throat as deep as possible. I would go as long as I could and then gag. He would give me just a second to recover and then his throbbing cock would force it's way back in. We continued that cycle, for what seemed like forever...then his hands pulled my hair and I felt his warm load shoot in my mouth and down my throat. A groan escaped his lips and he half moaned, half spoke, "swallow it down, whore." I did, every drop and licked him clean. As I was walking away, he swatted my behind and said, "don't you worry, I am not done with you yet. I will make you come later, even if I don't"

Honestly...mentally I wish he wouldn't have...but I made my way to my usual perch on the loveseat and soon nodded off, while he watched more of the game. I awoke when he roughly started rubbing my cunt through my panties and slapping my tits. "Cum, you little bitch. Fill those panties with your cum". He rubbed and played and finger fucked me right through my panties until I released. He gave my just a minute to enjoy that rush when he was at it again. I knew I couldn't cum again (at least that way)...so I croaked out, "can't...cum...again" as I was gasping for air. In one quick movement he yanked me up and was pulling down my panties. "Bend over!" Over the loveseat I went. Brutally he slammed his cock deep into my pussy, "yes you can cum again" He grabbed my hips and continued to fuck my pussy until my body shuddered and released it's juices all over his cock. He laughed as he withdrew, unspent himself, "I knew I could make you cum again." He didn't cum, but seemed to be enjoying his gloating as he told me to lay down, so he could 'tuck me in'. I laid back down on the loveseat and he covered me with the throw and went back to finish watching the end of his game.

I can't lie, I was grateful for the release...because there was no doubt I was getting bunged up....did it happen the way I wanted? No. Does just a part of me wish he wasn't so concerned with me, with my pleasure? Yes...but, it's hard to be disappointed with I man who loves you so much and knows it is affecting you, so he wants to make sure you get your release.

Such of tough paradox in TTWD.


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