Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Freshly Fucked Post

Yes, out of order post...does anyone really care, probably not. Too damn hot to sleep, but not too hot to fuck...ever, in IMHO....thus the late night musings of a freshly fucked wench.

After I posted today about our hot session on Friday...I couldn't help call G, I was so wet recounting that hot anal sex we had on Friday night..."I was just thinking about you...about how hard you fucked my ass... hard and deep Friday night." As I drove home in traffic, my mind was more pleasantly occupied...thinking about all the naughty things I wanted G to do to me...and telling him about them via modern technology and my bluetooth headset. I described in quite vivid detail, how I wanted him to spank me, abuse my tits, gag me with his hard cock and force his huge prick up my tight asshole. H seemed up to the task, even eager. But is the back of my mind i was a little worried...we've all been there, haven't we...when our mind and our bodies are racing so sometimes reality has a hard time keeping up. I need not have worried. Tonight was amazing.

I am loathe to admit, feminist that I am...that sometimes putting his needs, wants and desires first really turns me on. Yet today, I find myself, like many times in the past, stopping at the store on the way home...beer for him, wine for me...I need razor blades if I am going to shave my cunt tonight...ahh, look at that clothesline rope, perfect for tying my tits up. Getting home in time to run around like a chicken with my head cut off...making, myself and the house and the kids perfect for HIS arrival. A load of Laundry in, chicken (yeah, we eat a lot of chicken) marinating, garbage and recycling out, downstairs picked up, dusted and vacuumed. Kitchen floor swept and mopped. He comes home and is pleased to find the house cleaned and chicken ready for him to BBQ. he starts the coals, and lifts weights while waiting for them to get ready. he BBQ's and I cook some macaroni and carrots. We all eat. The little boys are pretty wiped after sleeping, yet again, in the tent last night. Tonight, in the house and early to bed we break it to them. Around 8, G walks in to the living room, where I am vegging out..."you don't have a glass of wine?" he asks, amazed, "I need you to open me one," I answer. "what? what did you just snap at me...upstairs, right now," he orders me...I laugh...he looks at me, he points upstairs...thinking he is half joking I follow him upstairs. I am pleasantly surprised when I get upstairs he orders me to lower my shorts and lean over the bed. He reaches in the night stand and pulls out a leather crop. he begins to paddle my ass...lightly and teasingly at first. But as he continues to whip me, he is getting more in to it, as am I. What started out as a lark end up with a thorough thrashing of my ass and tits.

All the boys go to bed and fall fast asleep amazingly early. Around 10:30, very early for us, G orders me upstairs for a bath. I come out to find silky white panties, a black tube top....and my dog collar and chain waiting for me. I dress and attach my dog chain with the lock and attach the chain leash. G comes in and immediately begins to control, abuse and pleasure my body. He pulls my leash tight and has me suck his cock, his hands bury themselves in my hair, forcing my mouth around his prick. Gagging me with his cock...I suck and suck. He tortures my tits with his hand, teeth and the chain. He throws my legs over his shoulders and fucks my pussy, hard and deep..I cum...taking my moans of orgasm as a sign to move on, he flips me over. He has the butt plug ready to go and slams it in my ass. Roughly, savagely he forced that plastic device deep in my rectum. Knowing what he wants, he prepares me,only minimally but he is ready and will not be held back...he replaces the plug with himself... in one motion, deep in my ass. I scream out, and don't let the pain fool you, I love it! Don't get me wrong it hurts, but feels so damn good. I love the degradation. My moans and cries are in constant contradiction, "Ohhh, ohhh... god that hurts...fuck me, fuck my ass...ohh, master, you're too big...I feel like your cock is splitting me..ohh, don't stop, don't stop...harder, harder, fuck my ass harder, owww stop, stop..don't...owww...rape my ass...yes! yes! yes! I cum, he cums, yelling, "feel the cum deep in your ass, my ass, filling my slave's ass with cum..." one last thrust, "feel my hot cum deep in your ass whore?"

Yes, master...yes I do, and boy do I love it. Now, I think I had better try to sleep.

Sorry, I know there are probably a bunch of typos, but I am too tired and satisfied to care...will edit tomorrow.

Freshly Fucked Post

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Blogger Passionate Man said...

Sooooo jealous.


Feminists need to get fucked hard, too.

6:55 PM  
Blogger His fucktoy said...

Mmmm... dirty fucking talk and pounding. Hot sex on a hot night.
Thanks for leaving a trail back to you. Now, i have some reading to catch up on about you...

5:33 PM  
Blogger DG said...

Nice place you have here. I need to come back for more...

5:14 AM  
Blogger Gracie said...

i am loving your posts. very delicious. i have some catching up to do.

10:07 AM  
Blogger MikeCindynJoe said...

Hot story! I'm gonna check you out some more. Don't change a thing. We love your oral obsession.


12:45 AM  

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