Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Or else

This morning as my husband, G, was getting ready for work, he handed my some unmentionables and said, "Take your bath and have these on by the time I get home...or else.." I giggled and asked, "Or else what?"...."Or else you DON'T get a spanking"...lol!

So yesterday was good and bad.

We DVR'ed the game and did all the domestic stuff and then G beckoned me to him. He was relaxed on the sofa watching the game. He tortured my tits. squeezing, pulling and biting until I was gasping for breath. He stood up and pushed me on me knees. "Take my cock out and suck it," he commanded. I lowered his shorts and he kicked them off. I took him in my mouth and made my lips tight around his already swollen dick. In and out, deep and hard sucked him, pulling out now and then to swirl my tongue over that sensitive head. "Ahh, that's it, just suck the head." As I did that, I could feel his body grow tighter and tighter. He grabbed my head and pulled himself deep into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel his balls slap against my chin as he pounded. His cock invading my mouth and throat as deep as possible. I would go as long as I could and then gag. He would give me just a second to recover and then his throbbing cock would force it's way back in. We continued that cycle, for what seemed like forever...then his hands pulled my hair and I felt his warm load shoot in my mouth and down my throat. A groan escaped his lips and he half moaned, half spoke, "swallow it down, whore." I did, every drop and licked him clean. As I was walking away, he swatted my behind and said, "don't you worry, I am not done with you yet. I will make you come later, even if I don't"

Honestly...mentally I wish he wouldn't have...but I made my way to my usual perch on the loveseat and soon nodded off, while he watched more of the game. I awoke when he roughly started rubbing my cunt through my panties and slapping my tits. "Cum, you little bitch. Fill those panties with your cum". He rubbed and played and finger fucked me right through my panties until I released. He gave my just a minute to enjoy that rush when he was at it again. I knew I couldn't cum again (at least that way)...so I croaked out, "can't...cum...again" as I was gasping for air. In one quick movement he yanked me up and was pulling down my panties. "Bend over!" Over the loveseat I went. Brutally he slammed his cock deep into my pussy, "yes you can cum again" He grabbed my hips and continued to fuck my pussy until my body shuddered and released it's juices all over his cock. He laughed as he withdrew, unspent himself, "I knew I could make you cum again." He didn't cum, but seemed to be enjoying his gloating as he told me to lay down, so he could 'tuck me in'. I laid back down on the loveseat and he covered me with the throw and went back to finish watching the end of his game.

I can't lie, I was grateful for the release...because there was no doubt I was getting bunged up....did it happen the way I wanted? No. Does just a part of me wish he wasn't so concerned with me, with my pleasure? Yes...but, it's hard to be disappointed with I man who loves you so much and knows it is affecting you, so he wants to make sure you get your release.

Such of tough paradox in TTWD.

Sunday, November 20, 2011



Last night was very promising and started up really well....and then G ran into technical difficulties with a piece of equipment. He is not the most mechanical guy, and it is a sore spot for him...because I am very mechanical. Add together his low inherent mechanical skill and little patience and you know you're just asking for problems. This one of the reasons I get frustrated at his obsession with toys. They rarely work they way you think they will, even when used at optimal use...and ours just aren't, so that puts the failure rate even higher. So, anyway...G lost his cool and gave up. The moment he started having problems, I knew we were done. It was a catch 22 for me. If I tried to help, it was going to ruin it, but I knew G wasn't going to be able to fix it on his own and that was going to ruin it.

After he went out in the garage and stomped around and cooled off, he did bring it to me and I fixed it for him, in about 2 seconds. He was floored, "How did I not see that?!"...we talked and he put part of it on hockey. G coaches DS11's team and takes it very seriously (they were 16-1 last season and division champs), and yesterday they lost their first game. It wasn't that they lost that upset him so much, he is a good sport...it is that they looked really bad and he made a really bonehead coaching error, so that was eating away at him. He went back to the garage to putter and I am sure have a few beers...

Then I got a little pissy. I was starving. I hadn't eaten since noon, because he mentioned he wanted my ass...nothing looked good...and obviously, I was frustrated and disappointed. I stomped around the kitchen, slammed cabinet doors and bitched out loud. I am glad G wasn't around to see my tantrum. Finally, I just went to bed.

I usually, do get like that...usually I get very quiet and internalize everything...but I think as childish as my tantrum was, I think it helped. I slept pretty well and woke up in a good mood. Time to take a breather and let go for a day or so.

ETA: So I am sitting here watching some football and trying not to think about sex...yeah, you know how well that is going...lol. Comments from the talking heads like, 'He is trying for deep penetration here' are NOT helping ;)

I am picture myself stomping around the kitchen last night as well. "I am fucking starving and there is nothing to eat!" Duh, are you really that dense, Married? One of our euphemisms for being horny is hungry...as in "Are you hungry?" (do you want to have sex, tonight?)..."I am starving!" (Hell!Yes!)

Indeed, "I am fucking starving and there is nothing to eat!"

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Our mind is such a big tool, it stinks when it can get you so worked up, that real life is bound to disappoint. Been there done that before, so I do try and temper myself, but last night was just...frankly...almost vanilla and not even good vanilla, like haagen dazs, more like that cheap ice milk stuff.

Last night when G came home from work, the kids were at the park and I was in the tub. He came into the bathroom and rubbed my soapy tits, "Ah, is my little slut getting all nice and clean for me?" I nodded. "That's good, I have been thinking of you all day and have some new naughty things I want to try with you tonight." He said in a low voice as he pulled and tweaked my nipples. Mmmm, chills went down my spine. I was excited and a little frightened.

Through out the evening, when the kids were occupied in the family room, he would creep into the living room and whisper lovely, naughty things in my ear while he slapped my ass, or pinched a nipple or once even had me suck him hard (don't worry the house is large and we can hear the kids coming down the long tiled hallway, long before they see us).

After the kids were in bed, he came in and gave me my orders, "Go upstairs within 10 minutes, I want heavy eye makeup and bright red lips. Take off your shirt, but leave your panties, I will be up in about 20 minutes." I scampered upstairs, did my make up and waited and up the bed, enjoying the delicious anticipation of what was to come....

...from there it fizzles...really, it is not even worth recording.

What the night did include:
He did strap me to the wedge
A very lackluster spanking with a wooden paddle, no more than a minute.
Some nipple/breast play with a suction cup thingy he loves, again, only for a very short time.

What the night didn't include:
No cock sucking
No anal play
No hair pulling
No collar or leash

Where was the 'new naughty things I want to try with you tonight'?

I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining. I did cum while he fucked me from behind...and he seemed to have a great time...but I can't help thinking, that's all you got? After I ask you to possess me even more and you tell me that you're excited and want that as well. I give you body to do with what you will and you spank me?

I do get, that he might be treading lightly out of his own fear of taking things too far, but come on...last night you whipped me with a crop, tortured my tits with nipple clamps and forcefully took my ass...and tonight you spanked me? Can you tell the spanking is bugging me?

After when he was saying how good it was for him, he did say, "I took it easy on you tonight, because we have a long weekend ahead."

No, I didn't say anything to him...because I don't want to mess with his 'dom-ness'. I think if I say anything critical it will only make it worse. So I am trying to be optimistic about tonight, but I am not holding my breath.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Submitting fully and asking for more

I don't know...does anyone really want a blow by blow? I am going to write it anyway...if for nothing else than to save it for us. I really think...no, I KNOW tonight was a turning point for us.

Per my instructions; I went upstairs and and took off my clothes, except my panties. I put a vibrator, that he had left out on the bed, against my cunt....and I wait...and I waited...and I waited...I could feel myself getting irritated . I kept telling myself, 'submit, submit...HIS pleasure'.

When I finally heard his footfalls on the top of the landing, I felt my entire body melt. He came in and warmed his hands on the small space heater. With such attention to detail as this, is it any wonder I love him so. He ran his warmed hands across my body and man handled my big tits. Spanked my ass and squeezed my nipples.

He went into the bathroom and motioned me to follow. He pulled a tight tank over my head, he had modified the tank. He had cut out holes in the tank for my boobs to hang out and then cut small slits around the boob holes and threaded shoe laces through the slits. He had me lean over a chair, so my big tits hung down and then he pulled the laces tight, binding my tits tight. This is normally something I would bristle at. I would comply, but it would be immediately obvious that this is not something in my 'do me' script or desires. When it was clear that I was more open and ready to accept his direction for his pleasure, the power shift was clear.

G ordered me to lay back down on the bed and as he went to his stash of toys, his excitement was glaring. He went back and forth: he tortured my tits and nipples, with rough squeezes and pulling, twisting and biting, then put on nipple clamps...only to take them off and whip my tits and nipples with the crop, then put the clamps back on...only to take them off again moments later to pinch them and squeeze them again.

He choose one of the largest dildos we have...I swear to test me (because I have an aversion to dildos in my pussy) and made me fuck myself with it. I let go and did it and then when he ordered me to suck it, I did. He choose a large butt plug and lubed my ass up and inserted it. Working it in deeper and deeper. Now, I love our normal 'smooshy' plug, but this one was hard and unyielding and no doubt, more pain than pleasure. Not done, testing me...he grabbed my panties he had pulled off and put them over my head, inserting the crotch area across my mouth as a gag...then finally satisfied, he plunged his cock in my pussy. His thrusts were almost brutal and honestly, a bit painful. After fucking me until I was almost ready to say stop, he pulled out and pushed the panties aside and told me, "open your mouth, whore," and shoved his cock into my mouth and deep down my throat. He fucked my mouth until he came, his big hot load squirting in my mouth and spilling out across my face.

It was clear that I didn't cum and it was clear that was more than OK with him...and I can't believe I am saying this...was actually good for me.

After, I debated internally whether to say anything or not. It was clear we were headed in that direction already...but I decided, what the hell...say what is on your mind, clear communication is always a good thing...funny how after 19 years of marriage, you can still be nervous to say some things. I told him everything I just wrote about, not more than a few hours ago...he was ecstatic. We set a safeword and talked a bit about what helps me focus (more verbal), but I also said, I want to and am working on not needing that, since that doesn't come easily to him. Also, I asked for more direction in regards to hair, make up and preparations.

In the end, we are both on cloud nine right now. I am so happy and excited...and could it be better timing? I am so looking forward to this weekend.

Thanks to all those who have provided information and their stories; it really has made a difference in us moving forward, or at least trying to.

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More mental ramblings and babbling about submitting

Some of this is a repeat of things I have already said...but in excitement for what is to come tonight and trying to wrap my head around my what I need to do mentally to move forward I am putting it all down. In part, for therapy; in part, for recording what I hoping will be a turning point for us; in part, to perhaps another who struggles with the same issues. As with any blog, feel free to read what interests you and ignore my babbling, if it doesn't :)

I am 44 and have known pretty much since I was aware of my sexuality that I like to be dominated sexually. Even as young as 13, I would fantasize about being controlled. I would often spend hours squirreled away in a corner of B.Daltons reading the Story of O and any other BDSM books I could find, both fiction and non fiction.

My first real experimentation into the lifestyle was at 16 with my boyfriend. I do see in retrospect he was not a true dom, he was only trying to please me...in hopes that I would switch and dominate him . My first marriage was strictly vanilla. It amazes me that I never brought up any BDSM in the 2 years we were married, it just wasn't that kind of relationship.

When I met and started dating my husband (just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary), it came up almost immediately. For both of us, 24/7 does not work...not just practically, but emotionally. In fact he gets over whelmed with too much pressure in 'everyday' life. So, I am actually the dominate one in household, financial, etc matters...but sexually we both are happier when he is in control.

For our relationship what I have struggled with is completely letting go and submitting to his needs, wants, desires as opposed to being a 'do-me sub,' meaning I want him to dominate me, but only in a certain way and on my time frame. Our cycle through our 19 years of marriage has been intense periods of BDSM, which are fantastic but usually followed by periods of vanilla sex (lots of it, as we both have very high libidos...but very vanilla). In the last few years we have been almost strictly vanilla, much to my husbands displeasure...but he has been in a hard place...since we were still having sex 4-5 times a week, he didn't want to complain or force the issue.

Looking back through my journals and blog entries I realize about 4-5 years ago, I finally started actually submitting more and while it's clear from my journal/blog entries, I loved that, I have just realized that it scares the hell out of me, too and that is why I probably started shutting down the lifestyle, rather than face that paradox of what I think I want (to be feel completely owned) and being afraid of it . I am not a pain slut. I enjoy the pain he gives me in as much as that makes me feel controlled and owned, what I have trouble with is the amount that is enough for me to get to that feeling (not very much) as opposed to the amount he needs/wants (more than I have been willing to accept in the past). The other obstacle for me is toys. He is way more into toys than I; pumps, spreaders, ropes, you name it, he loves it. Ironically, the verbal part: name calling, humiliation and assertions of 'ownership' and 'using me' is what can really push me to let go and help me accept the pain and toys...and that doesn't come naturally to him.

Thanks to in large part to a thread on fetlife and some other readings that resonated with me, I finally am actually ready to move forward and give him more control without trying to top from the bottom. After a few days of incredible hot submissive sex, I had a frank conversation with him. He lit up like a Christmas tree. I was able to talk to him about my fears and ask him to help me push through those fears and asked him to give me more verbal direction and humiliation while he was pushing and testing those limits, while promising to work on 'my need' for that.

I am so excited about tonight, it going to be hard to concentrate on anything else today. OK, OK...off to do some reading...I promise, no more posts for today.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Confessions of a 'do me' slut, unsettling rumblings in my brain

G and I have always had a very active and satisfying sex life. We tend to go in spurts: D/s and some s/m for a few months and then vanilla for a few months. I must admit our latest vanilla streak has been quite long time, mostly due to me.

We are, on the whole, a very good fit. He loves me to be sexually submissive, but expects an equal partner outside of the bedroom. In fact, he can actually get out of shape if too much 'everyday' pressure is on him. This works well for me, because I could never do 24/7 or TPE. No judgement on those who do, but for us not an option.

Our latest foray into the lifestyle, which just started a mere 4 days ago, has got my brain a bit in overdrive.

First, I had itch for some rough sex, when that happened Monday I was reminded as good and plentiful as out sex life is in vanilla mode, it is truly spectacular in D/s...which, of course, made me feel a bit guilty at out long stretch without. Make no doubt, as much as I want to justify the absence with we still were having sex 4-5 times a week (both of our libidos could not handle less)...I do know that the quality and satisfaction of that sex is not the same as when we engage in BDSM; during those times we average at least once a day, usually more.

I am, at heart, a research geek. When an idea gets in my brain I read, read, read. Usually a good thing, but there is almost too much info out there now. Last time I was actively blogging there were only a handful of blogs/bloggers I could relate too. In the last few days I found at least 30. In that weird cosmic way, I found a definition of a 'do me sub' and I recognized myself...within of few minutes of that, I read more than a couple of blogs/fetlife posts that had both subs and doms facing the same issues. Adding to that, was me feeling hot and bothered on Tuesday and disappointed with G for not being up to it. Really, the perfect storm and the light bulb of...'who really is suppose to be in control here?' Now all of this is rambling in my brain last night and when G pressed through my objections to anal sex last night was the final piece fell into place...submission is really what I want.

Now if he can keep pushing and I can keep giving up control, I don't know.

As adventurous as I would like to think I am, I know he craves more bondage and more pain than I have been willing to accept in the past. We have never had a safeword, as a stern no/stop from me (as opposed to a moaning, pleading no/stop) has 'worked' for us in the past. I am thinking if I want him to really push me and for me to reach beyond my comfort zone, maybe it is time to pick one.

Now, the time has come for me to end this rambling, as G just came in and gave me instructions to go upstairs in 10 minutes. He has told me he has lots of new things he wants to try. I am interested to see what he has in mind. Honestly, I would love to see if we can take it to the next level organically...or if that is too romanticized and we have to have a frank conversation.

Don't know if many people are reading these days...but would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.

Now I am off to get fucked...full report tomorrow, I promise.

*please excuse any typos, no time to edit, as 'duty' calls...

ETA: I wanted to pass along this article. Reading it helped me reconcile my wanting to be more submissive in the bedroom, while still knowing that is the only place I am willing to submit. In the past I have struggled with labels and others' judgment of what being submissive means. I also wanted to give fetlife a shout out. I had never heard of it before. Reading the variation and acceptance and encouragement of embracing submission as it works for you, while striving to let go and fully submit within those parameters has helped me (I am hopeful) tremendously.

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Spice is twice as nice

After our nice, but vanilla anniversary weekend, I started reading some D/s books and blogs and getting really horny for some steamy, hard, rough sex. We took it pretty slow on Monday night as it has been a while since we indulged in any kink, but I thought a nice warm up. I was surprised when G came home Tuesday and said, 'let's take a break today'...after gearing myself up all day I was disappointed and frankly a little worried he wasn't into it anymore. He assured me, he would use and abuse me Wednesday. Wednesday came and he left early for a round of golf before work, I barely spoke to him during the day and he seemed so mellow when he came home. Still while the kids were eating dinner, I took a nice hot bath and shaved my pussy clean...he still seemed very quiet, I thought, 'Oh, no. It's my own fault, I have been turning down G for D/s sex for so long, he just isn't up for it, anymore'....but he soon put my fears to rest...once the kids were in bed and fast asleep....

I was half watching TV, half playing online, curled up in my little corner of the loveseat when he strode in and startled me by grabbing my tits and using them as handles to pull me forward. He savagely manhandled my breasts, especially delighting in torturing my nipples, pulling them and stretching them as far as he could. My cunt immediately filled with juices. He grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and released his bulging cock with the other. Once his cock was free, he put his other hand in my hair and forced my head forward and impaled his cock deep down my throat. Out of practice, I gagged..."Come on whore, you can do better than that," he grunted as cupped my chin and slapped my face. "See why training is so important, I am going to get you back in shape, I have let you go far too long, without reminding you that I own your body." I was determined to do a better job and as he put his hands back in my hair, I opened my throat and took him down deep. I licked and sucked with all my might, but still he pulled my hair into him harder and harder. "Sit still bitch while I fuck your mouth." Harder and faster he slammed his member in my mouth until he almost came..."Oh, no slut, you're not getting off that easy" He reached in his pocket and pulled out a new collar and the chain leash. "I got you a present today. A new collar. I got a new collar, because I want to reassert myself as your master. Tonight you are going to submit to my every demand and whim. No whining and no pleading will get you out of giving me everything I want."

He pulled the collar on tight and attached the leash. He yanked my off the loveseat and on to my feet. He pulled hard and practically drug me upstairs. He pulled me to the bed and pushed me on my back and quickly pinned my arms over my head. Clank, went the cuffs around my wrists. He began squeezing my nipples again pulling them tight and taught and dangled the nipple clamps on a chain in front of my face. Twisting each nipple he clamped those hard cold clamps on tight. He pulled on the chain, softly at first, then harder and harder. As I moaned and groaned, he said, "Whose tits are these?" "Your's master" "That's right, remember that". He continued to pull the chain with one hand and reached down between my legs with the other.

"Oh, that's my good whore, you're soaking wet. You are such a slut, you are so ready. You're so ready...are you ready for this..." and with that his slammed 2 fingers deep in my cunt, in and out..."Oh, that's it...don't cum, don't cum" Just as fast as he put his fingers in my pussy, he withdrew them. He reached over and grabbed a crop and put it up to my mouth, "Lick it, lick it slut"..I barely had time to comply when he ordered me, "Turn over, now" I struggled to turn with the cuffs..."Now! Come on bitch, get that ass in the air."

I barely had a chance to get all four when, whack! down came the crop across my ass with a sting. He reached around and put the nipple clamp chain in my mouth. Crack, crack, crack...he continued to assail my ass. "That's it, MY ass is nice and pick now...it is MY ass, isn't it?" Oh, yes Master," I groaned.

He parted my cunt lips and and ran his finger just along the edges , I felt him position his cock at my slit and he grabbed my hips and pulled me back as he pushed forward. Deep in my cunt, he pounded away. Just as I was about to come he stopped, and said, "Not yet, my little hole...I am not done playing with my fuck toy." He pulled out and shoved my head to the mattress, pushing my ass even higher in the air.

He grabbed the lube and slowly spread the goo along my asshole. That tight, most forbidden hole has not seen much action lately, so it tightened up in response. "Relax bitch" I blew out my breath and tried to relax. He slid in a but plug, slow and steady...but insistent. "Take the plug, take it up your ass." When it was in tight he put his cock back in my pussy and fucked me again. "Cum bitch, cum bitch, cum now...while you have a chance" I could hear the laughter in his voice, but I let myself cum.

As soon as I finished, G pulled out and focused his attention on the but plug. I lifted my head and turned to look at him. I pleaded, "I am not ready, it's been too long.." He pushed my head back down and barked, "You're ready when I say you're ready...and that is now and if you're not, too damn bad..that's my ass, you're just my fuck toy. I will use you any way I see fit..." He pushed one hand on my back and used one hand to guide his cock into my tight hole. I was gasping for air and willing myself to relax. "That's it hole, you better relax, because I am taking MY ass one way or another" With that he was in, I could feel his balls against my cunt. I thought, I was going to split in two. My ass was so full. Slowly, he pulled out and pushed back in, loosening me up. "That's my whore...I am going easy on you tonight, but remember I own your body and I will use it!" Bam! He plowed me deep. 2 quick strokes and I could feel his hot cum fill my bowels.

Thank you master, that was awesome. It was that perfect mixture of plain and pleasure...and being taken and used for his pleasure, regardless of what I wanted...and in the end, that is what I want most.

I have to say, I was feeling very lazy this morning and almost didn't sit down to write, instead was just meandering through blogs, looking for some new ones, when I ran across this one. Hot! Hot! Hot! Thanks so much, William, for the great read and inspiring me to blog about last night, so I will always remember it in detail.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vanilla can be nice

G and I have been on an extended Vanilla streak. Part due to the fact that having a little one around takes a lot of energy and partly due to the fact G has been extremely busy at work and it does take time and imagination to keep up being dominate in the bedroom....

...but vanilla can be nice, too...as long as there is plenty of it :)

Our anniversary weekend

I had planned for us to get away for our actual anniversary, Saturday. I thought G and middleman had hockey Saturday during the day, so I arranged for early check in at one of favorite hotels, so I could go set up the suite...I was going to surprise him, but he ferreted out the plan and then told me, no hockey Saturday...ah, what's a girl to do? Surprise him with an extra day, of course ;)

Friday AM, as soon as he was off to work, I called my 23 year old son and asked if he could babysit Friday as well as Saturday...he was on board. Called the hotel, no problem...in fact, I could check in anytime I wanted. Yahoo!

I scurried around packing and adding stuff to the things I already had stowed in the car. Baby girl settled with he awesome big brother...and...ugh! the car won't start. Transfer everything to 17 year old son's car and...I am off. Beautiful suite with a fireplace! I set up and settle in and call G. "Guess where I am?" He laughed, "You little minx, I will be there as soon as I can!"

I take a long bath, slip into something sexy and slip into bed. A nice nap, nicely interrupted from G gently stroking my legs. We christen the room with an hour of touching, licking and kissing every inch of each others bodies. When we both feel like we are going to explode. G puts his raging cock into dripping wet pussy. Long deep strokes only last about 30 seconds, I wrap my legs around his back and put my hands on his shoulders and pull him into me with all my might. I buck my hips and impale myself on his cock...we last only about 3 minutes, before we both explode.

We laugh, it was a good thing we had sex last night or we wouldn't have even lasted 1 minute.

We take a quick shower and head to the hot tub, lots of rubbing and kissing and fondling in the hot tub as light rain falls on us. I love the hot tub in the rain..and luckily for us, it keeps everyone else away. We get back to the room and I fix us some 'substantial nibbles'...something we eat a lot on our getaways; fruits & veggies, meats & cheeses, bread & crackers. We eat and drink, play some tunes and laugh late into the night.

Finally the booze and late hour almost do us in, but...

I pull G to me on the sofa and take his cock in my mouth and proceed to lick and suckle him to hardness, then lead him to the bedroom with a firm grasp on his cock. I climb up on the bed on get on all fours with my ass high in the air and say, "fuck me hard!" G in on me on a flash and pounding away at my cunt with a fever. I reach below and stimulate that sweet spot under his balls and he lets out a grown. "Faster!" I command, "Harder! Harder!" He increases his speed and thrusts deeper into my cunt, I hear his balls slapping against my ass. He takes one finger and gently applies just enough pressure on my tight little bung hole and I start to explode. My pussy contracts and G is right there with me. We scream out together and collapse exhausted and happy.

We sleep in on Saturday and are happy to see the sun coming out. We shower together...and all that soap and warm water...

G soaps up my breasts and allows his hands to wander down to pussy, "let's make sure your clean and fresh" He backs up against the wall and spreads my legs apart and starts to finger fuck me. He drops to his knees and positions himself under me and licks my pussy, his tongue flicking over my clit and in and out of my gash. The shower is warm falling on us in soft drops. I grind against his mouth. He reaches up and sticks his fingers deep in my cunt while sucking up my clit. Soon my cum is all over is face.

We dress and head out for a big lunch, we need fuel! Fully bellies, we head back to hotel and lounge around the pool for awhile, until we're both almost asleep in the sun. We slip up to the room for a much needed nap.

We wake up in time to watch some college football (we are both sports nuts) and a few cocktails...even with a nap, we are fading much quicker than Friday night...

As my eyelids began to droop, G comes up behind me and starts rubbing my big tits and says, "you know, I noticed the back of this chair in kind of low..." I laugh and stand up to inspect the chair..."hmm, let me see" I pull out the chair and turn it so the back of the chair in facing G. I lean over the back of the chair and support myself on the cushy arm rests and spread my legs as wide as I can and stay standing...while I do this G already has his cock in hand and has stoked himself hard. He pulls a cushion off the other arm chair and tosses it on to the chair. He walks behind me and almost savagely topples me farther over the back of the chair and enters my cunt deep and hard, I gasp as my pussy streches to accept his engorged dick. After a few hard trusts, he settles into long smooth strokes until he stops and pulls back. His cock his barely in my pussy and then he pauses...and rams me full force again. He follows this lovely cycle until I am moaning and begging him to fuck me hard and let me cum. He ignores me and follows the cycle a few more times until finally he continues the hard deep thrusts and picks up the speed and we both explode. His legs and my arms are jello, but we are spent and happy...we stumble off to bed.

On Sunday we sleep in and have breakfast at the hotel. We think about having a quickie, but we are both missing the kids and are ready to pack up and head out.

It was an awesome, awesome weekend and just that bit of hard and rough sex gets my mind dreaming of some spice....

The more things change...

Just some general informational updates, since it has been so long since I have been actively blogging.

We had another baby! A little girl, who is now 3....obviously, a big reason for even less time time to blog. The boys are now 23, 17 and 11. The 23 year old is out on his own (yeah!), but close by and still babysits for us to get away :) Having a little one around makes scheduling a bit harder, but we still make it work and our sex life is still very active, if a bit more vanilla lately.

I am doing part time work (95% telecommute), which is great for me...but the reason we decided to make that change is because G got a big promotion at work and is working a lot more hours, so I am doing a lot more of the day to day home stuff. It is great for the finances...not so sure about the rest of life. Definitely, a lot more stress for him.

We just celebrated our 19th anniversary! We got away for 2 days of blissful alone time, I will probably blog about this to get my feet wet and back into blogging mode.

I admit, I re-read my own posts yesterday and it made me pretty wet and ready for some non vanilla sex, which G was happy to hear and fulfill my cravings!

I have to run and hop in the shower and get little girl off to preschool :) G is sleeping in today, a bit, after last night's awesome romp and I promise him a great, hard and fast blow job while we have the house to ourselves....

Monday, November 14, 2011

We're still around

I know, I know...I have just about let the poor blog die. As, it is easy to see, I have thought about reviving it a few times, just to let it go again. G and I are still around, hot and horny as ever. Some how writing just got to be a chore and it seemed like I was writing about the same things over and over.

In the last few days, I have really been in the mood for some good sex fantasy books, sampled at least 20 on the kindle...and actually purchased 5 that held some promise...but sadly none were very good. This led me of course to blog land.

If anyone has suggestions for some good sites/blogs , I would love to hear from you....

Hope all my friends here in blog land have been doing well.