Monday, January 30, 2006


Whew! Relief and how! As you probably know I had been feeling a little bit in a rut, but that all changed Saturday!

I had been hinting to G I needed a break away from everyday life. We have a gift certificate for a spa with great private hot tub/ sauna rooms that are awesome...but that idea went over like a lead back to the drawing board.

On Thursday I found a special for a hotel close by...a suite with a fireplace, perfect :) I think I have said it before, one of the few perks of a teenager on the verge of adulthood is a built in sitter. The boys have hockey Sat. morning, so Sat night worked better than Fri...

G went off with boys, I went off to the hotel, I had an early check in so I got our room keys, checked out the room and went off for provisions; some fresh flowers, some yummy sushi and gourmet Chinese food (in honor of Chinese new year), a few cocktails and lots and lots of candles.

After lots of stops, packing for G and I, picking up the middle son from hockey and off to a birthday party, more stops, room set up, pick up son from before mentioned birthday party...I call from G, he is heading off to the hotel, for a soak in the hot tub! I tell him I just a few steps behind.

Dinner (takeout for the boys), last minute instructions , a few forgotten items and I am off..

YES! While I enjoy building up and the set up..I am glad to be done and ready to be alone just G and I. All my tensions melt away in the hot tub with G. Wrapped in my fluffy robe, back up to the room where G has the fire blazing and the heat on. I change into a black corset and stockings and a beautiful flowing Chinese sheer gown. I heat some of the food and set out the sushi, while we munch, drink and listen to tunes (you gotta love the ipod...5,000 songs...ok I have 4,832, your fingertips), laugh, talk and talk and talk as only we can.

Finally it is about 11:00, and I am fading, remember I work early so I am usually in bed by 9....I tell G, lets go to bed...

It is hard and furious, just what I need...missionary, from behind...G snuck in his favorite anal toy, 'little pinky'...he already had that in, but since I seem so 'in the mood', he decided to 'press his luck'. Slow and steady his slid his cock further and further into my ass. Finally all the way in he increased his speed. I reached under me and rubbed my clit....on and on he fucked my ass...definitely the longest I have ever been able to go, at least 5 minutes...he was screaming in pleasure, I frigged myself faster and faster...when I knew he was going to cum, I increased my speed and depth...finally as I felt G's cum exploding into my ass, I came, myself...spent, I rolled over and promptly fell asleep.

Ahh, a nice long sleep, late breakfast and finally back home to reality, but much more relaxed and satisfied.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On the Hunt

Still trying to brainstorm ideas for something new and different for G and I to try. I have been reading so many blogs and porn sites for ideas, I almost feel over exposed.

G was tired last night and wanted to go to bed early, so I was a bit disappointed ...I was really ready for some hot sex, I even tried to wake him up this AM for a quick before work...oh, well best laid plans, do not always lead to getting

If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears...or rather eyes.

Although, I did find any tips for us (yet), I did find 2 blogs that really highlight the angst of affairs. Both Fabulously Crazy and Will She be back are well written and heart wrenching. A nice reminder the cost for that rush of newness, and a good reality check for my whining about the lack of spark.

Monday, January 23, 2006

A thought provoking post

Today in my spiderweb wandering, I came across an interesting post that had me caught for a long time. It is an older post so you might have already seen it. It was from Thru Blue eyes, I'm ready.

It really made me think about the blah feeling, something is missning feeling I have been experiencing.

This was my comment to the post:

Maybe I missed the 'bus', but I did not interpret your post as the others did...I didn't get the 'I am going to run out and have a red hot affair', but more of a wistful remembrance of the rush of passion and hormones that comes with new love. The singular, burning flush, the impulsive almost obsessive nature of discover.Your post stuck a cord deep in me.I have a great life...wonderful husband, good kids, good job...blah...blah...blah...but I have bemoaning on my blog that I have been feeling like something is missing, and feeling guilty that such thoughts even cross my mind. I have been afraid to pinpoint what it is, for fear that verbalizing it will make it more real, rather than a random passing feeling.Ironically, I had a dream not long ago about a brief passionate affair I had about 16 years ago, while I was married to my first husband. Logically, I know that the dream was more about that rush of feelings than the actual man. But I do think and wonder about him too. And I remember things, I have no business thinking about...the way I could tell what he was thinking (about almost any subject, not just sex) in a flash of his crinkling eyes, his laugh, his dumb jokes (especially around St.Patrick's Day), our song, the way he liked me to play with his curling hair at the nape of his neck and his smell...god, I can still remember his smell.But would I change my life if he came knocking, or would I change the out come of our, never....But I do still wonder why we didn't meet before we were both married, or wonder what my life would have been like if after our affair was discovered, our paths joined instead of separated...What was the point of such an instant, deep and complete connection between the two us? Could it really be for such a short time, for something as tawdry as an affair?

What is scary to me, is how can I feel that a spark is missing, when G and I have such a good marriage and great sex. As I said, I really wouldn't trade what I have for that rush of emotions...but that doesn't mean I don't miss it. I guess what it comes down to is, even great sex can become routine...and I need to find someway to fix that.

Caught in a spider web

One of the things I love about blogging is spinning a web of links, from one site to another...recommended to another....and to another and so on until you've created a spiderweb all around you. My only problem was being able to retrace my steps and find them all, finally (I know, I am a little slow) I have figured a way to create a link sidebar! Over the next few days I will be adding all my favorites! Then I can figure out why my photos have stopped showing up!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Do We Always Want More?

As I mentioned in my last post I have been having a bit of writers block. In trying to find a spark for my post today, I was perusing Gs calendar (as some of you know, he keeps a desk calendar as an abbreviated journal.)

Although not a record month for us, the calender shows we have had sex 16 out of 22 days (with an early wake up call this morning). That puts us on pace for 5 times a week, with a nice variety. Some vanilla sex, some steamy sessions ending with anal sex and some ending in G coming all over my face.

So why do I feel so lack luster? I know we have a great sex life, and logically I have no reason to complain....but I am. It's a strange feeling. When I stop and look at the sheer numbers the quantity is good and if I replay any individual night, it is not a case of quantity, but not quality.
They were all great ;)

Last Sunday G surprised me with a new lacy white nightie, and we watched football, talked and laughed and ended the night we great sex. Monday I finished an outfit I had been working on for awhile, with a very 'starlet' feel in honor of the Golden Globes. I curled up my hair, over did the make up and debuted the outfit to rave reviews. We were up pretty late with a long, long session. I feel asleep pretty early on Tuesday, and the plan was for G to wake me...but he said he could tell I needed my rest, so he didn't. Wednesday was hot, hot, hot ending with G talking dirty to me while he came in my ass. He yelled so loud when he came I was afraid he was going to wake the kids. Thursday I had a business dinner, so G made it an early night and was already asleep when I came home. Friday the candles were lit, I took my bath and was in bed waiting for G....but feel asleep, I was surprised when I woke up at 4, with G gently snoring next to me...oh, well. Last night was pretty vanilla, but a great blow job for G and some much needed relief for both of us after 2 nights of no sex. Then a quickie this AM.....

So why do I feel, for lack of a better word...blah? Do we always want more? Is it human nature to strive for more? G and I have had some amazing streaks where we went days on end with sex everyday, and many times with 2 or 3 times a day. Does knowing that is possible and how great that it is set the bar too high? While, I do realize that realistically, that kind of pace is impossible to sustain, I can't help thinking a good long streak would be just the ticket out of blahsville.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

writers block

Well I am having a hard time picking the blog back up. Feeling a bit like, been there, wrote about that. Does anyone else run into that problem?

I have been catching up with a lot of blogs I enjoy.

The Man Nobody Knew

Dirty Filthy Princess

And finding some new ones

Random Things I can't tell Regular People

I have been commenting on some of them, but having a hard time findind my the voice for myown blog. I am sure it will come, in the mean time bear with me.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Finally some relief in sight

As I am sure has been true for everyone, the last few months have been crazy!

I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel, though!

Santa has brought me a late Christmas present! a wireless laptop....and working from home 2 days a week! Yeah!

This weekend had me setting up and playing with the new computer. I finally have it 90% ready to go (just can't get the bluetooth headset to work...drat!).

One of my resolutions is get the blog back on track, and get back to regularly posting...not just about sex, but my random thoughts too....

So while I may not be post as much as would for new posts at least on Tuesdays and at home days...then I should be able to sneak in at least a bit of time :)

I hope everyone had a magical holidays and looking forward to 'seeing' everyone happy, healthy and prosperous in the new year!

M and G