Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unexpected Slut

So, after our 'hot' Friday...G woke up in pain on Saturday. Someway, somehow he hurt his back. We don't know if it was all the 'thrusting' or he just slept on it wrong, bur he is in serious pain. He stretches, I massage, hot bath...nothing seems to work. It sounds shallow, but as much as I am sorry he is in pain, I can't help in the back of my mind think..."ahhh! He has to get better!".

Saturday he is in too much pain to even think of any 'fun' , Sunday, all day, G tells me he is doing much better, but I see him wince ever time he moves or reaches. Finally, I let him off the hook around 9...."I think we should take the night off, I know your not feeling great and it is Sunday," I tell him. I see the relief in his face, even as he tries to deny it, "No, no I am fine..." I just tilt my head to the side, raise my eyebrows and purse my lips together in a half smile. Silent communication between two people who know each other . This simple move tells him...you're not fooling me, don't be macho, better 1 more night off causing serious injury and pain..."maybe you're right," he confesses.

Monday, I speak to G a few times on the phone and he tells me he is much better...but I reserve judgement until I can see him. The cupboards are bare so after work, I go grocery shopping. G BBQ's some steaks, I make some baked potatoes and fresh peas..yum! G does a little jig to show his back is really better. The boys head to the tent...yes, still. I take my bath, and put on a tiny white bikini and black tube top G has set out.

When G come in, he tells me, "Spread your legs, bitch, I want to see your cunt." Hmmm, I wasn't expecting that...I do as I am told and he begins to finger me right over my panties. He pushes the silky material into my pussy. He knows all my hot spots, so in no time I am moaning and groaning and trying to wiggle myself into a better position. I buck my hips to meet his fingers. "Don't cum yet, don't you cum," he tells me. " I want your panties soaked" he continues to push the material deep into the folds of my cunt. "Now! Cum now, cum all over those panties," He releases me...and I do. He peels the underwear off me and shoves them in my mouth. "Taste your juices?" he asks, as he pushes me farther on the bed, and kneels beside me. He pushes his prick in my mouth, "Suck me!" he orders. I pull his cock into my mouth. Slurping on the head. Swirling my tongue around him. Taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth, feeling him nudge the back of my throat. He grabs my hair and forces me even further onto him. I moan, but am mainly silent, my panties acting as a gag. "that's it you slut. You like to taste your cunt while I fuck your mouth. Don't you? You slut, you fucking whore," he barks at me. I love it when he is so vocal, but it doesn't come naturally for him...so, when it happens, it really turns me on. In one swift movement he snakes his arm behind my back and flips me over and pulls me up on to my hands and knees. He thrusts himself into me. I am just about to cum and think he is too, when once again he surprises me. He pauses only for a second and then rams his finger deep in my ass. I gasp in shock. The sudden movement sends my emotions, and sensors reeling. Without a chance to cum, he starts forcing a butt plug up my ass, working it just enough to prepare my ass. He pushes his cock into my ass, "Take my cock into your ass. I am going to fuck you hard." When I try and wiggle away a bit, he pushes my head into the bed, "Don't move, slut!" I groan... He fucks my ass deep and hard... Despite my surprise and discomfort I find myself cuming..as I cry out, G increases his thrusts and send his cum deep into my ass. What a pleasant unexpected evening.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Clarification...someone e-mailed and asked, "wow, how big of a spill was it if it closed 2 buildings....actually, technically we are 1 building, I should have said the company next door.....

Anyway, as you know I had a surprise Friday off, the boys were off to a water park with friends and G at work, and me with a spa gift certificate....yeah, you know where I went.

I got a manicure, pedicure and a treatment call The Rain Dance (amazing starts with a vichy shower, then an herbal steam...finally a full massage). 3 hours of bliss! I came home and was so relaxed, I took a nap.

Everyone got home....G's meeting went well, the boys had a great time, so everyone was happy. We eat dinner and the boys ask to go play it the tent, G and I have our 'list' fun. After my bath, G has something a little different set out for me, a classic white slip. I slip it on, it is silky and smooth, clinging to my curves. G usually like my hair and make up a bit over done, but tonight I arrange my hair in soft curls pulling away from my face and apply my make up with a more subtle, classic look. I listen carefully for G, and when I hear his footfalls on the stairs I arrange myself at the foot of the bed, standing and leaning against the bedpost ala liz in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Now, I am no Liz Taylor, but the effect is pretty good. G snuggles his face in between my breasts and kisses the tops. He moves his mouth to my neck, where licks, and kisses and nips my neck and earlobe while he runs he hands down along my sides and over my hips, reaching around and squeezes my behind. He moves his mouth over mine and using his grip on my rear, pulls me against him. Slow and passionately we kiss, our tongues entwine. we sit on the edge of the bed and continue kissing. Like teenagers we kiss and rub each other over our clothes until our lips are numb and bruised and our bodies throb with desire. He pushes me down unto the bed and slowly pushes my slip up. His fingers set me on fire on his runs them along the inside of my thighs and barely grazes my pussy. My cunt is pulsating and I can't help but buck my hips, trying to push his fingers deeper in to my wet hole. He pushes me father up on the bed and lowers his silky boxers. He places his cock just at the entrance of my pussy and teases me, but only for a moment. He plunges into me in one swift movement, I cum immediately. He pulls my legs over his shoulders and fills me even deeper. With all of our foreplay it isn't much longer until we are both cumming.

Hot, indeed. I don't know about the roof, but the hot is true enough.

Blogroll Me!

In the last few weeks I have been surfing so much, doing what I call "spider webbing" linking from one site to another through comments and links, going here and there and creating a web. It's fun and I have discover some truely amazing sites! The problem is I have been too lazy to add to my links. I have been just saving the new sites I have found to my favorites list, as a to do list....but now it is so long I am almost overwhelmed! So I am going to give blogroll a shot!

I am planning on adding them all in on Tuesday, so any tips from blogroll users would be great! Also, If you would like me to add you as a link....please just leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The One With the List

I have a crush on Phil Mickelson. Not sure exactly why. He is kinda goofy and that hair! lol....but I do think he is cutie and immensely 'doable'. As I watched him choke last Sunday at the US Open, a blog started forming in my mind...who are the least likely celebrities you would 'do'? At a loss to think of anyone other then Phil, I had to broaden my thinking... if I created a 'freebie' list, a la Friends (from 3.05 Chandler: Well, we have a deal, where we each get to pick five celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can’t get mad.).....hmm, Phil, maybe Hugh Grant...this is harder than I thought it would be. So last night I asked G...he thought and thought and couldn't come up with anyone, really...lol..this isn't working either. Refining again, I merge a favorite Oprah filler question, "If you could have dinner with any one person, from any point in time, who would it be?"....ahh that should be easier.

I tell G, "It doesn't have to be current, anybody, from any time. Lynda Carter?" He laughs, "Yeah, that's a given...hmmm...I still don't know this requires more thought." As he starts the leave the room, I call out, "Pamela Sue Martin?" He whips around, "How did you know that?" he questions, like I have uncovered some secret..."Because she is me, in high school," I laugh. "Yeah, I was hot for her, she's great," G says. Thinking back to the 70's, "Farrah Fawcett?" I ask...."Oh, yeah!" G agrees....wait, I am having an easy time with G's list than my own...I throw out a few more names, but G says, "I only have 2 spots left, this requires some thought."

This provides us with a lot of laughs throughout the night, as we make suggestions to each other, laugh at some of the questionable choices. We consider and disregard many people. Loni Anderson was on G's list for awhile, before being replaced with Suzanne Somers. For me Phil is almost displaced for Rob Lowe.

In the end:

G's list: Lynda Carter, Farrah Fawcett, Pamela Sue Martin, Suzanne Somers and Raquel Welch.

My List: Phil Mickelson, Colin Firth, Shaun Cassidy, Viggo Mortensen (GI Jane, not Lord of the Rings) and Johnny Cash.

So Tag, who would be on your list?

Please post answers here, or on your own blog...either way is great! If you post on your blog, just leave a comment here, so we know to look ;)

***This friends, 3.05, is actually, The one with Frank, Jr. and for the curious:
Chandler's list: Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Yasmine Bleeth, and Jessica Rabbit.
Rachel's list: Chris O’Donnel, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, Sting, and Parker Stevenson.
Ross: Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurely, Michelle Pfieffer, and Dorothy Hamill.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

TGIF in a big way

Yahoo! I am off work today!!! The building next door to us had some kind of chemical spill late yesterday, so they had to close their building down and the fire department shut us down too, as a precaution! Wahoo, nothing like a found day! I don't mean to revel in other's misfortune, but I so need a day to myself. Since everything was already set for the boys to go to a waterpark with some friends I am going to use a spa gift certificate G had given me for Valentines day!
Have a great day everyone and I hope your weekend starts as well as mine
:) :) :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Literary Smut

Is there such thing as literary smut? A well written, plot driven, developed story that also happens to have hot sex as an intrinsical part of the story. I have read a few; The story of O, Anne Rice's Beauty series, some of Paul Little's book, book's by Lizbeth Dusseau. These I have read over and over....I need some new material! I have looked through stores and Amazon. I have even downloaded some e books, but they have been...well, not horrid...but nothing I would recommend.

Along the same lines, is there any good plot driven porn? I enjoy 'regular' porn...but I would love some with a good story too. I am not talking about the mamby pamby 'romantic' movies with the out of focus soft porn. Give me the good stuff, just give me a story too.

Some come on readers help me out here, give me some suggestions.

Well, tonight is a going to be an early night. G has a big day tomorrow, the board of directors of his company is coming in and with the nightmare he has been going through he looking forward to the meeting. He of course wants to be 'fresh' for the meeting. So, we are all off to bed shortly...bed to sleep, alas.

Have a good night all...looking forward to Friday, hoping it will be as hot as last week.

What makes a good blowjob

I finally finished up "What Daddy wants, Daddy gets” recap…so be sure to read the rest of G’s awesome (if I do say so myself) weekend.

Sorry for the delay in posts, not much new going on around here. After our wild, spectacular Monday. Tuesday was hockey day #1 and we were both pretty tired, so after the boys were already in bed, I was snoozing in and out on the loveseat, when all of a sudden I felt G’s cock on my lips…I start to push him away, but I thought, ‘what the heck’ and gave him a blowjob. Now the interesting thing here is, I thought it was just ok, heck I was half asleep…but G said it was awesome…and told me last night he thought it was one of the best blowjobs he has ever gotten..what???…goes to show you perception is often very different, I told him he has to send me an e-mail about it to post, we'll see. Hopefully he does that. OK, all you male lurkers out there...what curls your toes?

Wednesday I was swamped at work, and G had a horrid day at work…plus hockey day #2…so my whole evening was spent listening to G and letting him vent about work, while he got hammered…not necessarily a pleasant evening, but it helped him, so….

Today was telecommute Thursday, yeah! After I finished working, I had to run a few errands for G and now I am just settling down and relax, and bore you with a blog on my search for good erotic books….ttfn.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Freshly Fucked Post

Yes, out of order post...does anyone really care, probably not. Too damn hot to sleep, but not too hot to fuck...ever, in IMHO....thus the late night musings of a freshly fucked wench.

After I posted today about our hot session on Friday...I couldn't help call G, I was so wet recounting that hot anal sex we had on Friday night..."I was just thinking about you...about how hard you fucked my ass... hard and deep Friday night." As I drove home in traffic, my mind was more pleasantly occupied...thinking about all the naughty things I wanted G to do to me...and telling him about them via modern technology and my bluetooth headset. I described in quite vivid detail, how I wanted him to spank me, abuse my tits, gag me with his hard cock and force his huge prick up my tight asshole. H seemed up to the task, even eager. But is the back of my mind i was a little worried...we've all been there, haven't we...when our mind and our bodies are racing so sometimes reality has a hard time keeping up. I need not have worried. Tonight was amazing.

I am loathe to admit, feminist that I am...that sometimes putting his needs, wants and desires first really turns me on. Yet today, I find myself, like many times in the past, stopping at the store on the way home...beer for him, wine for me...I need razor blades if I am going to shave my cunt tonight...ahh, look at that clothesline rope, perfect for tying my tits up. Getting home in time to run around like a chicken with my head cut off...making, myself and the house and the kids perfect for HIS arrival. A load of Laundry in, chicken (yeah, we eat a lot of chicken) marinating, garbage and recycling out, downstairs picked up, dusted and vacuumed. Kitchen floor swept and mopped. He comes home and is pleased to find the house cleaned and chicken ready for him to BBQ. he starts the coals, and lifts weights while waiting for them to get ready. he BBQ's and I cook some macaroni and carrots. We all eat. The little boys are pretty wiped after sleeping, yet again, in the tent last night. Tonight, in the house and early to bed we break it to them. Around 8, G walks in to the living room, where I am vegging out..."you don't have a glass of wine?" he asks, amazed, "I need you to open me one," I answer. "what? what did you just snap at me...upstairs, right now," he orders me...I laugh...he looks at me, he points upstairs...thinking he is half joking I follow him upstairs. I am pleasantly surprised when I get upstairs he orders me to lower my shorts and lean over the bed. He reaches in the night stand and pulls out a leather crop. he begins to paddle my ass...lightly and teasingly at first. But as he continues to whip me, he is getting more in to it, as am I. What started out as a lark end up with a thorough thrashing of my ass and tits.

All the boys go to bed and fall fast asleep amazingly early. Around 10:30, very early for us, G orders me upstairs for a bath. I come out to find silky white panties, a black tube top....and my dog collar and chain waiting for me. I dress and attach my dog chain with the lock and attach the chain leash. G comes in and immediately begins to control, abuse and pleasure my body. He pulls my leash tight and has me suck his cock, his hands bury themselves in my hair, forcing my mouth around his prick. Gagging me with his cock...I suck and suck. He tortures my tits with his hand, teeth and the chain. He throws my legs over his shoulders and fucks my pussy, hard and deep..I cum...taking my moans of orgasm as a sign to move on, he flips me over. He has the butt plug ready to go and slams it in my ass. Roughly, savagely he forced that plastic device deep in my rectum. Knowing what he wants, he prepares me,only minimally but he is ready and will not be held back...he replaces the plug with himself... in one motion, deep in my ass. I scream out, and don't let the pain fool you, I love it! Don't get me wrong it hurts, but feels so damn good. I love the degradation. My moans and cries are in constant contradiction, "Ohhh, ohhh... god that hurts...fuck me, fuck my ass...ohh, master, you're too big...I feel like your cock is splitting me..ohh, don't stop, don't stop...harder, harder, fuck my ass harder, owww stop, stop..don't...owww...rape my ass...yes! yes! yes! I cum, he cums, yelling, "feel the cum deep in your ass, my ass, filling my slave's ass with cum..." one last thrust, "feel my hot cum deep in your ass whore?"

Yes, master...yes I do, and boy do I love it. Now, I think I had better try to sleep.

Sorry, I know there are probably a bunch of typos, but I am too tired and satisfied to care...will edit tomorrow.

Freshly Fucked Post

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Monday, June 19, 2006

What Daddy wants, daddy gets weekend

Well, how did you like my maid pic? I don't post pics a lot, I always mean to, but it always seems low on the list of things to do.

So, you all know what happened Saturday afternoon...let me update you on more of Daddy's weekend :)

Friday PM
On the way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up all of G's favorites. From chicken for frying and potatoes for mashing to ice cream and goodies.

I rushed home so the boys and I could pick up the house, and I could start the chicken and potatoes. When G got home we had everything ready for him. The boys were in the back playing in the tent (still set up from a sleep over earlier in the week), so we had a few minutes to ourselves. I pulled him into the office/spare bedroom, and got down on my knees. I took him into my mouth and licked up and down the shaft. I love when I start to give him a blowjob and he isn't completely hard. That feeling of his dick swelling in my mouth....yum. Because I am a little worried that the kids will notice Daddy's home, I hurry a bit and start deep throating him while lightly squeezing his balls...it doesn't take long and soon he is squirting his hot load down my throat, I swallow every drop. I hop up and pull up his shorts and tell to go relax. "Drat, I meant to ask you to tivo me the golf," he says. I smile, "I did :)" "Awesome! Thanks," he heads off for the living room. I call the kids in for dinner and I make G a tray and bring it in to him.

Later that night: oldest son is spending the night at a friends house, again......and the boys want to sleep in the tent, so G and I basically have the house to ourselves. We drink a few martinis and put some tunes on and have a great time. I take my bath and put on a black, lacy, stretch teddy. When G comes in, he has me stand at the side of the bed, and reach up and grab the top bar of the canopy. I can barely reach and it stretches me out. He spreads my arms apart and ties them bar. He orders me to spread my legs, I release the bar and grab on to the silk ties to allow me to follow his command. He pulls my big tits out of the teddy, because it so tight it pushes my breasts up and out. He pinches my nipples between his thumb and finger and pulls them out. The pain and pleasure ripple through my body, my cunt is instantly soaked. He releases my nipples and grabs my tits, or as much as will fit in his hands and continues abusing them. He puts his mouth on one and sucks it so hard I can feel it begin to swell. I am writhing and twisting in my tied and spread position. Just when I think I can't take it anymore, he switches to the other breast. He reaches down and roughly shoves a finger up my cunt. He slaps the insides of my thighs, "wider, cunt," he grunts. I do the best I can with my body stretched so. He continues to finger fuck me until I cum. He grabs a handful of my hair, and pulls my head back as he hisses in my ear, "I am glad you came already, because I want your ass, slut...or I should say I want my ass." "Yes, master," I groan. He pulls my head back farther, "It's my ass, isn't that right?" "Yes, master," I reply. He releases my hair and unties my hands. In one swift movement, he spins my body and pushes me over the edge of the bed. He grabs a wedge pillow.."put this under you," he barks. The pillow raises my ass in the air, to the perfect height. He slaps my ass, "This body is mine! I am going to use it, for my pleasure." "Yes, Sir," I quiver. He spanks me again and again until my ass is burning. My pussy juice is flowing, I can feel it trickle down my thigh. He pushes my head into the mattress and thrusts his finger into my cunt, just long enough to coat his finger with my juice. He spreads my ass checks and buries the wet finger deep in the tight sphincter, then adds another, and a third. He fills my rectum with fingers. He lubes he cock with the elbow grease and removes his fingers. My ass tightens as he withdraws. He positions the head at that forbidden hole. "No plug for you tonight, whore...I want you good and tight" He forces his cock deep in my anal cavity. I gasp, letting the pain and pleasure wash over me, I force myself not move off of his cock. "That's it, bitch..." "ahh," is all I can answer...."take that cock up your ass, beg me for it" I cry out, "Yes, master, please...please fuck my ass, fuck me, use me...uhhh". He thrust himself into the hilt and grabs my ass cheeks, still on fire from the spanking and pulls me onto him. He fucks me hard and fast. Without the plug I am so tight, I feel like he is going to tear me in two. My mind and body are can't decide if it is exquisite pain or pleasure, as I hear he is about to cum, I let myself feel the marvelous submissiveness of being so taken, it is almost rape. As I feel the hot cum filling my ass, I release my own torrent orgasm. Whew!

It was so good!

Saturday AM
In the morning G sleeps in, when I wake him at 9 for hockey he decides to skip for the day...and instead puts his cock sucking slut to use, and I give him a good morning blowjob, greedily swallowing his seed....

read the post below for Saturday afternoon.

edited 6/22
The rest of the weekend (sorry for the brevity...too long to remember all the details)
Saturday PM
We laugh and have fun, and go up stairs for some more fun. I am not a big cowgirl fan, so I must admit we don't do it a lot....not sure why I am not a fan. I think it is because as a submissive being on top gives me too much control...anyway, in honor I father's day I climb on top. The best part is pushing my big tits in his face while I bouncing up and down.

After letting G sleep in, I wake him up with a blowjob and make him a big breakfast. G watch the golfs (US Open...oh,no! Phil!) and just have a lazy relaxing day. I tuck him in with another good cock sucking at bedtime. All in all I great father's day weekend I think.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Naughty Maid, live update

Me in my maid's outfit :)
I have great posts for last night and this early morning :) But couldn't resist a live update for all daddies out there.

All 3 boys went off for some swimming with my parents....while the boys are away mommy and daddy will play.

What daddy wants daddy gets weekend. After some early morning fun (more on that later)....G went back to sleep. I cleaned the house and got the boys ready to go. When he finally got up around 11, I made him breakfast. Then he went to relax on the couch and watch some golf (I tivoed it for him). When the boys left, G and I looked at each other and smiled. He told me, "Since we're alone, I think I need you in something slinky while you service and wait on me." I said, "no problem, I'll take a quick bath and be down in just a few."

I shaved my legs and my pussy ( I had let it grow back in the last few weeks). I put on my french maid outfit and did my makeup. I heard G in the shower, so went downstairs, and put on my black high heels and 'busied' myself picking up. G got of the shower and came in the living room, "Hello there, my maid." "Hello sir," I greeted him. "get on your knees and suck my cock," he ordered me. I quickly complied, taking him into my mouth. I felt his prick swell in my mouth. I wrapped my hands around the back of his thighs and pulled him deeper into my mouth. I sucked him hard and deep, continuing to pull him into my mouth. "Bend over the couch, maid"...I scrambled to the arm of the couch. G flipped up my skirt and pulled down my pink lace panties. G spread open my pussy lips and put just the tip in my cunt. Barely in, he teased my cunt. The angle was not quit right so I grabbed a pillow and put in under me....ahh, that's it....G slightly pulled back and then plunged his cock hard into me. Hard and fast he pumped his cock deep in my pussy. "Cum baby, cum....." I start to cum..."Yeah, I am cumming...." Something wonderful about being taken, bent over the couch with my dress still on! Yum!

I have to go now...because my master needs some lunch :) I will be back later to fill you in on last night and early this morning.

Friday, June 16, 2006

From bitch to back to normal

Wednesday is not a pretty picture, but such is life sometimes....funny thing is no one in a my 'real' life, including G, has a clue.

I sleep horrible Tuesday night. I have the day off today for middleman's sixth grade graduation. With all the crap going on at work, I really shouldn't be taking the day off, I am tempted to shift my telecommute day, but don't want to risk someone trying to get me while I am at the graduation...I am feeling like scrooge, because I feel angry that I have to take another day off...but who ever heard of sixth grade graduation??? Am I out of touch, maybe...but I guarantee you, a non working parent thought of this. G takes the morning off, but goes in after the graduation. I work so far, this is not a reasonable option for me. I put on a smiling face, attend the graduation, clap like crazy at the right times and take middleman out to lunch. I am proud of him. He makes the principals list with a 3.83 grade average, which is outstanding...especially since he had algebra (at 6th grade!! I felt special taking it in 8th, lol). He receives the new presidential 'gold' award for being on the principals list all 3 trimesters, as well as a perfect attendance award and an outstanding character award (1 of only 5, out of 139 kids). After lunch we pick up little man. In honor of 'graduation' we go home and set up the tent in the back yard, where he is going to have a sleep over with some friends tonight.

The boys, under the supervision of the oldest one, start setting up the inside of the tent. I sneak in a short nap, hoping it will improve my frame of mind...no such luck, now I am groggy and grumpy. I take little man to hockey. I head home so the kids can come over. I stop and get a couple of pizzas.

I really feel like calling it a night, but G and I had planned on having some 'fun'. I consider telling G I am going to 'bail', but decide maybe some good sex might help. I take my bath, usually a relaxing ritual, tonight, it feels like a chore, I feel like bailing...and a bitch for feeling that way. I dress in a black skin tight outfit and heels G has set out, I usually love G picking out my clothes, tonight, it feels controlling.... I feel like bailing...and a bitch for feeling that way. Everything is bugging me, the light is too bright, the heels are hurting my ankles... I feel like bailing...and a bitch for feeling that way. G walks in, I feel like bailing...and a bitch for feeling that way. I keep my mouth shut and go through the motions, willing my mind to let my body take over. It is no use, I am just not in to it, but I continue to fake it....we fuck missionary, doggie and G cums all over my face, he is satisfied. I don't know if I am relieved or pissed he didn't even notice.

Since the boys are in the back yard I head downstairs to sleep on the couch, so I can keep the back window open and listen for any problems, I think to myself, it's going to be another rough night. Even though I need to listen for the boys, I decide to take 1 (instead of 2) migraine pills...when the light was bugging me during sex, I thought to myself, maybe a have a low grade migraine, maybe that it what is making me so bitchy...hopefully.

Telecommute Thursday
The boys in the back wake up pretty early, around 6. I am amazed I feel so much better. Augh, all that bitchiness for nothing...I wish I would have figured it out sooner, but I haven't had a migraine in months. Oh, well. Busy day, 'at work'. I book a lot of business, which raises my mood even more. I sneak in a cat nap at lunch time while the boys are at the park...ah it feels so good back to 'normal'.

I go out for a little shopping and dinner with my mom, who is leaving soon (yeah!...sorry, that's bad, I am just happy they're not staying with us).

When I get home G has the boys all ready for bed, we watch a little tivoed golf and go to bed early....to ready for daddy's weekend.

Friday AM
Yeah, still feeling good :) The boys are coming to work with me today, so I get to sleep in just a bit. G calls and says. "It's daddy weekend, right?" "Yes it is!" I am glad I am truly excited and enthusiastic and don't have to fake it. "So I get everything I want this weekend?" "Yep!" "All the licking, and sucking and fucking I want?" he asks excitedly, hopeful. "You bet," I giggle....he replies, "I think it should start as soon as I get home." Happy to mean it, I tell him, "Absolutely!"

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there...I hope you all get just what you want for father's day, too ;)

My mind won't stop

I am tired and fighting a bad mood, again. Hating work and feeling bitchy and pissed at myself for letting the shit at work influence me so much. We had a late night and I know that is not helping, but feeling so bitter about work is the main issue.

G works late, by the time he gets home the kids have been fed, bathed and put to bed. I am nodding off on the couch. We watch some of the hockey game, tivoed...but I keep falling asleep. I wake up with a start at 2:30 AM. G has left me asleep on the couch, part of me hates when he does this...but more for the lack of sex...he knows I have problems getting back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night, so that's why he does it. I grab my cell for an alarm replacement, and fall back asleep.

Telecommute Tuesday
Busy day, Hockey day for middle man. Still feeling grumpy and frumpy. I really hate when I get this way. It doesn't happen too often...but for me it is really a vicious cycle. Women who are whiny bitches really get to me, so when I feel like that...I really try to hold it in, probably not great for me, but probably a lot better for everyone else (except those who read my blog...lol...since I let it out.)....and I feel even worse because I feel bad about myself.

So here I am trying not let G or the kids see what a miserable mood I am in. We go through the standard night routine; dinner, baths, etc.

When the kids go to bed, I take my bath and dress up in the outfit G has set out for me, a lacy black see through nightie with elastic cris crosses all over it and my black, high heel boots. I put on my bright red lipstick and am waiting for G when he comes up. As soon as he enters. I get off the bed and sink to my knees next to the bed. G hurries over and outs his already hard cock in my mouth. As I lose myself in the concentration of giving him head, I feel the best I have felt in the last couple of days. I lick and slurp and deep throat. He tries to pull me up to the bed to fuck me, but I motion for him to stay still. I don't want to break the spell of my quiet focused mind. There is something therapeutic about giving a great blowjob. As I hear him moan and groan, trying to hold out as long as he can, I feel pleasure in his pleasure. Satisfaction and a bit of confidence (something lacking these last few days) in being able to do a 'job' well. He can't hold it anymore, he grabs my hair and he cums. I feel release in his release. He stumbles into bed and quickly falls fast asleep. Alas, for me my busy mind starts up and head downstairs to try and quiet it with some TV....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hate laundry

G and the boys go to hockey. I clean the house and do laundry, including all the sheets...augh I hate laundry. It seems like a never ending battle. I try to do some blogging, but blogger is being a pain. Most of the day is spent on boring domestic, household stuff...oh well. In the evening G trims an overgrown shrub for over 2 hours. We are both pretty tired.

We have a fairly vanilla session, but I cum great! G tries for a little CIA (Cum in Ass), but I need a break from that, and I love how great our non verbal communication is. As he is fucking me from behind and he starts to put a finger in my ass, I bring my right hand up and behind me, toward him...a 2 second move....that's all that is needed, he stops and redoubles his efforts.

I wake up around 7:30 and although we are suppose to take a day trip to a local recreational park, (3 swimming pools, basketball, baseball, playground...a stream...a very nice park) I just don't feel like going. I don't know if it is the dread of the impending office day tomorrow, or the relentless laundry and housework yesterday, or in an uncharacteristic surge of bitchiness I feel resentful if this trip is going to happen I have to get up 2 hours earlier than everyone else and do all the packing, sandwich making, etc. With some good old fashion Freud justification I take a peek outside decide it is grey and overcast, not the best day for an outing. I nudge G awake, "I don't really feel like going, and it's pretty yucky out...what do you think?" G rolls over to look out the window, "yeah it looks pretty crummy, ok."

I head downstairs and putter around while the rest of the household sleeps. The boys sleep until about 10...G doesn't get up until 11:30. I go to the grocery store and make us all lunch. I am still feeling lazy and frumpy. We start to watch some golf on TV and I catch up on some of my favorite blogs, My eyelids are drooping. My oldest son is restless and asks if he can take to 2 younger boys to a movie. "Sure," off they go...G thinks this is a sure sign it is time for sex, and normally I would too...the house to ourselves...but I just can't muster the enthusiasm and I fall asleep on the couch. I wake up a half hour later, G standing over me, dick in hand. I reach up and cup his balls as he continues to stroke his cock, with a minute he is cumming all over my face. "Sorry, you looked so cute asleep there, I couldn't resist," G says as he hands me a towel. Within 5 minutes I am asleep again.

The boys come home and we B-B-Q some burgers. After the boys are in bed, G and I do something we rarely do.....watch TV together, lol...since both of us have taken naps while the boys were off this afternoon, we are not that tired. Finally about midnight. I say, "I have to go to bed...I have to drive in tomorrow, so it's and early day for me." G says, "yeah, me too". I think we are both thinking we are just going to crash, but once we get upstairs a 'quick' goodnight kiss turns into something else. Some hot and heavy kissing and stroking and we are both ready for release and we are mindful of the time...short, hard and quick we fuck, with an eye on the finish...we both cum.

I dread looking at the clock...yuck almost 12;45, I have to be up in less than 4 hours!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All Me

Friday, another day, another mess at work, but I refuse to let it get me down. It is Friday after all and G has promised 'to make it up to me' for last night....not really much to make up but why argue.

After work, G and I work on the front yard a bit. We just had a lot of landscaping done and it looks really nice but it was wicked expensive, so the guilt factor is there to keep it up. The boys eat dinner and go to the park to play capture the flag. I don't know if I have mentioned the park is right across the street. It is so great, we (as a family and the boys on their own) spend a lot of time there.

Oldest son is rarely at home these days. With school out, he is working a lot and trying to spend time with his girlfriend and friends before heading off to college, I almost feel like he is gone already. He spends the night at 1 of his 2 best friends a lot. I try to get them to come here, I feel guilty he is always somewhere else. But at the other 2 houses the moms are SAHMs, they get to sleep in and have no pesky little brothers, so I understand.

G and I are enjoying our time alone. We are in the garage, laughing and talking. It's great being able to have some adult conversation, yet we can see the kids playing. It's nice out and a Friday so we let them play quite late. When we finally call them in, they are exhausted and fall asleep. It is a nice feeling watch the kids being able to run around in the night summer air, like we did when we were kids.

I take my bath and get dressed in my outfit, a black tight top and black panties. I put on my bright red lipstick . G comes upstairs and begins caressing my body. He teases my cunt with quick little strokes with his fingers. Long and deep then short and fast, I am writhing under his touch. I am getting wetter and wetter, hotter and hotter. I almost cum 3 times, but G stops short each time . I am begging G for his cock, I want it, I need it. Finally, he slides his hard cock into my dripping pussy, I explode immediately. H pauses just for a moment, but then starts fucking me slow and hard, building and building the pleasure back up. I am almost close again, I am begging G to fuck me harder , please give it me...he complies and I cum in waves and waves. G is not done, I turn over and G inters me from behind...he reaches to his side and grabs the dog chain and attaches it around my neck. As he pushes his cock into me, he pulls back the chain. "harder, fuck me harder," I cry out, G does fuck me harder just for a few strokes....then teasingly slows down.."no..." I scream out. "Please.." he speeds up again. Fucking me, pulling on my chain. Deeper, I buck into him...ahhh...I cum, he is right behind me.

Yeah, I think it is all me tonight :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CIA Monster


I know that I have more than mentioned it....but day's like these I have to repeat it, I love telecommuting. I spend the hour and 45 minutes normally used up getting ready for work and on my commute sleeping :) I roll out of bed and put on my soft nightie. I wake up the boys and get them going, wander downstairs and fire up the laptop and viola, I am at work. Usually I still shower and dress, but today I revel in being able to work in my nightie. I am busy and the day passes quickly. I am glad to get some work done, without the office politics. After work I spend my commute time taking a nap! About an hour before G gets home, I finally shower and get dressed.

The boys are off swimming at a friend's house so when G gets home, we have some time alone ;) I sit on the couch and I take G's cock out of his shorts. I lick the head, swirling my tongue around and around. I lick the shaft and the ridges on the underside. I cup his balls in my hand suck him in earnest, he is close to cumming, but we stop...G goes out to the garage to lift weights. I collect the boys, make them dinner and after swimming all afternoon they 'veg' out in the family room. I snuggle in he living room with a book. G takes a quick shower and is up and down the stairs, preparing the bedroom for later. Every once in awhile he pops in the living room to pop in my mouth.

After the boys are in bed, I take my bath and dress in my my white (modified) body armor shirt and silky white panties. G comes up and I start am ready for some heavy duty cock sucking, but G has other plans and soon I am up on all fours. He wastes no time, he burrows his cock deep in my pussy. Right away he begins to slide MVP into my ass. Sensing I am not going to have a lot of build up, I reach down and finger my clit. I rub that button as I buck my hips into him and I shutter with release. G replaces MVP with himself, and fills my ass with himself. He slides slowly in and out as I rub my cunt. He strokes slowly plunge further and further up my ass. He speeds his thrusts up a bit, but not too fast. He is enjoying fucking my ass and is taking his time. He grabs my hips and pulls me into him, impaling his dick into that tight hole even farther. After the hard ass fucking yesterday I am getting pretty sore, G senses I am, and coaxes me..."hang on baby, I am going to cum....hang on, hang on...going to cum, going to cum, going to come..." He thrusts harder and harder and explodes his hot cum deep inside my ass.

I think I have created a monster, a CIA monster that is. As we clean up G tells me, "Sorry mommy, I think that was an all Daddy night." "Yes, it was" I try and make my most pouty face. "Well, tomorrow is Friday, I will make sure to make it up to you." Ohhhh...I an hardly wait!

Monday, June 12, 2006

How do I get 'behind'

Feeling lazy! I intended to blog this weekend, but when I tried early Saturday blogger was not working (as previously mentioned) and after trying for awhile, I got frustrated and gave up.

Anyway back to our regularly scheduled program...

Busy day at work, on the phone almost continually...other yucky stuff going on at work...poop!
A bit hectic on the way home, middleman to hockey...yada, yada, yada...

Feeling very unsexy after all the stress of the day. As I previously mentioned, I hate to drive...I think it's just because my commute is so long, and the mom taxi service thing...so Wednesdays are the worst for me, I have the long drive to work and back, plus driving another 30 minutes (each way) to the rink.

Do you ever find yourself, after a stressful day, snapping at the kids and then feeling even worse, because you instantly regret it...that's today.

Another phenomenon I experience sometimes is lack of sex breeds lack of feeling like sex, so after our 8 day drought and finally relief yesterday I find myself not in the mood at all...which worsens my mood :(

G gets home and senses my brooding bad mood. He asks about work, but I am still so frustrated I don't want to talk about it...he goes upstairs....I think he is going to ready the bedroom, as he usually does, for some reason even this normally endearing thing is annoying me. I hear the water running, "what is he doing?" my angry mind wonders, and I feel like such a bitch!

I hear him come downstairs and tell the boys he has to run to the store, mom's had a rough day so give her some peace, ok? The boys decide to go to the park.

He returns just a few minutes later, and he goes back upstairs. With the quite house and time to myself my mood is lifting. G comes back downstairs and takes me by the hand and leads me upstairs, I am reluctant, as I think he wants a quickie while the boys are out of the house....but no, he has a bath drawn and candles lit and some trashy mags for me to read (one of my favorite guilty pleasures). As I undress and ease in to the warm, bubbly water. He tells me not to worry about the boys, he'll get the ready for bed...stay in the bath as long as I need. What a guy!

I soak and read. I hear the boys getting ready for bed and little man reading a story with G. The stress of the day melts away. When I get out, G has the bedroom lit brightly with candles. He has my softest, non sexy, comfortable nightie laid out. As I slide the soft cotton over my head and feel it caress my body, I let the contentment of such a loving husband and family wash over me.

I go downstairs and get G...."thank you! thank you! thank you!" It is my turn to lead him upstairs. We get into bed and he starts to caress and rub my body. As he slips his finger in my cunt, I feel the spark of passion and start to wither under his touch. I reach for his cock and roll on my side and start sucking him. He is on his knees to my side and he leans his head back and closes his eyes relishing my warm mouth engulfing him. It feels so good to me and I start sucking harder and faster, I feel my cunt juices begin to flow. What started out slow and languishing suddenly becomes urgent. I roll onto my hands and knees. "Put you cock in me, please." I implore him. I don't need to ask twice, he moves behind me and thrusts his cock deep inside my dripping pussy. I begin to buck him wildly. Driving him in deeper and deeper. I am cumming...we slow down a bit and he begins to finger my ass. After no anal attention for awhile, I am super tight. G says, "I think your ass needs some attention to get it ready for the weekend." He continues to fuck my cunt, while gently probing my ass. "I think I should break out MVP," he muses, mainly to himself. He does and as he starts to put it in my ass he increases his speed of his thrust in my cunt, soon the speed of the but plug sliding in and out of my ass is as fast as G's cock in my cunt, I cum again and again in about 30 seconds. Satisfied with MVPs progress and me cumming 3 times, he decides to 'press his luck' and pulls out the but plug, and replaces it with his cock, slow and steady at first, but then faster and faster. Soon he is pounding my ass deep and hard, and exploding his cum deep in that tight hole.

Stress, what stress?

This was kind a cute, and although the questions were more geared toward singles, I do agree with the results.
Got this from Crimson . Thanks!

You are Boyish Sexy

You're the kind of girl who gets along with all the boys
Whether it's holding your own in a game of touch football...
or talking sports.......or just palling around.
You hang with the guys easily, while still keeping your girly sexiness.

Well, I don't know about anyone else but blogger was being quite the pain this weekend! It didn't want to save or post!

Anyway, I do have tales to post :) and will try to do that today, if blogger

In the meantime, found a cool subsription service, bloglet from A Man of Passion .

I think it's awesome! Notification, once daily if the blogs you subscribe to have a new post :)

See it on the sidebar.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I don't want to be 'normal'

With so many relatives in town and end of the year stuff going on, finding time for us has been even more of a challenge than usual. The last week has made me realize as 'normal' as I think we are, I am so glad our sex life is normally not 'normal'.

I think, other than out of town trips, this is a record for us...eight days with no sex. Augh...if this normal, I'll be 'Abby Normal', thank you very much.

We thought we would get some time Monday night after the graduation, but with the stress and length of the graduation, when we finally got home at almost 11, we watch the hockey game (tivoed)...OMG! what a game!....it is really late now, we mutually agreed to call it a night.

Tuesday was another story! It was a telecommute day for me, always a good start. Since my commute to the office is about an hour. I have 2 extra hours in my day!

School and work over, dinner is a breeze....lots of left overs from so many 'family' dinners and outings, the kids pick something out for me to zap. The kids and I go the park for awhile, since G is working late, to make up for time off yesterday. Finally, G comes home and we relax with a glass of wine and beer. We put the boys to bed and start talking...G and I brainstorm about some of the problems he is having at work, mix in some laughter and memories, we have a great time, but it's getting late and neither of is going to let another night slide by. I go and take a bath.

G laid out simple white panties and a cut off shirt. He comes up stairs and 'starved' as we are, we rush together in a frenzy. Hot kisses, rambling grouping, urgent sucking, licking and nipping.
Frantic lips, tongues and mouths explore each other until I am dripping wet and withering in expectation. G slides his cock into me...it feels so good, I buck my hips up at him wildly...but don't have enough control...I need it harder deeper, fast, so I roll over onto all fours. G enters me again...ahh we push together faster and faster, we don't last long and we cum together and collapse.

Whew, I needed that.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


438 graduates...that is one long graduation!!


Yes, I am sure you all thought I went MIA, again. I didn't!!! My son graduated last night! My parents showed up out of state, oh, only....5 days early, plus prom, plus my in-laws....normal life; work, school for the other 2, hockey.....etc, etc, etc...you get the idea.
I owe a few of my readers e-mail and all of you a 'good' post...which looks like it is soon to come :)
Just wanted to let you know...I am here...and well....and ready for some fun :)