Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Having a ball

After our hot and heavy session Saturday night, G and I were still horny Sunday morning and so after breakfast we sent the kids outside, 'to get some fresh air and run around while it is nice'....lol...and we went upstairs for our own 'exercise', a nice quickie.

G mowed the grass and I did all the 'fun' domestic stuff; laundry, dusting vacuuming, etc. I tried to engage G in some flirtation while doing the chores, but he wouldn't bite :(

With the chores out of the way, G took the boys to the driving range and I used my alone time to catch up on some blogs and watch some porn. Getting yourself all worked up, when in the back of your mind you know your spouse might need a break, is not something I recommend! Needless to say after dinner, G told me..."ya know I am not that starving" (our kid friendly euphemism for horny). I must have looked crushed, because he quickly added, "last night was so hot and then this morning...." "Fine, fine," I grumbled as flopped in front of the boob tube (something I rarely do). I must have needed the sleep, because I feel asleep on the couch before the kids went to bed.

To me the best part of 3 day weekends is you actually get all the chores and errands done and still feel you had time to relax. With everything done, the whole family has a relaxing day; playing, reading and napping. Knowing G has a stressful meeting scheduled tomorrow at work, I gear myself up for no sex tonight...but he surprises me, and asks, "We're having fun tonight, right?" I am feeling really lazy and almost say no...but don't.

After my bath, I slip into a little white nightie, I am actually relieved to see no 'tools' laid out or hung up....I am thinking, yeah, I could go for some vanilla tonight....but as soon as G comes in the room, he begins roughly messaging my breasts. He pinches my nipples and I think, 'then again...' As if he is reading my mind G reaches under the bed and brings out a pair of handcuffs. He puts them on my wrists and puts my hands over my head. He continues his assault on my tits. As I moan and groan, he pulls another toy from under the bed, a ball gag. He tells me to sit up and he puts it on. He tells me to get on all fours. As I turn over, I bite into the ball. I relish the rubber taste and the feeling of the straps around my head. He enters my cunt from behind. As he is fucking me he starts to put in an anal bead. With no lube and warning, this tiny little bead feels huge and I scream into the ball gag. G spanks my ass, and says "oh, poor little girl, can't scream with that thing in you mouth." I moan and scream some more and move my hips to show my displeasure. "Come on, " G growls, "these are tiny little beads, slut. You had my big cock buried here just a few days ago." He continues to pop the beads in as he thrusts in and out of my pussy. Once they are all in, he begins to plow me in earnest and it doesn't take long for me to start to come, G pulls out the beads and I explode....he is right behind me and fills me with his hot cum.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday Night Live

Wow! I can't believe I am up so early after last night, but such is life.

If you read my post coital gush after last nights session you know the ending, sorry about that, but I was closing all the windows and clearing cookies in case the kids got up before me, and was in such a glow I had to share ;)

G took both boys for hockey in the early afternoon and I used the alone time for a very close shave. As it was a beautiful day I put on a pair of shorts (sans underwear) and a tank. Feeling the occasional breeze and fabric across my bald cunt kept me wet all afternoon.

While doing afternoon chores and cooking dinner G would pay me an occasional visit, to put a finger in my pussy, smack my bottom, fondle my breast of even sneak in a quick suck on his cock when the kids weren't around. It kept the sexual tension and awareness flowing (and kept me sopping wet too).

Once the kids were in bed and fast asleep. I took a bath and smiled as saw G had all 'the tools of the trade' hung on the bed rail again. He had the reverse outfit from last night. Long white stockings and long white gloves laid out. But tonight there was a new present, a rhinestone dog collar.

I put on the outfit and the bright red lipstick he had left for me. When he came upstairs he pulled the blindfold down from the rail and put it on me. He tied my hands together and to the head board. I heard a chain being pulled from the bed rail, G grabbed the rings in my new collar and pulled me up to him for a passionate kiss, when he finished he hooked the metal leash to my dog collar and pushed me back on the bed.

He used the metal leash to torture my tits, rubbing the chain across my nipples and around my boobs. He took the chain and ran in down between my legs and through my cunt and up my backside. He straddled my face and put his cock in my mouth, "suck it hard bitch," he barked as he pulled the leash and the cold chain dug into my hot cunt. He fucked my face for a long time while he teased my pussy and ass with the chain.

He moved the chain and lifted my legs up over his shoulders and slammed a butt plug up my tight rosebud. G put his tip of his cock at my cunt, and began to tease me. "You want it, don't you, you dirty little whore?" I bucked my hips to answer. "Beg me, beg me to fuck you," he taunted as he slipped his hard cock into my dripping hole just a bit. "Please, please fuck me," I moaned. I tried to push myself on to his cock, but he pulled away. "That's it, that's my slut. Your cunt in so smooth and tight." He pulled his cock out of my pussy and started playing with the butt plug, slowly pushing it in and out, stretching that tight little hole. "Oh, I like to play with that ass. That ass is mine, isn't slut?" "Oh, yes, master," I moaned. "You're going to let me fuck that tight ass tonight, aren't you?" "Of course, master"

He flipped me over onto all fours, and spanked my ass. He pulled out the small butt plug and quickly replaced it with a bigger one. Because it was bigger my body kept pushing it out. G used his open hand to spank me and thrust the plug back into my ass. He kept spanking me, driving the plug into my ass, again and again and again until my ass was flaming and butt plug had done it's job and loosened me up. He fingered my dripping cunt and slammed his cock into my pussy, I came instantly. He thrust a couple more times in my cunt and then is one swift movement pulled out the butt plug and slid his cock up my back door. He picked the metal leash and wrapped the end around his hand and pulled the chain tight, pulling my head toward him. He shoved a large dildo into my mouth, "suck that cock, hold it tight in your mouth!"

With one hand grabbing my hip and one hand pulling on the leash, he fucked my ass, hard and deep. Pounding his rock hard cock deeper and deeper into that tight forbidden hole. He let go of the leash and grabbed the other hip. Pulling my even closer to him, impaling me deeper on to his cock than I ever thought possible. My pussy was dripping and muscles contracting as I started to cum again. "That's it, cum, cum you bitch. I can feel your muscles squeezing me...I am going to cum, I am going to fill you ass with my cum...." I could feel his hot seed explode deep inside my ass as he continued to thrust...

ahh, Saturday night, defiantly live.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I love anal sex

I am sorry if that is TMI, or offends someone who thinks no woman loves anal sex. G and I just had the most incredible session! I want to say ever, but I know I often feel that right after sex, so I will reserve judgement until after the oxitocyn wears off (Natural chemical your body releases as you orgasm) for complete judgement.

He had me tied up, blindfolded and gagged by a huge dildo, while he pounded my ass deep and hard. He pushed that cock deeper in my ass, than I ever thought possible...while telling me to take it and calling me 'his whore' until he shot his hot cum deep into my ass.

Full details after some much needed sleep...but I wanted to capture this feeling while it was 'fresh' in my mind and in my ass.

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Sex wedge?

Has anyone tried this? Looks like fun! Thinking of getting it for G's birthday.

Let me know if you have tried it and what you think!

*ETA: I did get this for him and we do use it and love it.


Yeah for 3 day weekends!

There is something so freeing knowing that you have 3 full days off in a row. G and middle son had hockey practice, so little man and I ate dinner and played a board game. G picked up a bottle of wine for me on the way home, that was sweet.

I had a couple of glasses, while surfing and cleaning up the blog a bit.

Once the boys were in bed I took a hot bath. G had laid out an unusual outfit, black vinyl thigh high boots and super long black gloves and nothing else. Up on the railing was all kinds of toys, and along the foot board were 3 different vibrators. hmmmm.....

He came upstairs and tied my arms to the bedposts, he ran his hands all over my body. He pulled my nipples, and rubbed them between his fingers making them long and hard. He pulled out again and attached nipple clamps with a chain. I cried out from the pinch, he pulled on the chain, softly at first to test the grip, then harder and one more tug.

He rolled me onto my side, away from him and stuck his finger in my soaking pussy, and almost immediately stuck another finger up my ass. He continued to probe both my holes with one hand while using the other to rhythmically pull on the chain attached to my nipple clamps. Just as I was about to come, he quickly pulled both fingers out and rolled me toward him. He wrapped both hands around my head and forced my mouth around his hard cock. He fucked my mouth hard and deep. With my arms still tied to the bed post there was little I could do to stop him. He pushed me flat on my back and entered my cunt with a force that made me gasp, a few rapid thrust and he took his cock from my pussy and began to fuck my mouth again. "That's it whore lick up your juices, take my cock deep."

G really is a genius with tying me up, he seems to know the perfect length to make the sashes. Short enough to keep me bound and helpless, but just long enough for some mobility.

He rolled me on to my knees, my arms still tied to the posts, so the were now crossed in front of me. He grabbed mr.pinky (the best butt plug ever) and worked it into my ass. He pulled my head back with a handful of hair and put another dildo intro my mouth. He wasted no time, and rammed his cock deep into my pussy. He fucked hard and fast. He order me to fuck my mouth with the dildo, while he used one hand to pull on the nipple clamp chain. Harder, deeper, faster...all three of my holes being stuffed. I arched my back and shouted out as I came. He pulled out the butt plug and pulled his cock out. Before he had a chance to enter my ass he exploded a load of cum over my ass.

"Ah, I got too excited, I wanted to fuck your ass....but I guess that will have to wait"

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Doing a little clean up and refreshing my memory

I think I cleared away all the bad links, if I deleted anyone who is 'still alive and kicking' please let me know. Also any new blogs that you recommend would be great.

Also I heard Dirty Little Princess is blogging again, if someone can let know her address, that would be great.

So, where did I go on my long break? Nothing exciting really, just basic busy life. Lots of reasons for less free time for me! My oldest son went off to college, leaving us with out a built in babysitter...bummer! My husband got a promotion, which was great but leaves me with doing a bit more around the house. Youngest son started hockey. And lastly, I discovered a forum (non sex) that has been enthralled me for a bit.

But something about spring and summer coming that revives me. So here I go again....good night to start on Friday! Now I am off to watch some porn....lol....hopefully I will have a great night to tell you about tomorrow ;)

Waking up from hibernation

Not sure if anyone even checks my corner of the universe anymore. But am thinking of reviving the blog.

Not sure if I should or I should start a more 'family friendly' blog.

If anyone still pops by here, give me a shout out!