Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Suck Down Memory Lane

G was really tired last night, he has been going through a tough time at work lately, and we all know nothing kills the mood faster than stress (or maybe an infant, lol).

Anyway since I don't have alot to blog about right now, I thouht I would take a trip down memory lane, or in this case a suck down memory lane. This is one of my first 'threesomes'.

Set up the 'clip": MWS is living with Mark. She is not very happy with their sex life, which has been very infrequent and Boring (with a capitol B). She happens to, in a strange twist of fate, work with Josh who is Mark's best friend. Mark and MWS dated during high school. She has had a few 'hot' nights with Josh, after she and Mark split up. Having grown up with these guys MWS is very comfortable with these guys. Also Mark is very aware MWS is about at the end of her rope, having lost her once...he is willing to try and spice up their sex life to keep her happy.

Mark and MWS live together but rather than a twosome they are a trio more often than not, since Mark's best friend tags along just about every night and every place they go.

This trio eat together, travel together, play together and in Josh's and MSW's case work together. It should be no surprise there are not many secrets. The sexual tension has been building for a few months now. This trio have slowly been expanding their comfort level. Discussing their sex lives, past and present...watching porn, etc.

One afternoon, Josn stops by my office on his way out..."are we on for some hot tub action, at your place tonight?" "Sure, sounds good." OK, I'll pick up the movies, " Josh says. MSW knows this means porn. "Ashlyn Gere," I say.

That night, after some porn and a few beers the trio slip into the bubbling hot tub nestled in the backyard. Josh, ever the instigator says, "I think Mark's cock needs attention. I swim over and grasp his cock and firmly pump his cock under the water. I take a breath and slip under the water. I suck his already hard cock into my mouth. I suck him as deep, and tight, and as long as I can until I have to come up for air. When I come up, Mark pushes me toward Josh, and says "I think Josh is feeling left out." I repeat the under water sucking for Josh. I pass between the two a few times, I decide to reposition the boys. I seat them on either side of me. Ah, now I can grab both of their cocks at the same time, which I waste no time doing. I pump them both with my hands, a cock in each one. I begin bobbing back and forth, sucking one cock while stroking the other. Soon the boys tire of me having to catch my breath from trying to suck under water, they sit on the edge of the hot tub. Now their cocks are perfect level. I can easily suck back and forth from one cock to another. While I blow them they allow their hands to roam over my near naked, smooth, slick body. Before I know it, Mark is cuming all over my mouth...Josh is not quite ready. His cock is bigger than Josh's, so some one-on-one attention works wonders. As I give my full attention to Josh's throbbing hard member Mark continues to rub my body, offering encouragment, "suck that big cock" "that's what you have wanted...are you working on your second cock for the night" "make him cum". I am gaaging, but deep, deep I take Josh in my mouth and down my throat...I feel four hands roaming all over is no time Josh leans even father back and shoots his load down my throat.

As awesome as I feel, I am needing some relief. I push the two of them back into the water and pop up on the side of the hot tub. I spread my legs, playfully putting one leg on each one of their shoulders and lay back. They get the idea. Our three bodies become a blur of their hands and tongues on my body...most importantly my clit and deep in my cunt. I cum with a scream.

Satisfied, I slid back into the hot tub, as I relax in the hot tub with the guys on either side of me, I know this is not the end...I know other nights are soon to come...I am excited, but a little aprehensive..if this is the path I take, I will never be bored, but will I be truely satisfied.

**this is a true story, name have been changed, but are consitent with names de ploum used in the past***

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

25 non sexual things about me

A peek behind the wanton horn dog, you all know. Some of these may seem, 'braggy', they're not meant to be, they're meant to be matter of factly...some important, some just fun. Things that might surprise you. Some things that seem to contradict each other.

In no particular order:

1. I love to swim.

2. I am involved at my kids schools. Although many of the PTA type women drive me crazy, I know it is important, so I am very involved. I have been PTA president and treasurer, and served on many district level committees.

3. I was a Boy Scout. No, I am not kidding, in junior high and high school I was in the Explorer Scouts, which was co-ed (although I was the only girl). The Explorer program has now evolved to Venturing .

4. I love sports. Playing, watching, reading. I can hold my own in almost any men's sports conversation....except basketball. My favorite part of casinos is the book.

5. I collect dolls. I know, where does that fit in?!?! But I love Barbie.

6. My children are well behaved. Does this sound silly, maybe...but I am very proud of my kids. Everywhere we go people always comment on our children. They have good manners, they do not run around restaurants, stores etc. They are respectful of others.

7. In high school I was in Marching band/ color guard. I performed in the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl and at a 49ers game. I drive G crazy everytime we watch a bowl game, because I say, "I was there."

8. I rarely wear make up. Except to

9. I am voracious reader.

10. I have a high IQ. The only 'real test' I have ever taken was in high school, I scored 169, I don't really buy into IQ levels all that much, but it's something that gave me a lot of confidence through the years...and that, I do believe in.

11. I am a horrible speller. 9 and 10 don't seem to matter, I always write with a pocket dictionary near by and often use a free online dictionary .

12. One of my nicknames in high school was mom. I was pretty much a stick in mud, the 'good girl' when came to partying, responsibilty, work ethic, etc. In one arguement with my best friend in high school I shouted, "Why don't you act your age!" She shot back, "Why don't you, we are only 17!"

13. My nickname at work is still mom. But for a different reason, ever the boy scout, I am well prepared and if you find you need it, I probably have it in my purse.

14.I like tech toys. I am more than proficent in computer sciences, before web site programs were available I taught myself html and built the school's web site. I have since forgotten almost all it...they make it too easy these, but if you need your computer fixed, I am probably your girl.

15. I hate to drive.

16. At my 20th high school reunion people were amazed at G. I think I was always veiwed as that responsible, prissy, student council, band geek, brainy girl who knew a lot about baseball (almost no one knew about my sex California is also very politically correct, so while they liked him (I think), they were amazed at his brash, non politically correct East Coast straight forward, outgoing nature....and he was married to me !?!?

17. I am a good problem solver.

18. I am a research geek. This has helped me and my family too many times to count, especially in medical matters. Recently when my nephew had a life threatening and life altering brain injury I asked the doctor so many pertinent questions and used correct terminology he asked me (not sarcastically) "what is your specialty?" He thought I was a doctor...this drove my bother in law crazy, but too bad! It's a good thing none of my kids have ever had a serious illness (knock on wood), because I would probably be accused of munchausen's.

19. I can be pushy and stubborn. Especially if it is an issue I feel strongly about. And you had better not lie or strech the truth when debating me, beacause I will call you on it, and you can be sure I have done the research and I will be prepared.

20.If I am really fired up, I will write a letter to the editor. My letters have been published in the local newspaper, Time, People and Oprah.

21. I am a purse addict. I know, another surprising girly thing.

22. I have over 7,000 songs on my IPOD. With a wide variety of music, from country to metal, classical to showtunes, pop to jazz.

23. I don't like dogs, but they always seem to like me.

24. I try and do 1 anonymous Random Act of Kindness a day. Sometimes for family, friends or co-workers, but many times for strangers too.

25. I regularly donate to causes I believe in.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Short, but Sweet Relief

Tag team day! The boys and I got up around seven. It was gorgeous out, so we went to the park and run around. We tossed a football, I still can throw I pretty mean spiral. G and I have been working on that with middle man. We had a great time, plus G got to sleep in ;) I made us a yummy brunch, and cleaned up the mess. G and the boys went to see X-Men 3, so I get my turn for rest.

When they get home they are in serious super hero mode and ask if they can watch spiderman in their 'fort'. Older son come home from convention and heads upstairs to do his homework. Hmm...the whole downstairs to ourselves??? Whatever will we do?

We sneak off to the office/computer room, just in case someone decides to wander down. I sit down on the edge of the daybed and pull G over to me. I pull down his shorts and wrap my hand around his cock and lightly stroke it. As it gets hard, a bit of pre-cum begins to ooze from the tip, I lick it up. G wraps his hands around my head and pulls my mouth on to his cock.
I suck it in. He pushes deeper into my mouth as I start rubbing his balls. I pull my mouth off and swirl my lips just around the tip. I take the tip, just the tip and suck it into my mouth. harder, and tighter I tease just the tip. G groans and trys to push his cock in my mouth to end the teasing. "Not yet," I giggle...I suck on the tip, but just for a few seconds, then I take him in deep, again...and one more time...I know he could come right then, but I have learned my lesson from yesterday and after 2 days of no relief from me, I can not risk it happening again.

I climb up on to my knees on the daybed and pull one of the bolster to my chest. I lean over the bolster and put my ass high in the air. "Fuck my pussy," I demand. He quickly complied. As he eased his prick deep inside me, I greedily buck into him. Finally, sweet relief, I cum so hard I have to bury my head into the bolster so I don't scream out. G cums right after me. Short but sweet and much needed.

We clean up and G starts the bar-b-queand grills some ribs. I make some mashed potatos and corn and we have a great memorial day meal.

Even though we had a relaxing day, we just watch a little tv and get to bed early.

I need sex

Please excuse the back to our regularly scheduled program.

Good day yesterday. Big son, still at convention. Little son had a birthday party at the mall theatre, I took him to that and while waiting got a few errands done. I did have time for a mani and pedi :) G took middle son to get some new golf clubs. Both boys had play dates in the afternoon, so G and had some nice quiet time together. We watched some Golf and napped, and oh, yeah....I gave him a great blowjob. He leaned back on the sofa and I cuddled up beside him and took him in my mouth. Nice and slow I sucked it and out. Letting the pressure bulid and build, gradually building the pressure and speed. Using only my mouth I countinue to suck, suck, suck....I know he is close, he keeps saying, "suck my cock, suck my cock, suck my cock...." until he cums and I continue sucking every last drop down. Now, you may remember no sex for us Saturday night, so I am very horny...why did I just suck G? To make Sunday night even better....yes that is my evil plan (rubs hands together with awicked smile tugging the corners of my mouth up....ahh, but the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft a-gley....I blog away on my maasive entry, take a break to feed the kids, who now have come home. G takes the boys to the park to test out middle mans new clubs, by the time they come home they are both ready for bed. G and I sit down in livingroom...I know, don't faint from shock...we watch some hockey and I wrap up the blog...we debate some of the issues I brought up, we have a couple of cock sucking breaks...and even a short quicky, minus the happy ending on the floor...we both think we are just getting started....we start to watch the last of the hockey game, G on the sofa and I on the loveseat. Next thing I know its 3:30 AM, we both fell asleep....augh!!! My plan back fired! G laughed, "Well I already got mine today." I laughed back, "well, I had better get mine tomorrow!!", but you know I not really kidding!

Wrapping up horn dog vs slut

My final thoughts and my last 2 long winded post.

I brought up the fact that I was a tom boy, because I have often wondered if I have higher level of testosterone. Maybe that 's why I have so many male characteristics, including being a horn dog.

Also, reading was important in fleshing out my feelings and desire for submissiveness. From an early age, reading in the library Norma Klein's It's OK if you Don't Love Me, looking at pictures from the joy of sex. By the time I was old enough to bike to the local mall, around 12, I would buy graphic books and closet them away. I am not talking about bodice rippers, but more openly sexual novels, usually penned by anonomous. I can't remember how I first found The Story of O, but I was about 14 or 15. Maybe it should have shocked me, but I loved it...especially the first half of the book. Years past and authors came and went, Paul Little, Lizbeth Dusseau and the ever popular anonymous, just to mention a few.

Also when I was about 13, we got a cable box that got so many channels (back then it probably like 50....but that was a lot then). Anyway one of the channels was I was, of course, old enough to stay home now...I couldn't wait for mom and dad to leave. It was soft porn and I loved it. I loved watching it and more importantly how it made me feel when I watched it.

So, long before there was any boy or boyfriend on the scene I knew I couldn't wait for sex and all the wonderful feelings it was going to bring. In retrospect, I was probably lucky my first boyfriend wasn't into it that much (although it was frustrating then) or I might have moved too fast.

This is why I feel I have to speak up when some feminist say things like women don't like this or don't like that...or that no woman is naturally submissive, it's just men subjugating and objectifying women.

Anyway...that's enough of that...except to say if you want to get your wife some hot reading, I recommend anything by Paul Little and Lizbeth Dusseau, also Anne Rice's sleeping beauty series is good.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Horn Dog is Born, Horn Dog vs Slut, part II

So the question of the day is:
Is a horn dog born or made? (If you haven't read horn dog vs slut read that first)

In support of my theories and opinions in horn dog vs slut, and by request, a look at how I became the horn dog I am today.

**names have been changed to protect the innocent, or not so innocent, as the case may be**

I am born. (sorry just a joke for the literary)

My childhood is very middle class. My mom and dad's marriage is the second marriage for my mom, and third for my dad. Both bring other children to the marriage and although my 2 eldest brothers are much older and move out soon, for awhile we all live together...very brady bunchish, 3 boys and 3 girls and the ex spouses completly out of the picture. We so average , we are boring. I bring this up, because I have heard theories about women who crave dominance experienced or witnessed abuse as children...this can't be farther from the case for me. Nor was my father an absentee father (another theory).

I think it is important to tell you, I was a tom-boy. I was the leader of our neighborhood gang. I was the fastest runner, best in any sport we played, and had the best baseball card collection. As far as school went, I was in MGM (Mentally Gifted Minors) and of course, not as dominate in sports as our little gang... but was still picked far above many of the boys when it came to picking teams. My best friend in third and fourth grade was a boy, David, non sexual...just lots in common....but I did beat up another boy, when he made fun of David for being my friend....not exactle the submissive type, right?

Like most people, my first awareness of boys was right around 5th- 6th grade. My first sexual experience was in 6th grade, with a girl I had known since Kindergarden. During a sleep over, she snuck over to my bed and lifted my nighty and pulled down my panties. I pretended to still be asleep...she touched me, when I got uncomfortable, I would stir, like I was waking up and she would scurry away. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Maybe this is where the submission comes from...this very first experience, me being the submissive one.

My first boyfriend was Edward, we started 'going around' after the first boy girl party, at the end of sixth grade. Edward and I went out, off and on, from 6 th grade until we were sophomores, about 5 years! All the time we go out, I am the sexual aggressor, and I hate it, so another possible cause of my submissiveness. I vividly remember one make out session, ever so slowly trying to put my hand, down the back of his pants, and his whole body shaking...and him stopping me...I still remember being disgusted with both of us...thinking 'he's the boy...isn't he suppose to be pressuring me?? What's wrong with him, what's wrong with me??' Ironically later in life, Edward will be the closest thing to a one night stand I have (more on that later).

The begining of Junior year, I start going out Mark, it becomes very clear we are going to 'do it' fairly quickly, so much so that Mark's best friend Josh and my best friend Janelle talk to me, in a very practical way about it...the three of them have know each other for years (they live in the same neighborhood) Mark and Josh go to an all boys school. Ever the 'good girl' I am, I visit planned parenthood and go on the pill and take it for the required month, before we try to have sex the first time...I say try because although Mark is not a virgin, I am his first virgin and we take it slow. We go out for the next 2 years. We, other than my period, have sex (very vanilla) pretty much every day mon- fri...his parents Him being at a different school allows me a bit of freedom to flirt at school. During my Senior year he goes to college. It is then I learn you can not go from having sex 5 times a week to zero...I cheat for the first time, with a boy, Steve, from is basically just sex, and surprisingly enough I am fine with it, except for the dishonesty. Finally, I can't take the guilt and break up with Mark. This really messes up my college plans as I am suppose to go to UCSB and I have an apartment lined up with Mark, now I can't get into the dorms. I request delayed admission and plan to go to community college until there is an opening at the dorms.

During the summer I casually see a few guys, including Mark's best friend Josh. Josh really reminds me of Hugh Grant's character in Bridget Jones Diary...very handsome, very charming and always talking you into things you probably shouldn't do, including having a fling with your ex-boyfriends best friend. I start going out with Edward again. Although he is no longer a virgin, he obviously has a low libido...we only have sex one, it is really bad....and we go out for a few more weeks, it becomes clear to me we are not well suited sexually and we break up.

In the meantime, I meet my first husband, John, we start going out...have a pretty good sex life, very frequent, if very vanilla. Again, going off to UCSB is waylaid and I continue on at community college. He proposes and I accept...dumb-da-dumb, dumb I am only 19! In constant power struggles with my mom over wedding arrangements, I get frustrated so we elope. My parents are I pregnant? As soon as a few months pass and it becomes clear I am not pregnant ...the "when are we going to have grandchildren?" questions begin. I have my first son at 21. I learn my husband is having an affair with a co-worker and had been while I was pregnant...devestated and young and stupid, I start fooling around with my married boss...although no actual sex occurs, there is a lot of mutual petting and blowjobs. We finally confront one another, break up, get back together and break up. In an attempt to make fresh start I move out of state. I am not gone long when I come home for a visit, my old job wants me back, and almost doubles my salary...I move back.

In that 'it's a small world' way, Josh now works there. Start my sluttiest time of life. I am a single mom, but have a lot of parental support and I am, after all only 22. At a party, I see Mark again...I know I don't love him, but he professes continued love to me, I am horny as hell, it's been a year since I have had sex. We quickly start seeing each other, and within a month he proposes, I say no, but to appease him we move into together. He tries to please me, we dabble in some BSDM, but he wants to be the submissive...ahh, is clear his libido has slowed, I am constantly being turned an effort to make me happy he initiates threesomes, with Josh and another friend calvin..even a foursome once with Josh and Calvin, and a foursome with Josh and his girlfriend...he even encourages me to 'cheat on him' with a mutal friend Jake. Jake and I started flirting innocently enough at a party, complaining about 'not getting any', Mark heard and said, 'this could be great for everyone'...we met up a more than few afternoons...all this happened in about a 6 month period...yeah, my parents babysat alot. This was an exciting time, but I knew, deep down, this was not going to work for me. Mark was never going to be able to satisify me in a monogomist relationship, which I knew I wanted.

In a twist of fate, I changed jobs. I met G. When we met sparks flew. I was still living with Mark, and he was living with Lois. G's mother owned the company we worked for...she could see the sparks, and because she liked me and did not like Lois...she kept throwing us together. G's car collapsed, he couldn't afford a new one and we started commuting together along with my son...they got along great...I knew this was it, I mean I knew. I asked Mark to move out...he was crushed, but I knew it was only a matter of time for G and I, and I wouldn't cheat again. G took a little longer, but within a couple of months he broke up with Lois. We stop just flirting, and start fucking. It is clear we are a match. We sneak off to the offsite wearhouse at lunch and do it on a pallet, we stay late and do it in his mothers office (I am not kidding). We open up and tell each other our fantasies and slowly start to make them come true. Although we have both only dabbled it in it, we try BSDM...he loves being dominate, my fantasies of being submissive are filled...we try him being submissive, only once...he hates it...yeah!! Within 3 mounts after that we were married, that was almost 14 years ago. Since then we have tried pretty much everything we care to.

We had 2 more sons, and have seen each other through many ups and downs, personally, professionally, some health emergencys, family emergencys, foreign travel. We have had our squabbles, fights and near break ups during our first year of marriage.

Our sex life, never subsided, except for about 3 months (a month before, and 6-8 weeks after the birth of each son). I contend this is glue that has held us together. In discussing this blog, in between cock sucking and yes, even fucking breaks, G contends..."sex is great, I am glad we have matching sex drives...but be clear, it is more than sex we share. Without intelligence, without humor, without compatiblilty we would not still be married." When I repeat this line back to him...I think he is afraid of sounding to soft, and he back peddles...."don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean if I see a hot chick...I wouldn't still want to drill her, but I know I wouldn't be with her after 15 years."

Once again, this post is far longer than I intended, I did not even address my literary inspirations which had more than a small part in what I decided I 'needed' in my life. Oh, well...another day....another blog.

Off to a bath and a good fuck, I hope...keep your fingers crossed for me.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Joys of Cock Sucking

Yah! whooo! Three day weekend!!

I took off work a little early to take my oldest son to his convention, he was so excited. The other 2 boys were with me, as they want to check out the hotel and since G is off early today to, this will give him a little 'alone time'.

When we get home G is taking a nap...lucky dog. I make the boys dinner. G wakes up and is groggy and, it seems a bit grumpy..hmmm. He wakes up a bit and tells me to go take a nap, he's going to take the boys to the park. I take him up on his offer and lay down on the sofa...the boys head off to the park, the cat wanders in and settles in atop me. It doesn't take long for me to drift off. ***public service announcement: I know this seems like a minor thing, us both sneaking in a nap, but it's not. By using what G and I call the "tag team technique" We both have spent some time with the boys, but we can also get some alone time, a nap, whatever we need...without feeling guilty. We both get to some much rest, without which we would not be ready for the adult time to come...

The boys go up to bed. G pours me a glass of wine and brings to me just I am sitting down on the sofa, as he starts to walk away, I grab his waistband and pull him back, "let me see your awesome cock." He takes his dick out from his shorts and I sit on the edge of the sofa. I lick the tip of his cock like an ice cream cone, swirling my tongue around the top, and down the shaft. I love to feel his soft cock swell to raging hard on in about 10 seconds. I take him into my mouth and start sucking him, his hard prick feels good sliding in and out of my mouth, the tip nudging the back of my throat, "I love sucking you, tonight I want you cum down my throat," I tell him. I cup balls in my hand and countinue deep throating him. He does the vice grip move (one hand on top of head and one under my chin) and fucks my face. I love this move but it does bury is dick so deep down my throat, 3-4 thrust is about all I can take, I back off a bit and continue to lick him while I catch my breath, I start to deep throat him again signaling I am ready for more...he does the vice grip again, and almost cums right there. He stops and moans as he trys to put his hard cock back in his shorts. I lean back on the sofa with the laptop, for some blogging and porn. G goes out to the garage (where After about 45 minutes he comes in, "Do you want some more wine?". "Nah, but I do want your cock." He chuckles, "well ok, if you insist." We do a repeat performance, but this time it is me who pulls away, "Time for my bath, meet ya upstairs in about 20?" "Will do."

After my bath, I go to see what G has picked out for me. I love this little ritual seeing what he has picked out for me. The candles are lit tonight and there is a black sheer short nighty, and pink panties and my stiletto boots.

G comes in and lays down on the bed, I am so hungry for his dick I start right in sucking him. Licking, sluping, taking it deep. I feel myself getting wetter and wetter. He pushes me back on the bed takes of my panties and enters my pussy...ah, it feels great, long hard strokes, deep in my cunt...but I still want his cock in my mouth, I push him back, "I need your cock in my mouth, lay back." He hesitates, but only for a second.
I lean over him on all fours with my behind where he can reach it. As I blow him he fingers my cunt. As he gets closer I tell him, "give it me...give me the cum down my throat." As i feel the first warm load explode, I release my own cum in a squirt all over G's hand...ummm my first squirter in a long time. I grab a towel and wipe my face and hand it to G. He laughs, "You are so spoiled" as his wipes hand. "Always wanting to suck my cock so you can cum". I laugh, as I know he is joking. But as I drift off to sleep, I realize it's true, I can almost always cum when I suck him, with or without stimulation from mind wanders to a friend of G's who has been with this gal for longer than we have been married...she will not give him head! She did for the first couple of years, only a couple of times, but then stopped. She has not had his cock in her mouth for over 14 years!!! How sad, for both of them.

Horn Dog vs Slut

Saturday was one of those few days that domestic duties and squabbles interfered with sex. See they happen even to us. It was a busy day with hockey, cleaning the house, laundry, grocery shopping, post office, bank, getting a birthday present for a party for little man went to today. So since there isn't a lot to 'report' on, I thought I would use today for a post that has been rambling around my brain for awhile now...and since I got an e-mail asking about my past, I thought the timing was good.

long post, sorry...

First some definitions (my own...the 'good sex' one I wrote years ago when I told G I need good sex...and he asked what was my definition of good sex, but I thought it worked well here):

horn dog, n. A person that has a pathological need for sex, especially good sex (see below). A normally fairly moraled person, lack of said good sex can lead to immoral behavior, namely adultry or cheating. If a horn dog can not find a like minded partner they can run the risk of becoming a slut.

slut, n. A person with loose morals, who will engage in sex acts with just about anyone. Usually manifests into multiple one night stands. A slut, may or may not be a horn dog. EG; A horn dog can become a slut out of a need for sex, but a slut does not always enjoy sex.

good sex, n. Mind numbing, muscle twitching, smoldering, shuddering, multiple orgasm producing fucking. Desired results can be achieved with varied techniques, not limit to, but may include: licking, sucking and pinching of the breasts; long, hard sucking of the penis; deep, rapid thrusting of a hard cock into a wet pussy. Other controversial, but effective techniques may include: bondage, spanking, role playing, anal stimulation or even anal sex. Proper attire, sexual toys and devices, a good lubricant, as well as good mental lubricant (wine works well) are helpful. Done correctly, results can be highly addictive.

Now at the risk of sounding arrogant, I beleive I am what most men are looking for in a mate, a horn dog. I love sex, lots of it and am highly open to experimentation...but in a stable (usually exclusive, monogomist) relationship. I have at times, in my past engaged in slutty know: young, dumb and full of cum. So maybe I am fooling myself, but considering my age and the short duration of said behavior, I choose to defend my horn dog, but not slut status. I can say, even in my slut like behavior I have never had a one night stand.

Now the question of the day. Is a horn dog born or made?
I have been contemplating this for years, ever since I first read that 2003 Durex study. Having been a horn dog my whole life it never really occured to me that I was, at least as far as women go, an aberration rather than the norm.

80/20 rule
If you have ever been to any sales, management, time mangement, motivational class you will see the 80/20 rule applied to various theories. I think it can be applied to the horn dog status. 80% of men are horn dogs. So while most men are, indeed horn dogs...there are those 20% who do have a low libido. In reverse, only 20% of women are horn dogs.

This 80/20 rule, does have a flaw that compounds the problem for long term relationships and marriages. Women will often become a horn dog, for short periods during early courtship. Men are often excited and amazed that they have found a woman to 'keep up with them', only to be amazed later that their 'hot tamale' seems to have become frozen. Is this a natural phenomenon or machiavellian? I hate to say it, let me put an my flame resistant suit, but after seeing my girlfriends and sisters do this, I think in most women it is a ruse they use when they think they have found 'the one'. Of course there are exeptions, some women do get sick, there are times stress, or being pregnant or having infants kills anyones sex drive, but a true horn dog gets back to 'normal' fairly quickly.

What is the solution?
People around the world, but especially Americans have spent millions and millions of dollars on this lack of equilibrium. Everything from books, seminars, drugs, to even porn I think can be tied to this imbalance. If someone ever does find a solution to this, they will be the richest person in the world. The divorce rate would plummet, productivty would soar, stress levels would plummet. People would be happier, healthy and basically better people. Am I over simplifying, maybe, probably....but it amkes sense to me. There are studies apon studies out there that support those who have sex regularly have less stress, are healthier, and are happier. If you have a statisfing sex life I think you more upbeat, patient, easy going, non judgemental.

One of my favorite songs is Dancing in the Moonlight by Van Morrison. I think the whole song relates this theory.

The obvious inference is dancing in the moonlight or dance is sex.

We get it almost every night
When that moon is big and bright
Its a supernatural delight
Everybodys dancing in the moonlight

Everybody here is out of sight
don’t bark and they don’t bite
They keep things loose they keep things light
Everybodys dancing in the moonlight
Dancing in the moonlight

Everybodys feeling warm and bright
Its such a fine and natural sight
Everybodys dancing in the moonlight

We like our fun and we never fight
You can't dance and stay uptight
Its a supernatural delight
Everybodys dancing in the moonlight

In Conculsion
To those out there who are horn dogs, and have mates who are not, I am sorry to say, I do believe the horn dog is born and not made. I think there are somethings that may help and I often list those in my one point I started a whole list, and I may try to revisit that soon.

Why? Why? Why?
My own personal history has lead to the numerous opinions I stated above. I intended support my conculsions withl excerpts from my own life, but I need to feed my poor neglected children.
Sorry I waxed on for so long. I will be back tonight, promise, for that history ;)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Back to the important stuff...SEX!

So, G called me this morning at work to apologize for last know he takes his golf way too seriously if he gets that upset. In his defense, he said it was the worst round he has shot in many, many years. His handicap is around 5, and he was over 11, on the front 9!!! Back nine was better, but he still ended up +16.

Our 17 year old is gone the whole weekend to a convention, so I am sure G wanted to make sure I wasn't still 'stewing' over last With that out of the way, back to catching up.

After our 'lite' night last night we are both ready for some fun! But it is Monday and we have been staying up awfully we agree to be 'good'; early, quiet vanilla sex. We put the little guys down, I take a quicky bath and are in bed by 9:45. We kiss and rub and lick and suck....G pulls me up on top of him. I really don't like cowgirl that much (I can't cum in that position, don't know why) , so G is really enjoying the change of pace ;) He is rubbing and squeezing my breast...he is about to cum, so I get on my hands and knees and he enters me from behind, it doesn't take long until I cum. Since has been 'holding back' as soon as he hears me cums too.
Short and sweet, but still fun ;)

OMG! I will try and do this night justice. I don't know if my writing skills are up to it, though. As I have mentioned G doesn't read my blog (or even know how to find than porn he is not very web savy). So occasionally, when I write what I think is a pretty good post I will copy it and e-mail it to him. I did that with Last Tuesdays post. He loved it ;) We have some hot talk on the phone and I tease him, "I think I am getting out of practice on my cock sucking skills, with all the CIA action lately. I think I am going to have to practive tonight, I am going to take it deep in my throat until you explode...." Nice thought for the rest of the afternoon...hmm...

The boys have hockey practice, so G treats them to dinner at the rink. I spend my alone time, very productivly, watching some When they get home the boys are ready for some quiet time and head upstairs to play some video games. G pulls me in to the office, and shuts the door. Immediatly I am down on my knees and have him engulfed in my mouth. I take him as far down my throat as I can...fighting the gag. I suck him hard and fast. "Slow down little girl," he tells me. I pull back and let his hard prick pop out of my mouth, I take in the tip and start swirling my tongue around his shaft. In and out, slurping up that lovely cock that gives me so much pleasure, I suck him for the longest time. As I suck him he lifts my shirt and starts playing with my tits. Squeezing them and pulling on my nipples..."harder," I moan inbetween slurps. He tweaks them even hard. As he continues to torture my tits, I can tell I almost about to with a tremble I back away...G shudders too, and says, "yes, a good time for a break I think."

He heads out to putter in the garage, I check on the boys. Then I have so much sexual tension I can't sit still. I visit G in the garage for some deep kissing and fondling...back inside, I putter around the kitchen, G comes in and grabs my ass...back and forth we do this until the boys are in bed. One last visit to the garage to tell G I am going to take my bath. He has my chain collar all ready me. I love the feel of his around my neck and he stands behind me and fastens the lock on the chain. He pulls my back into his chest and with one hand pulls the chain tight, with the other hand he fingers my cunt. "Spread your legs you slut." "This is what you want, isn't it," he says as he bucks his cock toward my ass, "You want my hard're just a whore...all you want is cock all the your your pussy...and deep in your ass." "Yes, Yes" I moan. "Not yet, go take your bath. Clean that dirty cunt," He orders. I takes every ounce of will power I have to break away and go take my bath.

After my bath I dress in a black lacy short nighty G has laid out. He has all the 'toys' laid out and hanging on the canopy rod. I love this (must take picture for you all)....MVP (lubed up) and dildos are sitting on the nightstand, dog leash, whip, blindfold, ball gag, nipple clamps, ties all hanging tantilizing me and filling my cunt up with juices in a split second. I lay on the bed and await my master.

"There's my pretty little slave, all ready for me." He puts on the blindfold and grabs my tits. "Get know on the floor bitch and suck me". I scamble off the bed and on to my knees. I suck and grab his cock, I lick his balls, faster, slower, deeper, harder...all as he directs me, talking dirty the whole time. "On the bed! Lie on your back!" he barks. He ties my hands up over my head, with just enough slack to I can turn over. "Spread your legs slut". He fingers my pussy, "That's it... you're so wet, just from sucking my cock, just like a good whore should be" He grabs my already hard nipples and attaches the nipple clamps. He grabs a didlo and pushes it deep in my pussy. With one hand he pulls on the nipple clamp chain and the other he roughly fucks me with the dildo. "Turn over, on all fours! Besure to keep that dido in." I do as I am told. He grabs a paddle and smacks my ass. He countinues to abuse my backside with the paddle , in between swats, he nudges the end into my ass. I buck against his thrust..."I know, I know you slut, you want your ass filled." He grabs MVP and pushes it in to my ass. He uses the paddle to pound in in deeper and deeper, until it is all the way in. He postions himself perfectly behind me, and in one swift motion he pulls the dildo out of my cunt and and plows me with his rock hard meat. he reaches and grabs the nipple chain and brings to to my mouth, "put that chain in your mouth...pull on those nipples while I fuck you. Oh, it feels so good. Both of my wholes filled and my nipples being tortured. The cold steel chain in my mouth. I don't want to stop....ever...but my master wants my ass. He slows down to catch his breath and regain his composure a bit. He pulls out and pulls out MVP and spreads my ass cheeks. "Look at that ass, that's my property to fill whenever I want, Isn't it my whore?" "yes master" "spread those cheeks for me". The chain falls from my mouth as I lower my head to the bed, I reach back and spread my cheeks. G puts his cock in my ass and starts fucking me. And fucking me. And fucking me. I can't stop saying oh! my! god! over and over! I cum and cum again and yet again, as G countinues to pound my ass for at least 5 minutes...."I want you in my mouth...please cum in my mouth" A few more thrust, a quick baby wipe as I turn to him and his cock is down my throat, he is in so deep, I gag a bit, he holds my head, "That's it bitch gag on my cock," he moans as he shoots his cum, in my mouth and across my lips. Ahh!

***a quick note about ATM, not usually something I like, but all that porn, I guess, I just wanted it so bad.....anyway, here is my public safty announcement: have fun with anal sex, but always play safe....those antibacterial wipes are and convienent, and you'll barely miss a beat.*****

Planned night off :) a bit tired after our rockin night last night, and Lost sesion finale (one of the only shows I watch).

See last post.

Yeah, I am caught up and ready for a hot! hot! hot weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some time alone / Dissapointed

***sorry, chronilogically out of order****
Today, Thursday, May 25

This afternoon I have some time alone, as G is taking the boys golfing. I am a bit excited, G and I took yesterday 'off', so I am very horny. I am a bit worried, G seems tired lately. As high as a libido I have had in the past, he still has always outpaced me, but in the last few days it seems I have wanted it more than him, not a comfortable feeling at all.

But I am pleasantly surprised when he grabs me this moring on the way out the door. He passionatly kisses me and says, " remember I am taking the boys golfing this afternoon. "

"I know, " I tell him...thinking he is warning me, no sex tonight....but no, he pulls my head back, with a fist full of hair, another deap kiss..."I mean have at least a glass of wine when we get home and have your mind right.....we won't be home untill around 8:30".

I am so excited, I almost cum right there. I work all day...G picks up the boys from school for their outing.

I am blogging away, getting in the mood. Not too early, but not too late I pour myself a glass of wine. I am enjoying my wine and my 'entertainment' when G gets home. It becomes clear he is in a piss poor mood, for whatever the reason...I try and engage him a couple of times without much success...then he comes in and talks to me enough to think, "ah, it's going to be ok" .

Ahhh, what a rollar coster ride... it becomes clear to me, he is just simply not interested in sex tonight....fine, I happens, I will finish my glass of wine and go to bed, I am about half way done when he come in and apoligizes, "sorry, I played like shit and I am just taking it out on you, I am sorry, I am over it now. Come out to the garage and let's have some fun. Yeah! Once again.

Almost as soon as I come out to the garage, he is picking fights again. I try for awhile, but soon I am out of energy, and I go inside...which is where I sit now.

What pisses me off the most, is not the loss of sex, but the up and down. I can't believe I got my hopes up....not once, not twice, but three times...fine, I am off to sleep! DISSAPOINTED!!

In 'blogging around' I found any even worse 'feminist' tirade and a couple of great responses!

Seven inches of sense An awesome women's point of view.

Enjoy every sandwich A great point by poit rebuttal by a man.

For those in who 'tune' in for our sexual excapades, I am sorry I got distracted this moring, but as you know this is a subject near and dear to my heart.

The good news is G is taking the boys golfing this afternoon :) so I will have all afternoon and evening to try and catch up the blog.

But I like the garage

At this rate I will never catch up...I was thinking maybe if I make my posts less detail oriented, but you know what they say the devil is in the details...

G takes the boys to hockey and I clean house a bit, do a couple of loads of laundry, nothing spectaular. In the afternoon G and I both catch a little cat nap. We play with the boys at the park, eat dinner and just relax.

After the kids are in bed, I head out to the garage where G is puttering around. We stand around and just talk and talk, have a glass of wine / beer, listen to some tunes. G likes the garage, lol, if I am in the house surfing or watching a little TV (which I don't do too often) he will rarely come in and sit down, but if I go to 'his domain' we can talk for hours. On more than one occasion we have gotten so involved in talking and laughing that we all of a sudden look up and it's 2 or 3 in the morning! On those night sometimes we still have sex, but more often than not...we shrug it off...oh, well we still had a blast, we say. I love that we have been married almost 14 years and can still wrap for 4, 5, 6 hours straight without running out of things to say...yet we can be silent with each other, too without be uncomfortable.

Tonight as we have a little more wine and beer, and it is getting later, we start recounting the last few nights, as we get talk about our exploits we are both getting more than a little hot. Soon he is fingering me and I am stroking his cock. He puts his hand on my shoulder and gently pushes me to my knees. I take his cock in my mouth and start to suck him. Ifeelhim get even harder in my mouth. I allow him to direct my movements, faster, deeper, slower, just the head...what he says, I do. He puts one hand on the top of my head, and cups my chin with other, I move we have not done in awhile, and I call the vice grip. He pulls his prick deep into my mouth and throat. He puts his hands under my arms, and lifts me up. He bends me over the work bench and lifts up my skirt. He puts his fingers in my cunt and spreads open my lips and enters my cunt. Hard and fast he fucks me. I cum. He continues to fuck me, but it be comes he clear he isn't going to cum..."I will go take a bath," I say...."Naw, it's late, let's go to bed," he says...."but...", "it's fine.."

Very lazy day. We play with the boys, watch some golf, get the idea. Dinner, Bath/showers for the boys. After the boys we relax in the living room and watch one of the few shows we like Cold Case we've tivo'ed it, so we're watching it a little later than it actually airs. As we watch it we know after the hot streak we have been on, we are know we are both thinking of catcting some Z's for the upcoming work week. As the show ends G says, "Come and suck me....I need to cum"...I am really ready just to crash, but I walk over to him. He has his shorts pulled down and he is lightly rubbing his cock. His balls are so distended with his built up cum, I can see he will be in some serious pain tomorrow, if I don't relieve him. One of side affects of having sex,, on a pretty much daily basis, not cuming one night can be painful. I drop down to my knees and give him a blowjob, in less than 5 minutes he is squirted his load in my mouth, he pulls out to see the last squit across my lips and face.

Up the stairs we hobble, ready to sleep for the upcoming week.


I recently read of a couple of posts that got me thinking about sexual preferences and the labels and judgements that come with those preferences. Even as sexual boundries are being expanded and as the web makes more and more people aware of what can be considered 'deviant" sex acts, the more it seems to polarize some people. Sex and sexuality brings out extremes in people. And while some of us have , I believe, a healthy 'different strokes for different folks' attitude, I am amazed at the number of people who are so rigid in their beliefs.

This blog, pervasiveness-of-porn is a classic example. It's a long blog, but the gist is in an illegally attempting to download a kids movie she got porn. She goes on the rail about the evils of porn and specifically about evils of anal sex in porn. Quite a few comments, most applauding her post and thinking. Being open minded and non judgement as I am, I am always amazed at the venom spewed at something they chose to watch. Conveinent how she glossed over the fact that she was illegally downloading the movie with the justification, "I like to watch the movie, before I buy it." Well so do I, that's why I rent it first. She thinks it is morally and ethically ok to steal, but not ok for a porn to show anal sex because it "many women will be hurt by men whose sexual education was made or at least started by this movie." Unbelievable!

I don't have a problem with her personal dislike of anal sex, hey like I said, 'different stroke for different folks'. But, I hate to break it to her the porn industry did not invent anal sex. Did it make it more common? Yes, I will give her that....but actually, I think that's a good thing.
In my own life, I was curious and attracted to anal sex long before it was prevelent in porn. I can't remember my first awareness that such a thing existed, but I can remember when I realized it really appealed to me....the same time I learned I wasn't a 'freak' for the sexual submissiveness I was while reading the Story of O . The point is no book or porn made anal sex or BMSD appealing to me, it only made me see it was possible and confident that there were other people out there enjoyed it. I say, 'don't knock till you try it' never know, you might like it.

Are there extremes, certainly. We all know rape and abuse are terrible and horible things. That doesn't stop women fantasing about rape. Just look at the staggering number of 'bodice ripper' novels out there. In a debate you have to throw out the extremes.

The simple fact is, if you don't like porn, don't watch it...I already hear her, but it affecting me, most men know porn is fantasy, just as women who read bodice rippers, don't really want to be raped. Will men try and talk their wives and girlfriends into trying it, probably...but that is nothing new. Men try to talk women into sex all time and have since the beginning of time. This is just a new frontier. Consider oral sex. Oral sex was condsider deviant, now it is main men like it of course, it feels great to them. Do they try to get it as often as possible...duh. Do some women like it? Just ask Desirous . But most woman will say they really don't like it and don't do it very often. Isn't that true for just about any kind of sex? Can we stipulate that most men's sex drive is higher than most women's? How is anal sex any different? In most relationships men will ask for it and will be told no, life goes on.

On the other end of the pendulum, some people in the BSDM community look down at 'players' like G and I. I have had e-mails telling me I shouldn't use the term BSDM or submissive in my posts, because I am not a 'true' submissive. True, for me TPE (total power exchange is) out of the question. The truth is in 'real' life I am, just slightly, more dominent then G. Not that he is a wall flower...he is stong, assertive, opinionated and totally politically incorrect at for the most part I 'handle' the household and G likes that....and it's a good thing because I don't think I could change. On the other side of the coin, in the bedroom I like to be submissive, not just when we do BSDM, but on the whole, deferring to him and lettng him set the pace....and it's a good thing I do like that, because that is what he likes...and I know he could never change. This yin and yang is what makes are relationship work. Are there times when we disagree about household stuff, of course. Are there times we disagree on sexual stuff, of course. But with a little give and take it seems to work out.

So how can anyone sit in judgement of anything we do that makes our relationship work for us. We both enjoy sex, a lot of it and a lot of varied techniques and maybe it's just the hormones, maybe it is an addiction, but I can tell you this we don't fight very often. When we do have a disagreement we usually realise it is a fairly minor thing and let it go or if we have especially strong feelings (we can not talk politics!!!lol) we have learned to stop the argument and say, we agree to disagree and be done with it. Maybe this sounds wrong to some people, but what it boils down to for us is: Don't sweat the small stuff, is the small thing we are arguing about going to stop us from having sex? Is it worth that? Most of the time the answer is no. Don't knock it till you try it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sexy I Never

Shamelessly bagged from A passionate man

Sexy I've Never...
Bold the ones which are true, or the ones I haven't done.

I’ve Never French-Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sex.
I’ve Never French-Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex.
I've Never Had Sex With A Member Of The Opposite Sex.
I've Never Had Sex With A Member Of The Same Sex. I feel like Clinton...define sex , petting doesn't count, right?
I’ve Never Had A Three-Some. (only as the meat, never the bread)
I’ve Never Been In Love.
I’ve Never Had Sex In A Public Place.
I’ve Never Had Group Intercourse.
I’ve Never Been Spanked.
I’ve Never Been Tied Up.
I’ve Never Regretted Having Sex With Someone.
I’ve Never Made Out With A Stranger.
I’ve Never Gone On A Blind Date.
I’ve Never Had A Crush On A Teacher or Professor.
I’ve Never Slept With A Co-Worker.
I’ve Never Had Sex At The Office.
I’ve Never Been Married.
I’ve Never Been Divorced.
I’ve Never Had Sex With More Than One Person Within The Same Week.
I’ve Never Posed Nude. (HNT doesn't other person.)
I've Never Watched Porn.
I’ve Never Gotten Someone Drunk Just To Have Sex With Them. (Think is more of a guy thing)
I’ve Never Received Scars From My Sex Partner.
I’ve Never Had Sex At A Friend’s House While They Were Throwing A Party.
I’ve Never Had Sex In A Dressing Room. (does a bathroom count?)
I’ve Never Flashed Anyone. (HNT doesn't
I’ve Never Met Anyone From Online. (a non sex thing)
I've Never Cheated On My Significant Other. (I have never cheated on G, though)
I've Never Masturbated.
I've Never Used A Sex Toy On Myself.
I've Never Used A Sex Toy On Someone Else.
I've Never Danced On A Table Or Bar.
I've Never Strip-Teased For Anyone.
I've Never Received A Rim Job.
I've Never Given A Rim Job
I've Never Received A Hand Job.
I've Never Given A Hand Job.
I've Never Had Sex In A Hammock.
I've Never Performed Oral Sex.
I've Never Received Oral Sex.
I've Never Had Anal Sex.
I've Never Had Sex involving a strapon.
I've Never Given/Received A Golden Shower
. (And never will....)
I've Never Had Sex With Someone While Fantasizing About Having Sex With Someone Else.
I've Never Had A Sex Dream.
I've Never Had An Orgasm By Myself.
I've Never Had An Orgasm With/By Someone Else.
I've Never Had Phone Sex.
I've Never Had Cyber Sex.
I've Never Role-Played.
I've Never Played Strip Poker.

Can the CIA streak continue

still trying to catch up.....


I love Fridays!! Even when tired, as I am after last night's 'session' know you can make it through today because here comes the weekend!!!

work, kids, life, exhaustion....

I can not believe we were up so late last night!! G calls me on the cell on my way home." I know you're soon as you get home, take a nap...I am right behind you and I will take care of the boys." The boys and I get home, I get them set up wih a snack and one of their favorite TV shows... I barely make my way upstairs when I hear G come in..."Time for the park boys," he bellows, as he comes in. Next thing I know it is 2 hours later!!! The boys have played, ate , brushed them up (their teeth that is) are and almost ready for bed. I read them a story and tuck them in. The eldest is going straight from work to a friends house for poker and to spend the night.

So the last 3 nights have been CIA night (come in ass) nights. I am not always so into anal, but the last 3 nights with such build up and pretty quick 'deliverys' have left both G and I looking for a little more. That is the plan, but life does not always go according to plan, so I am optomisically hopefull.

I have finished bathing and putting on the outfit G has laid out for amour shirt again and black panties. Because it is friday, I spend some extra time on my makeup and hair. Dark eyes and red lips...full, wild hair...all the things G likes.

Our preliminaries are fairly basic. I suck him, he fingers me, he fucks me missionary, then doggy style....then he starts fucking my ass with MVP (not the name, just what G has nick named it, the best butt plug ever made)... now, my favorite, the dirty talk starts...

Do you like your ass reamed with this butt plug? Yes Master
I am pushing it in deeper and deeper! Yes Master
You made me cum too quick last night little girl. Sorry Master
Are you going to let me fuck your ass long and hard this time, slut? Anything you desire Sir
That's what I want to hear!

He grabs a chunk of my hair and pulls my head up, he roughly messages my neck and quickly attaches my dog chain around my neck. He pulls at the chain as he continues to fuck my cunt wih his prick and my ass with the plug. He clips on a dog leash (chain, of course) and delights in pulling on it at his fucks me.

He puts the leash up over my shoulder and runs it along the underside of me, so the chain runs between my pussy lips. He adjusts the chain so it hits my clit just perfectly and he holds the leather handle. He pulls his cock out of my cunt and nudges the head into my ass. Just the tip at first....then a little deeper, a little more...he feels 'secure' his cock is 'in'. He wraps the chain around the palm of his hand....then suddenly, in one swift motion, he jerks the chain, sending it deep into the folds of my cunt and plunges his cock deep into my ass. Ahhh... it's a perfect push, pull, Each time he pushes his cock into my ass, he pulls the chain. The cold steal against my hot box, and the deep violation of my ass is amazing. Harder, deeper, faster he plunges and pulls. His cock is buried to the balls in my ass, he is fucking it as hard and as fast as my cunt. In and out, chain tight against my pussy...on and on..he fucks my asshole. I am worn out and ready to collapse, my knees are sliding and I am sinking further into the bed. He release the chain and wraps his arm around my waist. He yanks me back up on me knees, "not yet, bitch! I am not done with you!" I am back up on my knees, ass high in the air...he fucks my ass harder than ever... I hear the intesity of his moans and feel the swell in myself and I let go. I begin pushing myself against him. Grinding my ass into his cock, I feel the cum squirt deep in my bowels, I reach forward and plunge my finger into my cunt, so...I...ahh...ahh..can...cum...

I swear I am fast asleep before my head can hit the pillow.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Eagle Takes Flight

Tuesday, PartII

After the boys were finally in bed. I took a bath and went into the bedroom to see what G had laid out for me. Part of our rituals is for G to pick out an outfit for me on leave it on the bed. I really this little game. It usually, but not always, sets the tone for the evening. I have such a wide range of lingerie....from vinyl to lacy, tame to extreme, costumes, homemade and modified outfits, down to even just white cotton panties and cutoff tank tops (which my regular readers is actually G's favorite...most of the time ;). My favorite? Either of my 2 corsets (white and black)....

Anyway, G has laid out a modified (G has cut holes out for boobs to stick out) black body armor shirt (very tight spandex), pink panties and black stiletto boots. I get changed and put on red lipstick and shut out the bathroom light (our sign I am all ready to go).

G comes in and turns on all the lights. He says, he wants to be able to see my bald cunt. As he begins rubbing my mound, he says, "Ah, I have missed this bald pussy. It has been to long since you shaved completely for me." He fingers my cunt for the longest time, bringing me to almost climax over and over....stopping each time as I am just about to come. "Don't you come yet, you'll have to hard as it is for me to tear myself away, I need those sweet red lips around my cock. " He pulls me toward him and I eagerly thrust his rock hard cock into my mouth and suck him hard and deep. His breath a becoming more labored...I suck and suck....and then pull my mouth away, leaving only the tip of my tongue on the tip of his cock. I swirl my tongue around just the head. Then I pop the head in my mouth. Suddenly, I engulf his cock as far down my throat as I can at the same time I give is balls a squeeze. Deep, deep, deep and back to just the tip. I hesitate only a moment or 2...and back to deep, deep, deep.

With a primordial groan, he rolls me on my back and immediately, urgently, almost savagely buries his cock deep in my pussy. I immediately cum, but he doesn't stop, he keeps fucking me hard and deep. In a half a second pause, I move just enough to the side...and he only he can...I want him to fuck me from behind. I roll over and he wastes no time slipping his cock, well lubed from my juices in to cunt. He slows the pace as begins to finger my ass. Meeting no resistance from me he puts his (and truth be told, my) favorite but plug. * He slowly slides it in...deeper and deeper...once he has it all the way in, he brings the speed back up. His hard cock in my cock and the but plug up my ass, he fucks both of my holes harder and harder, deeper and deeper until I cum again. He slips out the but plug and places his head at my tight little hole. With all the anal sex we have been having lately, he slips in fairly quick, but with just enough resistance and pain for me to feel the total loss of control that makes me love taking his hard cock in my ass. He grabs my hips and impales me onto him. I buck my hips to meet his thrusts and he explodes into my ass.

* I have to comment on this but plug, G got for me right around Christmas time. We have had (or tried to have) anal sex with varying degrees of success over the years....even though I had a 'favorite dildo' it didn't always work. G would open me with it, and I would feel ready, but when he would try to enter me, it would be just too painful....If we were on a 'streak" and he would start working my ass every night, it would usually take at least 3-5 days, before any 'serious' attempt could me made, and even then it was more get it and cum...NOW!!! lol...

All that changed with 2 magically elements. The first was the right lube, elbow grease. That improved the 'success' rate...then the true magic G found the perfect but plug. Pink and a little soft, but not too soft, big enough to open me up for him...but not too big. At first he named the but plug Mr. Pinky, but now he calls it MVP. He has a nightly ritual, setting up the bedroom; putting out my outfit, getting any toys ready that he thinks he might want (during the day the are in a locked tool box...just in case), and he lubes up MVP (just in case). As you have may have read it has been a hit and when ever the mood strikes (both of us...he always waits for the ok from me) we have been good to go....and the amazing thing is now I really like it!!! Before it was always the submission to it I liked rather than the actual act...but out!

Another CIA day?

Still catching up


What is CIA? It is acronym G made up for his calendar, can you guess?

Another work at home day, yeah!! I am swamped and even though I am home, I barely have a moment to breathe...but no commute. I get to sleep in, and G gets to sleep in a bit, since I can drop the kids off.

Middle man walks little man home, since I am there waiting...saving even the trip to daycare. I do the Donna Reed milk and cookies after school thing. Get them started on their homework and wrap up work. I quickly pick up the house a bit and start dinner. Do you ever get tired of cooking the same old, same old...I sure do, so tonight I...roast a duck. My kids are adventurous, and will eat pretty much anything and everything.

As the boys play and dinner is cooking I sit down on the sofa to rest a moment...about 45 minutes later I am awakened by the phone...nice little cap nap, instead of the commute home...gotta love that!

On the phone is G, the landscaper is coming by to show us the plans for the front yard. I finish dinner and sit the kids down to eat just as G and the landscaper show up. We had a huge pine tree fall during a rough storm, destroying our whole front yard...bummer. The new yard is going to look nice, but is way more expensive than we would like...oh! well! what can you do.

By the time the we finish with the landscaper the boys have finished eating, and cleaned up the table and dishes, such good boys:)

I read little man a story, make sure backpacks and homework is ready to go for the morning and off to bed for the boys. Although my oldest is 17, he usually goes off to bed with the younger 2 at 9. He, obviously doesn't sleep, but closets himself away to 'do homework' (ie: talk to his girlfriend on the phone and play video games). It is fine, as he gets fairly good grades and is already accepted and ready to head off to college in August (yikes!), and it gives G and I some alone time.

G brings me a glass of wine, and as I raise my eyebrows, he chuckles, "just relax, I need your advice and thought we could just relax and talk awhile". We head out to the garage, his favorite thinking area. There is a family problem going on with his brother and as we brainstorm about that, other subjects keep coming up. We find ourselves bird walking through numerous ideas, problems and topics, all the while my glass of wine never seems to be empty.

Before we know it is after midnight. I am feeling pretty good, and although I should go off to bed, I offer no resistance as G pulls me to him for a deep, probing kiss. He spins around and says, "Are you going to be a good girl tonight?" I know immediately he wants to take control....yum! "Yes, master," I answer. "Good," he murmurs in my ear and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the dog chain we use occasionally. He fastens the chain around my neck and locks it on. "Go take your bath and make sure to touch up that cunt, I want it silky smooth."

After my bath, I put on the outfit he has laid out. Another modified body amour shirt, white this time and white silk panties. I put on G's favorite bright red lipstick and wait for him to come upstairs.

As he opens the door, I hear him take a gulp of breath. It has been sunny the last few days and already my olive skin is starting to get it's summer glow, made even more noticeable by the white on white attire he has chosen. He practically leaps on the bed. His hands are everywhere. He caresses my body; my legs, my arms, my ass. He kisses me passionately. He pulls his hand through my hair. He roughly squeezes my breast, only to decide he should devote his energy to my cunt. He fingers my cunt, not so much lovingly, but urgently. Back to my breasts, where he pinches and teases them so hard, I find myself gasping out for air more than once. On and on this continues, until just a quickly and violently he began, he stopped. He laid back on the bed and cupping the back of neck, he forced my mouth down around his swollen member. he continued to hold my head as he face fucked me. Again, on and on he relentlessly pounded my mouth and back of my throat. I thought he was going to come. He pulled me off the bed, and tumbled me over the edge of the bed. Without warning or preamble, he thrust his cock deep into my cunt and the butt plug deep in my ass. I bury my face in a pillow to muffle a scream of pain and pleasure, I am cuming... He pumps me harder and harder. I can't believe how long he is lasting... I can't believe how long I am lasting. "Rub your clit," he barks, I no sooner touch myself when I can feel the wave building... I start to cum...G yanks out the plug, and dives deep in my ass with his cock. He explodes on contact and I can fell his hot cum fill my ass.

As we both collapse on the bed, he continues to rub my cunt, Exhausted I try and pull away. "I wanted to fuck your ass longer tonight slave...but you got me too excited, you'll have to make it up to me tomorrow!" As visions of cocks in my ass dance in my head, I drift off to sleep.

Yes, CIA come in ass, and in case you were counting that's 3 nights in a row.

The Eagle has Landed

From last Tuesday:

Tuesday is one of my work from home days, and as you can imagine...I love it! My commute is so long it is like adding 2 + hours to my day :) Plus being able to run errands on my lunch hour, etc is so amazing.

G loves it when I shave my pussy completely bald, which I think is sexy too, but in the real world it is hard to keep up, so I don't do it all the time...but since I had some extra time I decided to surprise him.

On my lunch hour I took a bath and shaved my pussy. Feeling the cool sharp steel along my pussy lips, carefully shaving every last hair away. I put on a skirt (but no panties) and a tank and 'back' to work I 'went'.

It is so amazing to feel the touch of the fabric rubbing against my cunt. Feeling the occasional breeze against my bare skin and extra friction is awesome. Just that little subtle reminder of sex while going about my day really gets me turned on makes me anticipate the night.

I continued working and enjoying my baldness until the boys got home from school. Snacks and homework and I finish up my work day. I do normal household stuff; laundry, picking up the house, etc while trying to put away thoughts of sex.....but my shaved cunt under my skirt keeps reminding me. The pressure against my slit as I lean across the washing machine to put in a load of wash in, the gentle shaking of the dryer as I fold a load of laundry....umm, must act normal...children present....I have to take Middle son to hockey, G meets us at the rink, I want to tell him about his surprise...but hold off knowing it will be so much better to show him.

Finally, G gets home....I have dinner all ready, eat, clean about our days....

Finally, as the boys start to play a video game and the older one heads off to his room, G heads out to the garage (he likes to putter....little does he know he will be puttering with me in a moment.....I give him a few minutes, put a little baby oil on freshly shaved cunt, then head out to the garage.

We small talk as he lifts weights...yada, yada, yada. At last, he ask why I have a skirt on, when today was my work from home day (usually it's just sweats or shorts)....finally, an opening..."well....' I coyly whisper and I start to raise my skirt...slowly...up from the the knees...up over the knees when the hem reaches to bottom of my pussy a pause, just for a moment and look G in the eyes. He grins and raises his eyebrows. I pull up my skirt, "Oh, yes! The eagle has landed!" he laughs. He beckons me towards him...but I want to tease him a bit, I run my hand over completely exposed mound, slowly sliding a finger in my slit, I moan and G says, "Come here"...but I ignore him and continue finger fucking myself. "Stay there, " I tell him as I wag my dripping wet finger at him. I close eyes and hop up on the pool table, I lean back and spread open my legs to give him a good view, I continue to frig myself, until I almost, but not quite cum..finally I stop. Weights abandoned G is standing there rubbing is cock. As I walk up next to him, he greedily grabs for my pussy. "Ahhhh, it is so smooth," he sighs as he begins to rub my slit. I take a hold of his cock and rub it...abruptly I drop to my knees and engulf his cock deep into my mouth, I suck hard, fast and wildly as G grabs for my head....just as abruptly I duck from his grasp, pop up and pull up his shorts, and down my skirt.....

"sorry, gotta check on the boys..." I chuckle as I walk away. "Isn't it bed time for the boys?" he bemoans as he playfully grabs for me...I unlock the garage door (yeah, we're probably the only house where you can lock the door from inside the garage...and I bet you can guess why), I give him one last smoldering look, "you'll have to wait...."

And I am sorry dear will you. Can't believe it is so late!!!! Must get some sleep...will finish Tuesday's story as soon as I can ;)

Repeat performance

Still catching up


Family wise, my least favorite day of the week :(
Work! Work! Work! Rush to daycare to pick up little man, home for a quick snack, get him changed into hockey gear, back on the road to meet G at the rink...back home, make dinner, help middle man with homework. G gets home with little man, we do his homework and then he takes a bath. So basically I am in the car and go, go, go from 2:45 (when I leave work) until about 8:30. Oh, well such is life with kids.

The kids head off to bed...I sit back with a glass of wine and relax. G has a beer and we catch up on work, the kids, life. It isn't long before I head off for the bath...gotta touch up the smooth mound for G.

The plan for the night, after such a hectic day, the plan is have a 'fairly' mellow night. We start off with some long, slow, deep kisses. I love the feel of G's hand running through my hair as he pulls my body closer and closer to his. I reach for his cock and am surprised he is already hard. My juices are already flowing, and he rolls on top me, and slides his cock into my pussy. With long, deep stokes he fills me , deeper and deeper. What starts out slow and loving suddenly turns into urgent need and want for both of us. Faster, deeper and harder, I turn over and enters me from behind. He rubs my clit and my juices saturate his fingers. He hesitantly begins to finger my ass..I think he expects me to stop him. But as he uses my own juices to lube my feels so amazing, I know I want this. He inserts a finger deep in my ass, he rocks it back and forth, widening that tight little hole. He adds a second finger, deeper and deeper he fucks my ass with his fingers while he pounds my cunt with his cock. When he is satisfies that my ass is wide enough he grabs the butt plug and slowly and steadily fills my ass. Even though we just had anal sex, I feel so full, I am not sure if I will be able to take G's hard swollen cock. But he continues to ram the butt plug in and out of my ass, deeper and deeper into my ass, until it is finally buried to the hilt. He starts pumping his cock faster and faster into my pussy. He matches the thrust of the butt plug to his cock, just when I think I can't take it anymore, I explode. He barely allows me to catch my breath and he quickly slides out the bug plug, and inserts the tip of his cock into my ass. Assured he is in, he thrust forward. With one swift movement his hard cock is buried to the balls into my rectum. The sudden mix of pleasure and pain is amazing. He only thrusts a few more times before he calls out he is coming, I come right along with him.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Catching up and noticing a trend

Wow! I was just reviewing G's infamous calendar that inspired this blog for some help getting my 'voice' back ...... more than ever I am reminded why I wanted to start the blog. The little notes he had written about our bedroom adventures made me almost sad that I couldn't remember the details better.

One detail I did noticed in April and that has continued on in to May is we have been on an ass streak. I knew we had been into that lately ( but did not realize how prevalent it had been. Out of the 15 times we did it in the month, 13 ended up with G cuming in my ass! If you have read the blog in the past you know, while it is something we have done it is usually not a given in our 'normal routine'.

G and I tend to be very 'streaky'..... by that I mean, when we really get on a streak we tend to follow a similar pattern until we collapse or the streak ends.

I can't believe I am about to write this...but I have really been enjoying it, this last week has been incredible and after hot sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I found myself checking out some hot anal video clips on Saturday while G was at hockey with the boys.

I am not a prude (duh...) but usually porn sites are not a big thing for me. In fact, I had to ask G before he left for hockey, "what are the good sites again?" Needless to say, he rattled them off.
He was surprised when they got home 3 hours later and I was still on the

Since last week was so hot I am going to blog about those days one by one to get back in my writing stride.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Well, I am back, hopefully to stay. As I mentioned in my last post (I can't believe it was the first in 3 1/2 months, where does time go!) I hope to bring a little more balance to my writing, so I don't feel like I am such a rut....a sexy rut, but a rut never the less.

I am going to continue catching up on some of my favorite blogs and 'popping in' on a few to get my blogging bearings down....but look for some 'fun' by Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lurking and trying to find balance.

I have been away from blogging for awhile. No posting, no reading. It's hard when there are so many commitments in the 'real' world to keep up with my 'blog' world. I do enjoy it but it can be so hard to keep up and sometimes can feel like a chore. I often have rambling thoughts that I would like to log on and post about. Not just about sex, but life, love, fleeting musings....even...gasp work.

I think I disappeared for awhile because it felt , forgive me, routine to write about sex, sex, sex. I marvel at those that have such a stamina and commitment to keep their blogs up on such a regular basis. I am even more amazed by those who can keep up with multiple blogs.

I have been lurking around for a few days, and I am saddened to see some of my favorites have been empty for awhile also. But, as always with blogs just when you are mourning the loss of a favorite you seem to find 4 more to take their place. Well, not really take their place...because I feel each blog is as unique and it's owner...but as interesting to read. I have added 2 new links, Pretty Peanut and Not so Normal, who is Pretty Peanut's husband. I had read them on occasion before, but they were having some problems. Now, it seems they have found their way back to one another and have an interesting new 'hot wife' arrangement. I know that's not for G and I, but it makes for a great read. I especially like getting the two perspectives, check them out if you haven't yet.

I don't know the fate of my own blog yet. I feel like I got a bit off track, the blog was meant to be centered our sex life, but not to such exclusiveness. Sometimes, I feel I have more to share than sex, but not sure if this is the proper forum. Yet, I know I can not sustain 2 it is obvious, I find it hard to sustain 1. I don't want to stop writing about sex, I just want to find more of a balance. Ah, balance such a simple concept, but much harder to actually achieve. Wish me luck.