Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chinks in the Armor

Yesterday morning after I was up at 3 AM, I never could go back to sleep. Just before I had to get ready for work I tried to wake G. To test the waters I rubbed his back and ass, he let out a couple of nice moans...a good sign...I started to reach around to rub his cock, he turned onto his back, allowing me better access...a better sign...I stroked his cock, it was already rock hard (love those morning hard-ons)...a great sign! Then he stopped me, "I just remembered I have a 9 AM meeting, sorry, gotta get some sleep." Drats, foiled! I reluctantly got ready and went to work. I thought I would be horny all day, but when I got to work, the phone would not stop ringing, I didn't even stop for lunch, let alone to dream about sex.

These are the days that life can really ruin your sex drive. I was swamped at work, traffic (both ways, was hell), I was late getting in and getting home took me an hour and 20 minutes. I had to stop by the store for milk, etc. and the lines are really long. The kids (older ones) call on the cell, "where was I? Could their friends come over and swim when I got home." It was a cooking night (I only cook on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday more on this later). I got a little lift when I read a great post from The Man Nobody Knew, but then when I went to pick up littlest guy, he got hurt at school, had to go to the office for an incident report (he is fine). Home, finally. The kids get in the pool, immediate screaming ensues (just rough housing, as a bunch of boys are want to do). Trying to not let it get me, there is only so much summer left, but a headache is building. Get dinner in the oven. Off I go to the computer room to relax and surf (and move farther away from the pool). I unwind and relax, but being awake since 3 and the day start wearing on me. After the kids are in bed, when I go to take my bath I find myself nodding off in the bath...time to get out. I go into the bedroom to get whatever outfit G has picked out for me (I have tons of lingerie and he always lays out what he wants me to wear). He has warned me, before my bath, that what he picked has somehow been ripped, but not worry, it fits in with his plans. It is a frilly, white cotton short nightie and cotton panties. I know where he is heading with this and am tempted to go downstairs and tell him, I am just too tired. Instead I go downstairs and tell him I am pooped, and I need to go to bed soon. He says, no problem, he will be ready for bed in10 minutes!

"Go upstairs and pretend to be asleep," he tells me. I do, thinking no problem, in 10 minutes, I probably will be asleep, lol. He comes up, and pins my arms down, blindfolds me, and begins setting up the scenario, "There you are, you little bitch. You little tease. Always walking by us with your short skirts, flirting with the guys, getting us hot and bothered then leaving us holding our dicks in our hands. Not this time, I am going to teach you a lesson!" He roughly pinches my nipples, "this is what you want, isn't it you cunt?" I, of course know this play and respond appropriately, "No, no.." He clamps his hand over my mouth, "Shut up, you whore, if you're quiet I won't hurt you!" He tears off the ruffle and the bottom of the gown and uses it as a gag. He tears the gown, in strategic places and molests my body. He shoves his fingers against my wet slit. He finger fucks me right through my panties, shoving the cotton into my cunt. "That's it!You pretend you don't want it, but these panties are soaked with your juice," he says and he pulls them from my legs. He wads up the panties, and take the lace from mouth. He shoves the panties in my mouth, "taste your pussy."

Knowing I am tired, he keeps it pretty brief, but also allows himself the relief of fulfilling the build up he has had in his head. He eats me outs, and fucks me missionary, while pinning down my arms. He flips me over and fingers my ass while he fucks me from behind. He pulls out and pulls me off the bed, to his favorite me on the floor, him standing over me position. "Watch as I come all over your face," he says as he squirts his load all over me. *

I didn't get off, but I am glad to go to sleep. G is a night owl, so as is normal for him, he goes back downstairs. At 1 AM, I awake, with a start. G is not in bed, did he fall asleep on the couch? I head downstairs to check. Nope, he is watching Sports center. I sit on the loveseat and watch with him (Yeah, amazing come back by the Red Sox). He laughs about how tonight was my 'chink in the armor' and his was Sunday. We laugh about how good the sex has been, but sometimes when it gets so hot like last Friday and Saturday it is hard to sustain. When fantasy and reality merge and become one, where do you go? You have to come down, if only to start building again.

He comes over to me on the loveseat and starts rubbing my cunt, "I love you shaved, and seeing you there naked with that bald pussy makes it impossible to keep my hands off you." As he fingers me, my juices start flowing and he has me bend over the arm of the loveseat where he fucks me from behind. This is not that comfortable, so we move to the floor. He fucks me hard and I cum with such force, it makes a noise (I am not kidding you). Needless to say, I am quite slippery. G pulls out and I turn around and suck him for a few minutes. He turns me back around, "I am not done with your cunt yet." He continues to plow away at me and soon I am cuming again. He cums with a primal scream and rolls off me. As he lays collapsed on the floor I watch, dreamily, he thigh muscles twitching from the intense orgasm. Ah, I think the chinks have been repaired.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday night part 2

Our second 'session' last night was pretty vanilla, and don't think I mean that in a derogatory way. As I have said before, well we've been on the D/s kick lately, that is only 1 part of our repertoire. Can't keep the wild pace forever (at least we can't). G did put my collar on and lead me up stairs by the leash, but from there things mellowed out. We started with some mutual rubbing, sucking and caressing. I laid on my back and G entered me and pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He reached down and massaged my clit as he was sliding in and out. He was altering his pace, building the pleasure for us. Finally he increased his speed and let me cum. Then I turned over and he entered my cunt from behind. He lubed the dildo and slowly slid it in my ass. He was using the dildo more like anal beads for the steady pressure, than fucking me with it. As he increased the speed, and depth of his thrust, he could tell I was about to cum again, and pulled the dildo out. I am telling you, any woman who has not tried that, whether with beads, a but plug or a dildo, you don't know what you are missing. But I'll tell you...truly explosive orgasms! G got off the bed and I slid off the bed and sat on the floor. He loves this position for fucking my mouth I used my hands, and mouth to bring his climax down my throat.

Is there such a thing as too much sex?

Well, we did have sex last night, twice :) But now that I have been awake since 3, I am wondering is there such a thing has too much sex? My mind and body are so preoccupied right now with sex, that it almost tingles. I feel restless and preoccupied.

Ok, enough whining! About last night G got home a little late from work. The kids were just finishing supper and I was in the laundry room. He said hello to the kids, how was your day...yada, yada, yada.

He finds me in the laundry room, and without a word he shuts the door and envelopes me in a passionate kiss. He reaches down, lifts my skirt and shoves my panties to the side. He begins to rub my shaved cunt. He fingers my lips and clit. He turns me around and bends me over the washing machine. It is too high, if lifts me up so my chest and stomach rest on the top, and my legs dangle down. He hikes up my skirt to my waist and removes my panties. "Spread those legs," he orders as he continues to explore my now wet slit. "I sent you an e-mail, go read it," he tells me as he give my cunt one last, deep thrust. I slide down and adjust my skirt and put the panties in the hamper.

I head off to the computer room, as he heads off to check on the boys. I hear him tell them to go to the park and run around and get some fresh air, while it's still light out (I love daylight savings time). I have opened his e-mail and it's not his normal style e-mail but just a list of links to porn sites he wants me to check out. I begin opening the sites, picking a few clips that look good. G comes in about 10 minutes later, takes off my shirt and begins to rub my breast from behind me, "keep watching," he reminds me as I become distracted. He pinches my nipple so hard I am wincing. He continues pinching them and stretching, "you like that, don't you? You like when a pull on these tits..." and he squeezes the harder and harder. I am gasping "...that's it take it, take the pain, I love your nipples." "Oh, this is a good one," he indicates to a blow job scene that has just started playing. He spins around the chair so I am sideways to the computer, I can still see it, but he can move it front of me. "Suck my cock," he says as he pulls down his shorts. I engulf him with my mouth. I continue to lick the shaft and head and suck it. "Ah, suck my balls." I slide off the chair and on to my knees. I suck and lick his balls as my hand continues to stroke is pulsing cock. Inspired by the video, he tries something new. He puts one hand sideways under my chin and the other sideways across the top, so his hands have my head like a vice. He pulls my head up and slams my mouth on his cock, my lips are slammed in to his pelvis as his cock slides down into my throat, 4 or 5 very deep thrusts and he relaxes the grip a bit and fucks my mouth deep, but at a more normal depth. Then again tightens the grip and forces his cock down my throat, for about 6 thrusts this time. As I gag a bit, he returns fucking my mouth normal and says, "I could cum right now". He pulls me to my feet and leads me to the daybed and bends me over, and lifts my skirt. He tests my cunt, and indeed I am soaking wet and ready...he plunges into me and fucks me hard. After last night and the blow job, it only takes a few minutes before we are both cuming. Whew sweet release!

A note about the vice like grip we tried tonight! It is awesome. Not to pat myself on the back, but I give a pretty mean blow job and can take it very deep without gagging. But this move forced his cock so far down my throat that about 6 thrusts was all I could take (as you read) try this at home ;)

I am off to try and catch a few more winks, before I head off to work. I will post about our second fuck later in the day.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The good and the bad Sunday

Yesterday was amazing and horrible at the same time.

First, I have to tell you, although I love our D/s play, as I have mentioned G and I are not always into D/s. We get into these streaks and when everything is going so right, we just keep it going as long as we can...gotta respect the streak, right ;) But outside of the 'bedroom' I am not submissive at all. I am opinionated, stubborn and not afraid to make my needs known. Because we both work we equally share all the household/kids stuff.

Now with that said, yesterday, after our early AM romp, lying in Gs arms. I felt such pride at being able to make him cum, when it looked impossible, and feeling so satisfied (8 days in a row of great fucking can do that for you). I was overcome with a sense of gratitude and I decided I wanted to make his day perfect, not just with sex.

As he went back to sleep, I got up and blogged...then the rest of the day I devoted to him. I went to the store, made him a killer breakfast, cleaned the house and did the wash. I bundled the kids out of the house, so he could have some alone time. What did the boys and I do? All the yucky errands of Gs he has been putting off :) Smogged his car, got the oil changed, picked up pool supplies, etc. Filled his car with gas, washed it and cleaned the inside. I gave him a pedicure (guys don't knock it if you have not tried it). I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen again. Got the kids bathed, lunches made and them off to bed.

Now for the amazing part (for me). For the first time ever, I could feel the pure surrender of being a submissive. My mind didn't wander. I didn't find myself wondering what G was going to do next. Wishing he would do this, or wouldn't do that. Letting my wants and needs totally fall away and accepting his use of my body for strictly his pleasure. I was truly amazing!

He tied me to the bed and ate my cunt. He teased my clit for so long, it was swollen and tender. It went on for so long, the pain and pleasure mixed just like a hard spanking. Normally I would be begging for him to fuck my pussy, knowing only a good fuck and climax was going to release the pain deep in my cunt. But I said nothing. I know if had asked he would have gladly done it, but I wanted no influence over his decisions and pleasure. He sat on the bed and had me lay sideways with my head in his lap. I sucked his cock while he thrashed my ass with the leather strap. He stretched my legs apart, so he could have access my bald pussy and got plenty of licks on my already throbbing cunt.

He flipped me over while he lubed his cock. Another first, with out preparing my ass with the dildo he began fucking my tightest hole. Like last night, he held nothing back. Filling my asshole deep, hand and fast, using my hips to impale his cock as deep as possible. He continued to bugger me for the longest time, but I could tell something wasn't right...his moans were as mine were that dangerous pain/pleasure point.

The bad part: He was frustrated. He couldn't get comfortable, the angle was wrong, the bed too soft, etc. We moved to the floor, where he immediately began fucking my ass again, long and hard. Still no relief. As you can imagine he is getting softer, adding even more to the frustration level. He pulled out and rammed the dildo in my ass while he stroked himself hard again. Third times a charm? He pulled the dildo out and plowed my ass even hard, faster and deeper (which just a few minutes ago I would have sworn was impossible). Now at this point it is clear 8 days of fucking and probably a few too many beers are a huge part of the problem, but so is his stubbornness to only fuck me in the ass. Now let me tell you, I do enjoy being used and abused in the ass. For me though, it is the psychological surrendering, humiliation and degradation that I love. The physical is not the greatest, especially stopping and starting 3 times and being truly reamed for over half an hour. Did he finally cum? Well if this was porn he would have finally cum in a huge eruption, bringing me along with him and we would have collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, satisfied heap...But this is not porn, this is our life and all we did was collapse, no satisfaction for either.

We went downstairs and watched The Little League World Series (Tivoed) thinking we might be able to try again, but we were exhausted and both feel asleep on the couches. We woke up at 3 and stumbled to bed. This morning when I woke up for work he did not even stir.

I thought well it was a great streak, it had to end sooner or later. I was happy when he called later in the morning when he got to work and we talked about it. He said "be ready for tonight, I am so hungry (our code word for horny). My balls are aching, you can't come that much for 8 days and stop. I need it tonight!"

So keep your fingers crossed for us :)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A whole day of reminders I am sex slave

Well after our morning session yesterday, I blogged it (duh) and we all (except oldest son, he went straight to work from his friend's house) had some breakfast. We took the other kids to Circus (Ringling Brothers, it was pretty good BTW). I had promised, in the after glow of a great fuck, to wear no underwear and skirt, but was having my doubts. "To the circus?" I quizzed G.
He smiled and and shook his head, "nobody will be able to tell" he reassured me. So I put on tank and cute cotton skirt. Feeling the breeze on my bare cunt when I walked was a constant reminder of my submissiveness. The whole day, when ever we were alone G would run his hand up my skirt and play with my pussy. Sometimes it would be soft caress or gentle probe, but sometimes he would roughly pinch my cunt lips or thrust a finger inside. Again, a great physiological reminder that (for now at least) I am his property to do with as he wishes.

We were all tired after the excitement of the circus (and other activities for G and I) so we came home and took a nap.

We woke up before the kids, so I was puttering on the computer and G in the garage. He came into the computer room and shut the door. He told me to kneel on the daybed. He stood behind me and hoisted up my Skirt. He plunged himself inside my cunt. He fucked me hard and fast, coming in about 3 minutes, before I had the chance to. As he pulled up his pants and I was adjusting my shirt, must have had a disappointed look on my face, he reached out a grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back. His hand shot under my shirt and he squeezed my tit. "Remember it is my pleasure that counts." He did take pity on me and came back about 15 minutes later. He had me spread my legs and lean back in the chair and his expertly used his fingers and got me to come to just as quickly as he had.

When the kids woke up we all went to the park for some exercise and to wake up. Had dinner, played with the kids, and put them to

The boys tucked in bed, G wasted no time fastening my collar, I took a bath and shaved (legs and cunt...gotta keep em smooth). Did my hair and make up, came downstairs to fresh panties on the computer chair. (I have tons of lingerie and some corsets, which we love...but as I have mentioned, G loves his cotton panties too). G came in we surfed porn together (big surprise, lol, he knows a lot of good sites. When enough time had passed that we were sure the kids we asleep, we went upstairs.
G had me kneel is his favorite position, with my ass high in the air. A couple of hard spanks, and he pulled my head up by grabbing my hair. "You were a very bad slave today, pouting when you didn't come" he hissed into my ear. He stuffed my mouth in the ball gag. Then he shoved my head back to the bed, "now your going to pay!"
He pulled out a leather strap and slapped my ass, my thighs my cunt. The pain and pleasure mixed were so incredible, I tried to cry out but the ball gag muffled all my moans. Harder and harder he hit me. Finally he plunged his rock hard cock into my dripping wet pussy, and lubed up the dildo and plunged it in my ass. "Don't think you're going to get a good pussy fucking tonight you bitch. I am only fucking your cunt while I get your ass ready for the hardest fucking its ever gotten." And he was true to his words, in only a minute, he pulled out the dildo and put his cock in my ass. Slowly at first, but deeper and harder his cock disappeared in to my ass. He grabbed my hips and began truly fucking my ass hard, deep and fast. I would never believed my ass could take it like that. He fucked my ass just like it was my pussy. When he was just about to come he took off my ball gag, and pulled out of my ass and laid on the bed. He pushed my mouth on his cock, "Suck it good whore, clean off my cock. Taste your cunt and ass on my cock?" I sucked harder and deeper, he exploded in my mouth and down my throat. "That's it drink down every drop!"

This morning we had our usually romp; missionary and doggy. After not coming last night, I exploded in about 2 minutes. I tried to finish G off with hands and mouth, but he couldn't cum. So we feel back asleep, but only for a few minutes, I woke up when G grabbed my breast and said watch me jerk off, but he still couldn't cum. He laid on his back and "Said try one more time". I thought no way...but thankfully I was wrong, in a few minutes his cum was squirting in my mouth! :)

Now G went back to sleep and I am off to the store to buy some steak and eggs and make him a yummy late breakfast!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ass full of cum

Goals we both had set for tonight were reached last night! As I was taking my bath, I decided just to shave it all off! Being Friday, I really went over board on my make-up and hair. I put on a black lace bra and garters and stockings, I topped it all off with a silk robe (the kids were still up and my oldest son had friends over) and headed downstairs to G, who was puttering in the garage. He liked what he saw, "hey milfy, there are kids around!" he teased. "I know, that's why I came out to the garage," I answered. "Sorry, I took so long in the bath, but I had an intense project going," I said. He gave me that, what the hell are you talking about look. I slowly parted my robe. My Black garter belt perfectly framing my bald pussy. Just at the sight of that freshly shaved cunt made him moan, he reached out and pulled me towards him. Quickly clamping one hand around my mound, he explored my newly exposed pussy lips with his fingers. He fingered my slit, groaning the whole time. "Ahhh, you cunt looks so hot! Bend over the table so I can get a good look," he commanded. I laid across the ping pong table (which is the perfect height) and he began to play with my slit and finger fuck me in earnest. With a deep sigh and a couple of good smacks to my ass, he barked, "stay right there, don't move". He left that garage and was gone about 5 minutes. When he returned he had wicked smile, "older kids are gone." He had sent them off, and our son was going to send the night at a friends house. :) He grabbed a fist full of hair, pulled my head back, and put my new collar on. We stayed in the garage awhile. He barely could leave my bald cunt alone, but he found time to have me suck his cock, and to spank and finger my ass and pull my tits out of my bra and abuse them. He ordered me to cover up and go into the computer room while he put the other kids to bed. When he was down, he had me lean back in the chair and spread my legs and he went down on me. We moved to living room, where we played some cards and had a few drinks while the kids got to sleep (with plenty of breaks for fun).
We went upstairs and G put on my ball gag. After all night of teasing each other, we were more than ready for the main event. Quickly G pushed me onto my knees, on the bed. He slammed my head into the bed, thrusting my ass high in the air and pulled out my favorite dildo and lubed it up, he positioned it at the edge of my ass. He got behind me and put just the tip of his cock in my cunt. In one quick movement he thrust himself into my pussy and the dildo into my ass. Harder and harder he fucked me in both holes, it felt so good! I was moaning and trying to tell G how good it was but with the ball gag on nothing was coming out. After I came twice, G pulled out his cock and and began easing it in to my ass. "Oh, your ass is so stretched now my little slut. My cock looks great going in." Deeper and deeper he buried his cock, until he was in to the base. "I am buried in your ass, and I am going to fuck it good". His moaned of pleasure and my muffled moans of pleasure& pain combined and he fucked my ass harder and harder, finally cuming deep in my ass..even though it was him cuming, I felt so fulfilled and happy, and I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face.
G woke me up the morning ready to fuck again, I was exhausted and tried to push him away. But as he turned away I realized I was not being a very good slave, and said, "I'm sorry, you're the master...if you want sex, you should have it" . Wasting no time he mounted me and fucked me, as is becoming our morning routine; missionary, then doggy and I finished him off with my hand and change though, when he warned me he was about to cum, instead of moving away, I asked "Do you want to come in my mouth?" (like I needed to"Yes!", I put my mouth around his cock and sucked furiously, 3 thrust and he was squirting his cum down my throat. I swallowed and smile down at my master and wonderful husband!
BTW if you have been following our full of sex week you know G has been wanting my ass for all week, and although my mind was more than willing, my body just didn't seem to want to co-operate. The one day G did get his cock up my ass (Tuesday, I think) he had to use so much lube that a lot of the friction was gone. So yesterday afternoon I went into a 'leather' shop, I got some new nipple clamps (we broke the old ones lol), and looked at lubes. There are, no exaggeration, at least 30 brands at this the hell was I suppose to know what was going to be good!?!? I read the labels on a couple, then just got the courage to ask a near by employee, "what is good lube?" at first he just looked at me, so I went on. "I want one that works good, but then isn't so slippery and 'goey'. He smiled and nodded, like I know just what you mean.. (I can hear G saying make a point)..Elbow Grease. That stuff rocks!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Satisfied but exhausted

Thank God it is Friday! I am looking forward to some sleep time this weekend!
G brought me 3 presents yesterday. A dog choke chain and leash, a ball gag, and a new bigger but plug! As soon as the kids were in bed, I was at the computer looking at some good sexy sites. He slipped behind me and began roughly massaging my breasts, cupping them and pinching and pulling them so hard I was gasping for air. He said, "sit still, I have a present for you." He reached around and put the collar around my neck, he had hammered one of the rings into an oval so it could go through the other ring, then he attached a lock. I loved it! The lock and end hung down into the valley of my breast, yum! Pulling the chain he forced me to my knees and freed his bulging cock from his shorts, "suck it good, you bitch!" And I did, I took it all the way to too the base, hard and fast. I could feel the head slide into my throat. I sucked and sucked and slurped and massaged his balls until he pulled the chain, pulling me away. "Go take your bath slut." I took a bath and shaved my legs, as I do every night...But the last few nights I have been shaving my pussy a little more and a little more...Feeling the cold razor against my cunt lips, I think by Saturday night it should be completely bald! I know G is going to like that :)
I put on my full make up and fluffed up my hair. I could tell from the smoldering look on Gs face that I looked pretty hot. He yanked the chain and attached the leash, he pushed me the floor, "crawl, you sexy whore," and he led me into the living room. He pulled me to my feet and spun me around, "spread your legs and touch the floor." I did as I was told, and was rewarded with a hard spanking. When my ass was good and red he spread my ass cheeks and began to finger fuck my asshole. Then he pushed me to the ground and told me to crawl up the stairs. When we got up stairs he tied me to the bed and pulled my collar tight bringing my mouth to his. We kissed long and hard, and he ordered me to suck his tongue. Just as abruptly as he pulled my mouth to his, he pulled back on the chain. "I won't have to hear your screams and moans as I fuck your ass tonight, you whore", he said as he pulled out the new ball gag, "we will be using this soon!". He smirked at me, "oh yeah, I have one more present for you my slave." He brought out the new large but plug. My eyes bulged out at the size of it, I thought that is never going to fit inside my ass. Reading my mind, he quickly answer my unspoken thoughts, "oh, yes, this is going in your ass." He almost was chuckling as he said, "I have been very unsatisfied with your performance in satisfying my anal needs. I don't know what your problem has been, I have fucked you up the ass before, now all of a sudden 'it hurts'. I intend to solve that problem! Just to get your mind right, I am going to keep widening you tonight and tomorrow. Then on Saturday, when you have had plenty of time to rest and relax, you're going to drink a lot of wine, to help you loosen up, and I WILL fuck your ass hard and to the base . I am going to fill your bowels full of my hot cum!" He smiled as he flipped me over, and held the but plug to my face, "just so you're warned," he added with a laugh. "Now suck the plug, so it's nice and wet for your ass." he lubed my asshole and fucked my ass with the smaller dildo, while I sucked on the plug. He pulled back on my collar, making my back arch as he drove his prick in my dripping wet cut. With hard deep thrusts he matched the speed of the dildo to the speed of his cock. "That's it, You like that, don't you bitch, all 3 of your holes filled!" He yanked the dildo from my butt. I came so hard, and then another one, and another one. 3 earthshaking orgasms on top of one another. He slowed down his pumping and took the plug from my mouth and replaced it with the ball gag. Then he started stretching my ass to to fit that huge plug in. He stopped fucking me to concentrate on my ass. Slowly, deeper and deeper he worked it, I felt like I was going be split in two, but my cries of pain were muffled by the ball gag distending my mouth. When he was satisfied with my progress, he turned me on to my back and removed the ball gag. He straddled my face and I sucked his cock hard and deep, he pulled out and slapped my face with his cock, sensing he was going to cum, I lunged forward engulfing his cock in one quick movement, just as his climax exploded down my throat, and like a good sex slave I swallowed every drop!"
This morning, I thought our 2 a day streak might be coming to the end, as G did not wake me for our early morning romp...but as I started to stir to get up for work, he was on me in a second! An exact replay from yesterday, missionary, doggy and I finished him off with my hands and mouth :) Such a lovely way to start the day.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

still lots of hot sex slave action

So yesterday was a good day, busy at work, kids ok at school, all that stuff. Since we have been so active and up quite late, I was pretty tired when I got home, opened the fridge and no milk. The plan for me was to take a little nap so we could have some fun tonight. I called G and right away he said, go take your nap...I will stop at the store :) What a guy! I made the kids some dinner and went upstairs. CRASH! I was out like a light. When I woke up I started playing around on the Internet, so my hubby brought me a glass of wine. Once all of the kids were safely in bed...
We are still on the D/s kick, G came in and began squeezing my boobs, pulling on my nipples so hard, engorging them with blood and making the huge. He pulled my head back by pulling my hair, he kissed me deep and hard. He had brought me an outfit to put on, just a white pair of panties and a tight cut off tank top and a black silk robe, told me to go take my bath and put on the reddest, brightest lipstick.
After my bath I played on the Internet a bit more and G kept coming in for short little sessions, playing with my boobs, or me sucking his cock good and hard.
We went up to the bedroom and he had me rub my pussy through my panties so they would get good and soaked, them he pulled them up high and deep inside my gash, roughly shoving his fingers and my panties even deeper into my soaking wet pussy. Then he ordered me to slowly remove my panties and put them in my mouth. He then got my favorite anal dildo, it is about an inch and a half in diameter, and really long about 12", I love it because it doesn't slip out easily and I can easily fuck my own ass when G wants me too...which is of course what he wanted...he lubed up the dildo and my tight bung hole and began fucking my ass, while he was torturing my tits. I was having a bit of a problem getting it in, so he quickly got frustrated and took over, shoving that plastic cock deeper and deeper in my ass, he flipped me over so my ass was high in the air, and my boobs and face we smashed into the bed. He jammed his rock hard cock deep in my pussy and fucked me good and hard and deep, all the while still fucking my ass with the dildo. After he brought me to 2 massive orgasms he pulled out the dildo, and started to put his big cock in it's place. After getting it in a bit, he got so excited he went too fast, and I flew away (sorry dear, just a tad too painfully) but G understood and took it in stride, he flipped me back on my back and propped up my head and straddled my face. He pinned my arms down with his knees and fucked my mouth so deep and hard I was gagging some, but like any good slave doing my best to take it all in, finally he exploded his cum into my mouth and all over my face.
This Morning at 4:30 as I was just about to get up for work, we went at it again. Pretty hard and fast for the morning. With little warm up, we did it with me on my back and my legs up over Gs shoulders, then doggie style for awhile. G didn't think he would be able to come (wonder why, we have only done it 11 times in the last 5 days!) but I had him lay on his back, and using my hands and mouth got him to cum:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another day of dominance / submissive

Yeah, I did get a nice mini hour nap this afternoon, just enough to help me keep up with my master :)
After being so cinched up last night G had me dress in white panties and a cut off tank (I love that he loves white cotton underwear!) To add to my humiliation of his eating me out (remember, I don't really like it), he made me straddle his face and lower my cunt on to his eagerly awaiting tongue. He licked my clit and buried his tongue deeper and deeper into my hole. When he had finally decided I had enough, and I was good and wet he began to fuck me, knowing I was still sore, he started off from behind me. But as any master can do, he didn't honor his promise to leave my ass alone and while he his cock was buried deep in my pussy, he jammed two fingers in my ass, and spread them apart he continue to fuck and stretch my ass the whole time he fucked me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Fighting Sex

Yesterday I woke up pretty early (because I get up so early during the week I have a hard time sleeping in, even on the weekends. I went and got some coffee, when I got back G was up, we had a huge argument. G is not usually like this, but he was so jealous after the reunion, even though he was fine during most of it, you could tell it was bubbling up underneath. It shouldn't have but it was turning me on so much! Knowing he loves me and wants me so much that he can still get jealous was awesome.
I began taking off my clothes, I was rubbing my pussy and my tits, saying lets go to bed..At first G resisted but soon we were attacking each other. We made out hard, I sucked his cock with abandon and he ate me, and we had such passionate sex, every which way. It was wild and great, really got our juices going!
We went home and picked up the boys, went and had some lunch, then took a nap (we both knew some wild sex was in store for later.) G was suppose to take our middle son for a haircut, but I told him I would do it the next day after work...As we both needed our rest for the night to come! (Teamwork, more on that later)
Our favorite role playing is domination/submissive (D/S), even a bit of bondage and pain. Most times when we go into "overdrive" this really turns us on, we could both tell after our passionate morning and burning lust in both of our eyes it was going to get HOT! All evening the sexually tension built, with G talking dirty to me, assailing my body with rough groping, ramming his cock into my mouth and smacking my ass when ever we were alone. Once the kids were in bed the real fun began. I love the renaissance fair, which is coming to our area soon, so I trying on my outfit for G, putting on a white corset, that pushes my big tits high and jutting out of my dress. After all night teasing G was ready to fuck me and play with my ass, and with some adrenaline still going from our fight in the morning more than happy to have some indulge is some spanking. My pussy was soaking wet and his cock was so hard we barley made it upstairs. G forced me on the floor and began spanking my ass, turning it bright red. He told me I was his whore and he was glad he had my body to use and abuse and I had better be ready for a wild time, because he was going to use a lot in the next week. It has been awhile since we had anal sex, so my ass is very tight, but he informed me he would be "working" it everyday until he could ram his big cock in that tightest, nastiest hole and fill me up with his hot cum. He fingered my cunt while fucking my ass with the dildo, I was so hot and his humiliating words and abuse of my body got my pussy juices flowing like crazy. He fucking me hard from behind, leaving the dildo in...fucking both of my holes at once until I came so had I was shaking. He pushed me flatter on the ground, but with one knee slightly up so he could get at my back door from the side, he pulled out the dildo and entered my ass with nice slow and steady pushes. With the slow pressure he was getting it deeper and deeper, but he couldn't keep going slow, so he drug me over the the edge of the bed and had me kneel on the floor, with my back against the side of the bed...where he could fuck my mouth hard. He put his hands around my head and buried his fingers in my hair, pulling my head into his cock, deeper and deeper. Finally he came all over my face, as I licked up his cum.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yesterday was my re-union :)
Woke up in the morning so horny, since we didn't do it the night before, I got on top on G and fucked him while he played with my big tits. Since we were both so horny, we didn't last long until I had my ass in the air (our favorite position, as I am sure will become quite clear), he pumped me from behind hard and furious until great relief we both came.
We got dressed and went to one of our favorite restaurants (actually where G proposed) and had an early lunch, then we came back to the room and I changed for the pool. I have a really cute white and blue tankini that shows off my tan really well.
As soon as I had the suit on, off it came. I wanted to get down to the pool, but G was really horny, so without a lot of preliminaries, G shoved his rock hard cock into my pussy from behind and shot his load all over my ass.
The reunion was great, lots of dancing and fun. A bunch of people came back to our suite for drinking and laughing until after 4 AM, When they left G and I talked a bit, but ended up falling a sleep sitting up!

Friday, August 19, 2005

My 20th high school reunion is tomorrow, so I had today off :) I got to sleep in a bit and run a few errands. I packed for my husband and myself and headed off to the hotel. Even though the hotel is only about 10 minutes away we are staying for the weekend. It is a really nice hotel and we try to get away every couple of months anyway. Our oldest son is a senior in high school, so he babysits.

I got checked in to our very nice suite, and "set up the room". Put out flowers and candles everywhere, unpacked and stocked the fridge with beer and wine. My husband arrived and we had a great evening just playing music, having a few drinks and talking. I just got all "dolled up" and into a sexy outfit when a friend from out of town called...could she come over for awhile....ahh, the best made plans, see what I mean about a sense of humor and being flexible.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

So just a little back ground on us. Realistically, except for our sex life, one word describes us, average. I am 37, soon to be 38. My husband is 42. We have 3 children, all boys. We both work outside the home. I commute quite a distance for my job, about an hour each way, which I mention, because sometimes that can play a factor in our sex life, as I start pretty early to avoid as much traffic as I can.

We have a normal marriage, most times it's great, but we do have our arguments and challenges, as everyone does: kids, housework, money, in-laws, etc. We have responsibilities and draws on our time just like everyone: work, PTA, social engagements, appointments, cars breaking down, etc, but somehow we do all of that and still make our sex life a priority.

I think my husband and I are so lucky to have found one another! From what I hear from friends, co-workers, Oprah, etc. we both have a very high sex drive.

I will try to tell you abit about us as I give you the juicy details about our streamy nights (and sometimes mornings and afternoons).

Right now we are on quite a "streak" , while our frequency is almost always up, I must say the passion is running quite high, and we are both hoping it will continue.

Fasten your seat belts!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I liked this

From memoirs of a married man

More than you probably want to know about me.
Lovingly Pilfered from
Flights of Fancy-
Copy this entire list into your blog/journal-
Bold everything that is true about you.-Leave alone anything that is false about you.-
Place an asterisk by anything that you would like to be true about you.
I have added comments, that were not part of the original (read some of man's comment on his blog too funny!)

I have had sex while wearing a blindfold. (often :)
I have blindfolded someone during sex (not anymore, G is NOT a submissive, good for me..had 1 bf who liked to be dominated, so not me!)
I have had sex while watching porn.
I have had sex while surfing porn on the internet.
I sleep better after sex
There are some nights when I can't sleep without sex or masturbating.
The bed is Not my favourite place to have sex (changes)
I get turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate. (G loves to watch me fuck my own ass...that really turns me on!)
I have masturbated for someone over a webcam.
I have had sex over a webcam.
I will have sex with someone I just met if he/she turns me on.(In my younger wilder days, but not anymore)
I have been tied up during sex. (duh!)
I have had sex with someone who was tied up. (see blindfold comment)
I have dripped hot wax on a lover's body.
I have had a lover drip hot wax on my body.
I have a foot fetish.
I have a leather fetish
I have a tickle fetish.
I like being choked during sex. (no way!)
I have had sex in a burning building.
I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence
I enjoy nudie magazines (erotic books, fantasy books, YES! but only look at mags once in awhile)
Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget.
I think Playboy is tame, maybe even boring
I have clicked on porn links in my email. (only from someone I know)
I know the difference between girl/girl and lesbian sex in porn.
I have watched more than one gay/lesbian porn film.
Much of what I know about sex comes from porn
Interracial sex turns me on. (but does't bother me)
I think we should do more to understand the cultures of sex.
My current lover does not meet my sexual needs. (I am thankfull, everyday, to have found G)
I currently have a crush on someone of the same sex.
I have had sex at my place of employment.
I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships.
Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.
I sleep better with someone curled up next to me.
I have had sex underwater.
I have had sex in the snow. (CA girl, no snow)
I am in a polyamorous relationship.
I have to have music playing during sex. (like it sometimes though)
I have had more than 10 orgasms in one night. (one night might be pushing, but def. in a 24 hour period)
I have flashed strangers. *
I have given sex as a gift. (and recieved as a gift, too)
I have set-up a three-way for my lover. (younger wilder days)
I stopped during this list to have sex. (G came and bent my over the day bed)