Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mercury in Retrograde

Hello from my chaotic corner of the universe. Yes, universe.

Now normally, I am not a big astrology buff or believer, but I do recognize that the universe has many mysteries, secrets, rules and patterns that while they defy logic are true. Just because you don't believe doesn't mean it's not true. So when a friend, knowing I am a Virgo, mentioned to me at the end of June that Mercury was going to be in retrograde for most of July, I said thanks and promptly put it out of my mind...until today.

For the last two weeks, although I have been trying ignore it, things have been going awry in my life.

* Communication between G and I, normally a strong point for us, has been poor to say the least. Although we had a great weekend 2 weeks ago, something in the back of my mind was bothering me, almost like a fog over all of pleasant times. Then this weekend the unthinkable happened, we didn't have sex...the whole weekend! Friday night we got into a huge fight over nothing, Saturday we made up but ended up staying up too late and fell asleep, Sunday I was emotionally exhausted and I begged off sex. I did give G a BJ as he needed the relief. Monday we tried, and I came, but G for whatever reason couldn't cum. Last night was a 'planned' night off. That is not us at all :(

*Since G has a work vehicle, we have 3 cars. On the day back from our vacation car #1 wouldn't start... G tries everyday for 3 days to get it going no luck...on the 4th day, viola it starts up with no sign of whatever was wrong, strange. The next morning, car #2 wouldn't start, as G and I were heading to the spa, OK...we'll take car #3 since we are still not sure what was wrong with #1 and #2 is completely dead. On the way home #3 starts makes such a loud noise, it sounds like the engine is about to explode. Next day G takes car #1 to work and I call AAA for #2 and take #3 to the shop...the shop can't get #3 to make the noise again and see nothing wrong...hmm...we get #2 up and running again. Seeing the garage said #3 was fine, I stupidly take it work...on the way home it starts to overheat, I have 2 pull over 3 times to let it cool down and finally get home, so AAA can tow it the dealership this time.

There are a dozen other examples of stuff going, kids, arrangements with son's college, arrangements with sleep away camp, you get the idea.

What does this have to do with Mercury in retrograde? You can read about it at Astrology Zone but the short answer from that site:

What happens when Mercury retrogrades? You miss appointments, your computer equipment crashes, checks get lost, you find the car you just purchased during Mercury retrograde is a lemon. (Or, you hate your haircut, the lamp you bought shorts out, your sister hates her birthday gift.) There will be countless delays, cancellations and postponements--but know these will benefit you in the long run. Don't fight them, although your frustration level and feeling of restlessness will be hard to cope with at times.

Gemini and Virgo are signs ruled by Mercury, so if you are one of those born during those months, you will be complaining especially loudly. If you work in the industries ruled by this planet such as sales, writing, public relations, advertising, publishing, air freight, the post office or express mail, any transportation industry, from the airlines to Amtrak, you'll also be especially vulnerable to this planet's weird motions in September.

I am a Virgo in yeah...

Now, devil's advocate that you are, I know you are asking am I just looking for an excuse to explain away this rough time? Perhaps, but there are just too many to dismiss the notion...remember:

Just because you don't believe doesn't mean it isn't true.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Weekend Update

We have a great day, relaxing, doing some chores, taking naps...all the things you never seem to get to, with kids around. We have a couple of drinks and somehow begin to review G's calendar, which is, as my regular readers know, is an abbreviated blog. G uses a lot of acronyms, and 'hidden' phases, in case one of the boys comes across it. One of G's much used acronyms lately...maybe over CIA (come in ass). One that goes over, even my head, is on Friday 'cat is lonely' our cat has been moping around since the boys have been at our in laws, so that's all I think about, since G's calendar in just like my blog and includes sex and everyday life. What he really means is, how my 'pussy' got denied. It makes me determined to rectify that tonight! I flirt and tease and extract promises for my long, deep, pleasure...and multiple orgasms. I am glad to say, I got everything I was looking forward to. As G would put on his calendar, 'great old fashioned' strange as it may sound, when you are as deviant as we are, most of the time, sometimes stirring it up can mean plain head banging, missionary, legs around the waist sex...ahhh.

We sleep in and head to one of our favorite places. A near by spa that has private hot tub rooms. We have booked our favorite room for 2 hours!!! It has a sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, huge shower and a captain's bed. Sex in the hot tub, sex in the shower, and sex n the bed. Much to G's horror I did not like to receive oral sex that much...I think I surprised him, when I laid back on the edge of the hot tub and asked him to eat me. It was great. After, we went to Pirates 2, pretty good and home to bed early.

....more catching up to do, but it's time for my bath, and you know what that means ;)

Sorry for interuption to the regularly scheduled program

Whew, I have been swamped! I have so much to blog about, so many blogs to read and so many e-mails to return, and so many new blogs to blogroll...I have been a very bad blogging friend this past week...I am so sorry, I think a might need a spanking. Any volunteers?

G is at the park with the boys and I have been trying to catch up on all my favorites, you know who you ;) So even if I haven't commented, please know I have been around.

Next is e-mail and finally later tonight or tomorrow AM I should have some juicy stuff for you. Thanks so much for being patient with me.

I am bending over, holding my ankles and awaiting my punishment.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Used, Abused and filed with Cum

I take my bath and dress in the simple white, silky panties and sheer black robe. The edges of the robe skim my firm large tits. I know what mood he is in, by the cat of nine tails hanging from the bed rail.

He enters and walks to my side, he seizes on my boobs and immediately begins pulling on my nipples, harder and harder he pulls, and twists and squeezes those sensitive buds. I can't help but wiggle under his firm, controlling, painfully abuse. My cunt fills with juice, soaking my panties with a wetness the permeates the air. He reaches down to my cunt and shoves the cloth underwear deep inside me. "That's it bitch, you're all wet, already ready, aren't you?" I feel his fingers push harder and rougher into my flesh, deep inside my cunt. My wetness grows and continues to spread on to my panties. He pauses just long enough to reach into the bedside drawer and pulls out a pair of nipple clamps with a chain. He tweaks my right nipple, and starts to suck and bite it, engorging it with blood and making it swell. When I think it can't possible get any more sensitive he holds the nipple clamp in front of my face. He makes a show of tightening the spring clamp, making it clear the biting teeth will grip my already sore flesh even more cruelly than the last time we used them. He positions the clamp over my stretched nipple and releases. The clip bites into my tender flesh and I feel my cunt release even more fluid. He repeats the slow torture to my other tit. The weight of the chain connecting the two clamps pulls and distends my tits even more. Every slight movement sends delicious ripples of pain throughout my body. He continues to fondle, lick, squeeze and bite my tits. "Suck me" he orders as he pulls me to his cock, I take him deep in my mouth and relax my throat as he plunges his cock past my tonsils. He fucks my mouth grabbing my hair and impaling himself deeper and deeper into my mouth. "suck it slut, take that cock down your throat" He is so rough I feel myself start to gag. He backs off, but only for a split second for me to regain my composure. He renews his thrusts with the command, "take it whore, suck my cock. You can do it, let me fuck your mouth." On and on I deep throat him, giving myself over to his pleasure. Just when I think he is about to come, he pulls away from my mouth and gives my nipple chain and a yank and plunges his finger into my cunt, right over my panties.

My cunt juices are flowing so freely, it only takes a glance to see the wet puddle drenching my underwear. You know what I want.... I do, but I hesitate enough for him to tell me. "I want you to taste your cunt. Take off your panties. Do what you know I want.." He loves to put my soaked panties in my mouth, tonight I put them in my own mouth, he stokes his cock, "That's it fill you mouth with your panties...put this in there too" he shoves his cock in my mouth, right along side the panties, he starts fucking my mouth again, while pulling on the nipple chain.

He reaches under my belly and flips me, pulling me to all fours. "Stick that ass in the air, cunt. Show me my ass." He grabs the butt plug and in one swift thrust drives it up my ass. I gasp and call out as he fills my cunt with his cock. In and out, one thrusts, two thrusts...that's all my pussy gets, he savagely pulls out the butt plug and positions himself at my tight asshole. He tries to enter, but I am too tight. He grabs the lube and rubs it on his throbbing cock. He pushes my head to the bed, "spread your cheeks" I reach around and open myself to my master..he plunges into my ass, and fucks my ass hard..."That's it whore, I am by passing your cunt' s all about me." he reaches around and pulls the chain on the nipple clamps..he continues to pound my ass and torture my tits. It hurts and feels so good, I feel used and abused...I am going to cum and scream it out..."cum, cum slut, I am going to fill you ass..." we cum together and was dirty and nasty, such a we lay there he tells me, "ahhh.....and today is only Friday we still have 2 more days alone...just wait, all day tomorrow and most of Sunday you're mine, I am going to continue to use and abuse and fill you as I say fit."

Wow! Even though I am now cleaned up and suppose to be going to sleep...I am dripping wet recounting it for you...and dreaming of what's to cum in just a few short hours.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

In the Past?

A blast from the past...really. Do you have memories so deep that the images are burned into you mind's eye. I have several, and they pop up at the oddest times. Some are sexual and at times can make me feel guilty....when I awake from a dream, soaking wet and and at the edge of an orgasm from some image of me and my first boyfriend in a basically innocent, but sexually charged moment. I have these dreams far too often and they confuse me. I love G with all my heart and soul. We have amazing sex and he fulfills me in ways I couldn't even have dreamed about at 14 or 15. Mentally, sexually and spiritually I know G is my mate. The yin to my yang. So why do I still remember stolen moments from over 20 years ago? Is this normal? Do you remember seemingly innocuous minutes from your teen years in vivid, technicolor...every breathless second....yearning, aching, teen angst?

Please share your most vivid memory or memories that haunt you. If you show me your I will show you mine.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back from Vacation

Hello, back from the abyss, well not quite the abyss, only from my in-laws. We took to the 'boys' to my in laws for a visit. We stayed through the 4th and had a surprisingly good time. The timing could not have been better, as I started my period the night before we left, and finished up the last night we were there. Got home yesterday and had great fun last night, details to come...and more fun to come tonight :).... Caught up on my favorite blogs...loving the blogroll feature showing which blogs are updated.

Can't believe it is almost the weekend again :) and a weekend with no kids...ummm, the things to dream of.....

updates soon...promise.

Hope ever9one had a great 4 th. Happy birthday America!